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SS7R is truly an international school in that we have had students from many countries around the world, including: India, Greece, Italy, Canary Islands, Switzerland, France, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia.


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 INTRODUCTION TO THE SEVEN RAYS (Revised-expanded edition.)

By Kurt Abraham ... ISBN 0-9609002-2-5, quality paperback, 137 pgs..$14.00


<Kurt Abraham lists keywords and qualifying terms for each of the Seven Rays. He then provides a rating scale for self-evaluation of the relative strength of influence of each ray in our consciousness and behavior. He also uses the rating scale to compare the influence of the two major lines of ray energy. Finally, Abraham compares the functions of the outgoing sixth ray and the incoming seventh ray in this period of transition between Ages. In my opinion this book is one of the best introductions to the complex subject of the Seven Rays.> Robert Gerard, Ph.D., President, International Foundation for Integral Psychology.


<Those who are daunted by Alice Baileys five volume Treatise on the Seven Rays can begin with Abrahams excellent introduction to the subject.> Rusi Daruwala, editor Mandala, published in Mumbai, India.


This book includes an essay comparing the Threefold Social Order of Rudolf Steiner with the Seven Rays.



by Kurt Abraham . . ISBN 0-9609002-7-6, quality paperback, 232 pgs.. .$18.95


<The marvelous aspect of this book is how the author delves into the heart (read soul) of every person discussed and places all of them in their cultural, social and mystical milieu with a few deft touches. This is soul history at its best. Kurt Abrahams series of books on the Seven Rays have not received the attention they deserve from esoteric students. To continue to ignore them is to have a black hole in your understanding of the universe and your place in it. Kurt Abraham is also doing yeoman service in this field by offering a correspondence course on the Seven Rays.> Rusi Daruwala, editor Mandala, published in Mumbai, India.


<Mr. Abraham once again brings his considerable insight and understanding of the science of the seven rays to fruition in this interesting text. The sensitive analysis of the lives of each person, as gleaned from historical references and writings, shed considerable light on the manner by which the seven ray types work out in daily life. This book should be of interest to all Bailey students as well as to students of psychology.> The Beacon


 TECHNIQUES OF SOUL ALIGNMENT: The RAYS, the SUBTLE BODIES, and the Use of KEYWORDS by Kurt Abraham. ISBN 0-9609002-6-8, quality paperback, 141 pgs. . .$14.00.


The use of KEYWORDS is a most profound technique used by the Adepts who guide and teach through profoundly meaningful phrases and often through the use of a SINGLE WORD.

The trap of many words--a trap into which intellect and personality invariably fall--is avoided in the soul-to-soul single keyword technique.

The esoteric significance of the words is often difficult to understand, yet, within a spirit of profound simplicity, they constitute a most meaningful psychology of the future.


<Kurt Abraham is the foremost authority on the esoteric aspects of the Seven Rays. He has written many books on the subject which I have found useful in their application to psychosynthesis typology.>

John Cullen, Ph.D., President, International Association for Managerial and Organizational Psychosynthesis.



and OTHER ESSAYS in ESOTERIC PSYCHOLOGY. Revised-expanded edition.

By Kurt Abraham . . . ISBN 0-9609002-8-4, quality paperback, 150 pgs. . . .$15.00.


<Kurt Abraham gives valuable advice not only for the acquisition of knowledge about the rays, but also for their use to further the psychospiritual growth of individuals and groups. Throughout the book Abraham applies and extends the teaching on the rays for practical purposes.> Dr. Robert Gerard, President, International Foundation for Integral Psychology.


<These are trail-blazing books which are using the Alice Bailey ideas on the Seven Rays as a springboard and foundation.> Michael Lerner, editor, Welcome to Planet Earth.



By Kurt Abraham . . . ISBN 0-9609002-0-9, quality paperback, 163 pgs. . . .$15.00.

This book discusses in detail the three rays that generally condition the mental body--1st ray of will and power (the administrative mind), 4th ray of harmony through conflict (artistic-intuitive thinker), the 5th ray of scientific knowledge (scientific mind). Historical examples are presented in detail for purposes of illustration--Jane Addams, Mahatma Gandhi, Thoreau, Van Gogh, Darwin, Thomas Henry Huxley.

<Your book should be really useful to many. It establishes a precedent. I am honored to have the book dedicated to me.> Mary Bailey, President of the Lucis Trust.


<This is another book that I strongly recommend to readers, as it looks at the rays of such people as Charles Darwin, Vincent van Gogh, Thoreau, and others and brings the subject to life.> David Tansley, author of Ray Paths and Chakra Gateways.

<Quite fascinating book.> Edward Cornish, editor, The Futurist.



By Kurt Abraham . .. ISBN 0-9609002-5-X, quality paperback, 147 pgs. . . .$9.95.


<Balancing Opposites is another sensitively written series of essays by Mr. Abraham, expanding upon the development of the science of esoteric psychology, including the soul, the seven rays, esoteric astrology, and individual ray analysis. There is also a section which deals with various suggestions given by Alice Bailey for changes in the educational system and our need for a deeper understanding of children. Instrumental in the coming changes will be the adaptation of the teachings on the seven rays as a tool to more deeply appreciate the needs of children.> The Beacon.

<A reading of the book Balancing the Opposites by Kurt Abraham makes one whisper: Here is richness. This book is to be read several times; only then can one gain from the immense insights so casually granted by Kurt Abraham in paragraph after paragraph.> Rusi Daruwala, editor Mandala, published in Mumbai, India.



By Kurt Abraham . . . ISBN 0-9609002-4-1, quality paperback, 114 pgs. . .$16.00.


This book explores the enigmatic hint given in Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology:

 --If the investigating astrologer will study the fluid area where planets, veiled by the Sun and the Moon, come into play and will realize that he must decide what is the point in evolution reached and which of the three veiled planets is the ruler [Vulcan, Neptune, or Uranus], he will get much intuitive understanding.



By Kurt Abraham . . . ISBN 0-9609002-3-3, quality paperback, 96 pgs. . . .$9.80.


 <I was extremely impressed by your book on the Rays and Nations. Your comparisons of France and the US were extremely insightful. I also thought your applications to business were extremely practical. This is an area that I have been working in for a number of years. I have incorporated your ideas in workshops I give for business people.> John Cullen, Ph.D., President, International Association for Managerial and Organizational Psychosynthesis.



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Entrance Application can be obtained by writing: lampus@wizzards.net or sevenraystudy49@yahoo.com or write to SS7R, 19611 Antioch Rd., White City, Oregon 97503, USA.


Cost. No tuition is charged. The School is supported entirely by the contributions of the students. Contributions are tax-deductible.

A Special Feature of the School is that Kurt Abraham, author and student of the rays for over 35 years, gives extensive individual attention to the letters and papers of each student.


Three Year Course. The students progress at their own rate. Some students work through the Study Sets on a monthly basis. Others spend two to three months on a Study Set, or even longer. The three year term is relative, in that the particular circumstance of each student is different. We adapt to the particular needs and situation of each student. We encourage quality, reflective work that is not bound by any time constrains.


Background Necessary. Most students come to us with some previous knowledge of the seven rays, but this is not absolutely necessary. Background in esoteric studies, psychology, philosophy, religious studies, the physical sciences, metaphysics, the healing arts, the medical profession, education, etc., are all generally helpful, to be sure, but there are no specific academic credentials required. Our endeavor to work with the particular needs, interests, and capacities of each student.


The Study Course is akin to a Wisdom-Teaching, and, as such, the teaching is both abstruse and at the same time extremely practical. The Seven Ray Energies are vital, qualitative energies that permeate ever level of existence. As such there is a most practical application of the energies in our lives and in our relationships with other people. Wisdom is for the most part self-taught--it is a seasoned understanding that is acquired through years of balancing theory with practice, academic knowledge with practical experience. There is a certain academic side to every Teaching, but due emphasis is placed on developing the practical-experience aspect of the study.


Pioneers are needed in this fascinating study which promises to establish the psychology of the future.


New Psychology in the Making.

<The fact of the seven rays was well known to the heads of the Theosophical Society, was mentioned very abstractly and vaguely in The Secret Doctrine, and formed in an elementary form some of the teaching given in the Esoteric Section; the names of the rays were given, and some information as to their qualities, ... I have given out much information upon the subject and have endeavored to show the importance of this teaching from the psychological angle, because the new psychology is in the making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given out along the lines of psychology because esoteric teaching in its fullest and deepest sense concerns the consciousness aspect of man and God.> Rays & Initiation.


The Rays as Qualitative Energy.

<It is becoming obvious to the careful student that the emergence of the teaching on the rays has happened at a time when the scientist is announcing the fact that there is naught to be seen and known save energy, and that all forms are composed of energy units and are in themselves expressions of force. A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the force aspect which it creates. This is a true definition of a ray.> Esoteric Psychology I.


Relationship, Brotherhood, Service.

<Again, the second proposition states that the seven rays, being each the recipient and custodian of energies coming from the universe, bring in the basic concept of inter-relation, of inter-communication, of inter- dependence, of cooperative responsibility, and of service. These relationships, as we well know, underlie the principle of Brotherhood, which the race is just beginning to grasp and to discuss. Thus one of the major propositions which govern the building forces of the universe is of real practical application to the mental life  and attitude of man today.>Esoteric Psychology I, 192.


Modern Psychology.

<Modern psychology is in a cul-de-sac. The many psychologies have made their contribution to the whole subject, and all of them have value, for all have embodied an aspect of truth.... We know much anent the man as a whole functioning unity, and of the interactions existing between the nervous system, the glandular system, the muscles, and their expression, in forms of quality, character, personality, and the environment.  We have learnt much, therefore, about that composite being called man, and man, as a psychic entity, is an established fact in nature, as is man, the animal. But man, the soul, remains still a speculation, a hope, a belief.  The fact of the soul is not yet substantiated; and in helping the truth into the light I seek to bring the subject of the seven rays to the notice of the thinkers of modern times, so that the light of this esoteric knowledge may be thrown upon the science of psychology. Thus may the work of revelation be aided.> Esoteric Psychology I, 118-9.


If you have any questions about the study, do not hesitate to write us. We answer promptly all email enquires.


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