Chiron Aspects


Chiron conjunct Ceres
Your healing and path of initiation are based on a deep, mystical connection with the Earth and nature. Nurturing and nourishing are the major issues of your self-healing; your sense of wounding may revolve around separation from your mother or some equivalent. You must learn to give yourself the nurturing that you lacked in your childhood. By so doing, you can be an example for others. You can find keys, methods and insights that will shed light not only on your own experience but on many who experience a similar wounding.

Chiron opposed Ceres
You may experience a deep dichotomy in your life whereby your spiritual awakening and self-healing seem to be in opposition to your most nurturing relationships. It might be that your parents (in particular your mother) disapprove of or are threatened by your unconventional spiritual or healing path, and withdraw support from you. You may feel you have to choose between security and comfort or finding your own truth. This may be enacted in an adversarial relationship unless you find a way to honor and balance both these needs within your own being.

Chiron trine or sextile Ceres
Nature is your guide and teacher in your path of self-healing and spiritual awakening. You have a deep, mystical connection to the Earth and all her creatures, and through listening and being attuned to the world around you, you will discover keys that help you to resolve your healing crises and open doors to liberating insights and awareness. This journey may also strengthen and deepen your bond with your mother, or the ones who most give you nourishment and nurturing.

Chiron square Ceres
There is some sense of conflict between your support matrix, symbolized by the mother, and your exploration into non-conventional healing and spirituality. One offers nourishment and comfort, while the other promises healing and liberating insights. You may feel forced to make very difficult choices between the two. It is crucial for your health and growth to find a way to honor and include both needs in your life. If you can do this, the result will be a strengthening of your character and deeper source of nourishment and security. Try to avoid seeing the situation in either/or terms.

Chiron quintile Ceres
Your healing path will likely be a playful and nurturing one. You are wonderfully creative in understanding and interpreting the clues nature provides, and applying them to life situations in original and exciting ways. Your self-healing involves issues of lack of or separation from nurturing relationships, and as you learn to give yourself the nurturing that was missing in your early life, you find keys that can be shared with others who have experienced similar wounding. You may be involved with “inner child” work that awakens a sense of self-validation.

Chiron septile Ceres
You may feel “called” or destined to pursue a life of self-healing and initiation. Your path might involve separation, loss and return of your most deeply bonded and nurturing ties. These experiences inspire you to search for deeper, more unconventional answers, and through this search you can find many keys that not only effect healing in your own life, but can be shared with others. Nurturing through many holistic healing methods becomes your role. You are often aware of spirit guidance and intervention in your path of healing and awakening.

Chiron quincunx Ceres
Your deepest wounding and need for self-healing seem to separate you from your support matrix, or to be unacceptable to the ones who offer you the most security and nurturing. You might experience a gap in your ability to communicate and bond with your mother or child. You will likely pursue a somewhat unconventional and holistic path to healing your wounds and finding your own truth. This might seem to create a rift in your closest relationships. There is some sense of paradox or a riddle to solve in this dynamic. Many adjustments and adaptations are indicated, but the effort will inspire significant personal growth.

Chiron conjunct Pallas Athene
You path of healing and initiation is likely to be very intellectual and creative, and could well include political involvement. You may employ art therapy as a means of awakening self-awareness. Your intelligence naturally gravitates to holistic and natural methods, and you articulate your understanding both verbally and artistically with great insight. Your journey is about upholding justice and promoting the arts within your social milieu, as well as finding keys to your personal healing and transformation.

Chiron opposed Pallas Athene
You might find your journey of self-awareness and healing somehow goes against your political and/or intellectual beliefs, and there is a polarity in your life around these issues. The keys to healing and understanding which you discover may challenge your ideas of what is ‘rational’, and carry you into expanded concepts of the nature of time and thought. It is challenging for you to balance and integrate intellect and intuition within your psyche. It is important that you make the effort, otherwise you are prone to project the dichotomy into a relationship, which you then experience as adversarial. You may use focused imagination to reshape your reality.

Chiron trine or sextile Pallas Athene
Your intellect and intuition work together to enhance each other, making your journey of initiation and self-healing a natural unfoldment. You have an easy ability to use your imagination, creativity and intellect to manifest the life you desire, and as you become proficient at this you also become an example for others. Your ideas about reality will evolve and change throughout your lifetime, as you learn to identify your essential wounding and seek within yourself for the keys to wholeness.

Chiron square Pallas Athene
You experience a conflict between your intellectual, political focus and your spiritual and intuitive journey of healing and initiation. As you expand your perceptions of reality, time and possibilities, you may come into direct opposition with the basic social, political and intellectual sensibilities that are acceptable within your social milieu. You face some difficult decisions as to which you will place your trust in. It is crucial to understand that intellect and intuition are not mutually exclusive, that they can work together to enhance each other. If you will find a way to harmonize the two and include a place for both within your life, it will become a great source of strength.

Chiron quintile Pallas Athene
You have a very keen and perceptive mind that explores beyond the boundaries of the root assumptions of your culture, and you are highly adept at expressing your insights both verbally and artistically. Your thought processes are original, creative and resourceful, and you find exciting new ways to convey your message. You are probably highly gifted in the use of imagination, and employ that talent for finding keys to your own personal healing and creating the type of life experience you most desire. Your personal journey of awakening can become a model for others.

Chiron septile Pallas Athene
You feel the force of destiny guiding your unfolding understanding, and are often aware of spirit intervention shaping your life lessons. Your inspiration transcends pure rationality and reaches into dimensions of time and mind previously unsuspected. You have a sense of being on a path of initiation; it may begin with the effort to understand and heal your most essential wounding, and as you are initiated into the healing understanding you find keys that are helpful to many others as well. You have a gift to give, which takes top priority in your life.

Chiron quincunx Pallas Athene
As you open to the awareness of your essential wounding and pursue self-healing, you seem to develop two ‘belief systems’ that are not compatible or connected. One is intuitive, holistic and somewhat ‘radical’ compared to the intellectual, social and political mind that perceives reality in a more prosaic context. One view appeals to the ‘rational’ mind and is socially acceptable; the other leads you on an initiatory journey into higher knowledge, and offers keys to healing and overcoming limitations. You may attempt to incorporate your expanded perceptions into your familiar world view, but with little lasting success. However, your efforts to harmonize and integrate these factors within your mind will be very enriching in terms of personal growth.

Chiron conjunct Juno
Your most essential wounding and therefore your path of healing and initiation are inextricably bound up with your beliefs about relationship and commitment. You may find it necessary to reshape and redefine your understanding of the marriage bond. You probably seek a union “made in heaven”, one with a spiritual dimension. You find the keys to personal healing through the mirror of relationship, and for you it may include initiatory journeys into expanded perceptions. You may ultimately discover keys to understanding that can be shared with others.

Chiron opposed Juno
You experience a polarity between your personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening versus the desire for a traditional marriage relationship within the boundaries of social and cultural requirements. It may seem that marriage holds you back from exploring expanded ideas of wholeness and relatedness that hold out the hope of liberation. Or conversely, it might seem that your healing (or that of your partner) threatens your committed relationship. You are challenged to find a balance which makes room in your life for the fulfillment of both needs, otherwise you may experience this as tension which undermines your most intimate bond.

Chiron trine or sextile Juno
Your path of initiation and healing is enhanced and enriched by your marriage commitment, and vice versa. You have an easy ability to work and grow together into an expanded spiritual understanding that reveals potent keys for mutual healing. You can share these discoveries with others who are seeking to grow through relationship. Ultimately you may become a counselor or role model for many.

Chiron square Juno
You have some difficult choices to make regarding personal growth and healing versus the demands and trappings of a marriage commitment. You may find that in opening to unconventional ideas of healing and the nature of reality, your spiritual perceptions are at cross-purposes to your commitment to a traditional relationship. There is a temptation to see the situation in either/or terms, but it is important to realize the two are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to create a life that includes both relationship commitment and personal unfoldment. This may not be easy to achieve, but the effort will deepen and strengthen your marriage and life.

Chiron quintile Juno
You have an innate understanding of how to effect healing within relationships. You might be an excellent relationship counselor, or you may just be a role model for others who are struggling to achieve balance and harmony in their relationships. You are gifted at keeping romance, excitement and personal growth alive within a traditional marriage.

Chiron septile Juno
Your marriage seems to be shaped by destiny. Yours is a marriage of soul mates, and you are often aware of divine intervention in your shared journey. You may feel there is some cosmic or karmic reason why you are together, and it is a journey of healing and awakening. You may work together in some healing profession (probably of a holistic nature) or simply be inspired to journey together into expanded consciousness.

Chiron quincunx Juno
You may find that your spiritual journey of initiation and healing are incompatible with the demands of a traditional marriage commitment. Though you may desire both, there is some sense of paradox, or a riddle to be solved in order to integrate both harmoniously into your life. Efforts to bridge the gap between them may be frustrating, as the results often end in futility. It is important not to give up, as the effort itself is enriching and adds to your understanding and personal healing. It could be necessary to redefine the nature of your relationship commitment in the interest of growth and healing.

Chiron conjunct Vesta
Your healing issues and path of initiation will most likely revolve around your spirituality, sexuality and devotion. You may be inclined to forego a committed relationship, preferring to dedicate your life energies to a spiritual path of healing. You are passionately committed to your role as ‘keeper of the flame’, whether it be the flame of the altar or the hearth. Self-healing is a journey of awakening for you.

Chiron opposed Vesta
You may experience some difficulty in balancing your journey into self-healing and awakening with your dedication to home and family or with your spiritual convictions. In seeking the keys to self-healing you are led into unconventional paths which may seem at odds with your most cherished beliefs. Sexuality may be a core issue for you. This dichotomy could be enacted within a relationship, with someone close to you taking the traditional role and you being in the role of maverick, or vice versa. You can achieve balance by owning and honoring both parts of yourself, and viewing it as an open-ended exploration rather than an either/or choice.

Chiron trine or sextile Vesta
Your self-healing journey enhances and enriches your devotional life, and vice versa. You are open to exploring new levels of awareness and revising your beliefs in accordance with your discoveries. You may be an initiate and devote your life to that role, or your path of initiation might be more independent and personal. You probably gravitate to holistic or natural methods of achieving healing and balance. Your growth and expansion probably has a sexual basis. Through your own personal search, you can find keys that may be shared and help many others.

Chiron square Vesta
You probably experience a dilemma between your own path of healing and initiation versus dedication to home and family and to your most cherished spiritual convictions. You face some difficult choices in these areas, and the use of your sexuality may be the basis for some intense conflicts. You will be deeply challenged to sort out your beliefs and to stay with your own truth in the face of opposition. Try to remain aware that it is not a black and white choice, but rather a question of what is right for you. It will take effort to integrate these feelings and ideas, but the process will make you stronger.

Chiron quintile Vesta
You find many answers and keys in your journey of self-healing, and can create a holistic body of knowledge, methods and beliefs that continuously evolves through your personal explorations. You instinctively know how to feed your devotional nature and in turn let it serve and motivate you in your awakening. You may have unique and powerful experiences that reshape your attitudes and beliefs about the use of your sexuality. You can be a teacher or a model for others in your initiatory path.

Chiron septile Vesta
Your spirituality is deep and intense, and seems guided and inspired by an invisible but powerful force. You feel the hand of destiny directing your choices, and may be aware of divine intervention in your affairs. You are deeply devoted to your journey of self-healing and awakening, which may well lead you into uncharted territory. You can’t explain the source of your knowing, yet you cannot question it, as it comes from a transpersonal level of your being.

Chiron quincunx Vesta
You may be on a journey of healing and awakening that is not compatible with or perhaps not even acknowledged by your more traditional religious beliefs. Your efforts to integrate the seemingly disparate beliefs frequently have a less than satisfactory result, and you may experience repeated frustrations in this regard. The effort is productive of much growth and expansion, but will require continuous adjustments and revisions.


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