Jupiter Aspects


Jupiter conjunct Saturn
You are a born leader with a very sound and far sighted judgment. You are exceptionally suited to positions of teaching and/or authority. Religious or financial roles would be ideal for you. You are somewhat reserved and cautious in making career moves, but when you do they are solid, responsible and based on firm reasoning. You have great organizational ability, and accept responsibility easily. You may be conservative, but you also inspire confidence in eventual success.

Jupiter opposed Saturn
You vacillate between pessimistic conservatism and optimistic enthusiasm. Or you may adopt one role and project the other on to some close associate, and enact the felt dichotomy in that way. You may find it difficult to balance discipline and responsibility with hope, confidence and positive action. You might tend to dream grand and somewhat unrealistic dreams, and yet neglect to lay a firm foundation for the future you are attempting to create. It will be more productive for you to set a series of small, attainable goals, and build toward the greater vision than to over commit and then feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task you have set for yourself.

Jupiter trine or sextile Saturn
You have great leadership ability, able to make sound and wise decisions and proceed on any project with planning and foresight. For you the process is as important as the product, and quality is paramount in every step. You do nothing in a rush or in a careless or shoddy manner. You will likely be highly successful in your endeavors because of the combination of practical judgment and inspired vision. You have exceptional organizational abilities, good at planning the next step and plotting the long term path. Highly articulate, you may be in the role of teacher or guide. An excellent indication for an architect or builder.

Jupiter square Saturn
You tend to have grand dreams but are unwilling to apply the discipline and effort to reach them, preferring instead to think and talk about it. You look for “get rich quick” schemes rather than make a consistent and disciplined effort to lay a firm foundation. You may resist convention and authority and believe in following your own easier way, which usually proves unsuccessful because the expectations were not realistic. Your resistance to authority and discipline may seriously interfere with your career decisions to your own detriment.

Jupiter quintile Saturn
You have a natural gift for teaching and counseling. You find creative, exciting and dramatic ways to make your point understood, and you have a magnetic appeal as a teacher and leader. Play, surprise and mystery combine to create an air of magic in your style of teaching and/or leading. You have a gift for organization and long term planning, and inspire confidence even as you lay firm foundations.

Jupiter septile Saturn
Destiny has a hand in shaping your decisions regarding career and major life choices. You are born to be a leader and/or teacher, and you may feel a powerful sense of mission which causes you to disregard considerations of personal ease and comfort, or even safety. An invisible force seems to be guiding your choices and arranging your affairs. You may feel quite driven to complete your education without really knowing the long term purpose. You have a remarkable combination of faith and discipline, and you can accomplish whatever you determine to.

Jupiter quincunx Saturn
You may find it unusually difficult to make long term plans and pursue a successful career path. There may be responsibilities or limitations that make it hard to get the education you feel you need to achieve your goals. You make great effort to work out a balance so you can fulfill both, but you will probably be required to adapt and adjust again and again to changing circumstances. You might find you get no support or recognition for your life decisions from parents or family.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus
Your beliefs and career choices are highly original and unconventional. You may achieve great success through inventions or innovations, or you might attain great heights in the electronics field. You might possibly teach some unconventional subject matter, or become a leader of a revolutionary cause. Whatever your choices, they will be very individual and unusual. You are never one to follow convention or blend into the crowd.

Jupiter opposed Uranus
You might follow a conventional career path, but your ideals and originality clamor for expression, and you have some challenges in balancing these two influences in your life. It is quite possible to discover unique and creative means to pursue success in traditional ways and yet actively express your individuality and follow your ideals. If you don’t find a way to fulfill both needs, you may adopt one role and project the other onto someone close to you in order to resolve your dilemma. Sudden, impulsive changes or insistence on independence might affect your career success.

Jupiter trine or sextile Uranus
You are skilled at finding unusual solutions to problems, and can be highly successful in an unconventional role or function. Your beliefs and/or career choices will be very non-traditional; independence and originality are paramount, yet you may achieve considerable success by following your own insights and ideals. You may be at the leading edge of change, very innovative and perhaps even revolutionary. Whatever path you choose will be exciting and unpredictable.

Jupiter square Uranus
You face some difficult choices regarding success and personal freedom. It may seem that you must choose between them, and yet you are not willing to sacrifice either success or independence. You may face a similar dilemma regarding your belief system. Traditional beliefs vs. unconventional ideals may create a conflict within you. It is crucial that you find a balance, otherwise you may vacillate between them, thereby sabotaging your own success. A rebellious attitude could adversely affect your career. Once resolved, this dynamic can provide great strength and deep understanding.

Jupiter quintile Uranus
Your belief systems and life choices are very original and unconventional. You dare to venture into unknown territory, and can teach and communicate your ideals and understanding with consummate skill. You are likely to choose a very individual and unique path to success. As a teacher or leader you are original, creative, dramatic and exciting. Inventions and innovations could bring you phenomenal success.

Jupiter septile Uranus
You are destined for a unique and possibly revolutionary role as teacher or leader. You cannot accept traditional belief systems, but must venture out on your own and explore new concepts and possibilities. You feel the hand of spirit guiding your life, and are driven by a sense of mission that you may only vaguely understand. Your ideas of success and your path to achieving it are unconventional in the extreme, yet you never seriously doubt your choices, as there is a divine imperative guiding your path. You know without question what you must do, and you believe in and operate from a multi-dimensional perception that defies tradition.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus
You find it unusually difficult to incorporate your ideals into your life path. You find little connection between your chosen path to success and your deepest insights and humanitarian urges. You may expend great effort in trying to incorporate both into your life in some satisfactory balance, and though you may accomplish this at times, there seems to be no lasting resolution. Repeated adjustments must be made in order to pursue success without compromising your ideals. This is a challenging pattern, but much can be learned through the process. Try to remain open and adaptable.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune
You are a natural born mystic; your spiritual life is of great importance to you. Your path to success involves following your intuitions and never losing touch with your dreams and ideals. You could have a highly successful career in music, spirituality, glamour, illusion or fantasy. Writing can be an excellent path for expression of your special kind of awareness. Whimsy, fantasy, magic and mysticism are areas where your imagination and perception are especially focused and vivid. You are probably very tuned in to your dreams, and may often be guided by them.

Jupiter opposed Neptune
You may experience some confusion and indecision in matters of major life choices. You might feel that success requires sacrificing your ideals and dreams. When faced with such choices you find it difficult to have faith in your own perceptions and beliefs. You may fear that your compassion, imagination or intuition will undermine your chances for success. You might have a spiritual mentor who can smooth the way, or you could choose a career that includes a spiritual dimension. Some compromise may be required to find a workable balance that includes the opportunity for success without abandoning your ideals and dreams.

Jupiter trine or sextile Neptune
You might feel drawn to a career as a spiritual teacher, counselor or cleric. You have a deep and abiding faith and a devotional and compassionate nature. You are imaginative, artistic, sensitive and musical, with an easy, natural understanding of symbols and mythology. You might be overly focused on the ‘big picture’ and have little time for the practical, daily steps involved in reaching your ideals. You are a visionary and a dreamer, and possibly also an escapist.

Jupiter square Neptune
You are faced with difficult life choices. It may seem you must choose between success and idealism, and you find it very difficult to strike an acceptable compromise. You might experience great resistance to intuition and compassion, fearing that they will undermine your chances for success. Perhaps you’ve chosen a path where success is fairly assured, but where you have to sacrifice some of the things you deeply believe in. Conversely, you might choose to “follow your dreams” and sacrifice worldly rewards. Try to avoid seeing the situation in either/or terms. If you are able to find a compromise that works for you, it will be a source of strength and stability in your life.

Jupiter quintile Neptune
You have a gift for understanding the deepest experiences and most obscure symbolism. You could be an exceptional musician, poet, illusionist or mystic. You could be a guide to exploring other worlds. Dreams and intuitions are your natural realm. You have a remarkable capacity for faith in the power of the unseen worlds, and could be a genius at manifesting what you desire. Your ability to trust in unseen guidance can take you wherever you desire, and you have the ability to teach others how to go where you have gone. But your deepest desire is for understanding and transcendence, union with the universal mystery.

Jupiter septile Neptune
You have a destined role as a spiritual teacher or guide. Divine intervention is a common experience in your life, and you never seriously doubt your inner guidance even though it may not lead to success in traditional terms, and may even involve personal risk and sacrifice. There is a divine imperative that drives you to make life choices based upon faith and ideals. Your search for truth and understanding is a life long pursuit, and what you learn is freely shared with all who will listen.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune
Your career path may seem incompatible with your highest ideals, or it may seem there is little connection between your deepest beliefs and your life choices. You are probably inclined to make rather traditional choices for achieving success, but find they leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied. You may have profound experiences that impact you deeply and arouse your mystical nature, but are somehow hard to incorporate into your traditional religious beliefs. You will likely make an effort to bring them into a compatible resolution, but whatever progress you make will be temporary. This is a challenging aspect, but the process can be highly creative.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto
You may be very successful in a career which involves uncovering hidden things; research, investigation, mining, drilling for oil etc. Or you may choose a path involving depth psychology, grief counseling or spiritual transformation. You may be drawn to studies of the occult, practice shamanism, or function as a medium. Whatever form this energy takes, your life path involves transformative experiences and digging into the deepest secrets to uncover the essence. Death and loss are your teachers. You may be a powerful and charismatic teacher and leader.

Jupiter opposed Pluto
You may feel a tug-of-war within yourself over choices that could further your career but interfere with personal growth and development. You might choose to avoid situations that would expose your psychologically vulnerable material, preferring to pursue success in traditional ways and avoid the potentially painful and distressing revelations of depth psychology. You may desire positions of leadership but be uncomfortable wielding power, thus undermining your own success. Or you may resolve this dichotomy by adopting a traditional role and projecting the power and transformative charisma on someone else (or vice versa). Experiences of loss will send you on a search for understanding, which will transform your belief system.

Jupiter trine or sextile Pluto
You know how to guide and lead people into exploring their deepest and most vulnerable psychological dynamics. You have natural charisma and a powerful presence, and never shy away from sensitive or hidden information. You would be an excellent counselor, especially for those dealing with loss and grief. You would also be an extremely effective hypnotist, as your power and confidence inspire trust. You might also explore the occult, mediumship or shamanic power. Whatever your chosen path, you are a natural and powerful leader.

Jupiter square Pluto
You have difficult choices to make in terms of career choices; whether to pursue a traditional path to success or explore your own psychological dynamics and pursue personal transformation. You may be inclined to choose what seems to be the easier way and avoid plunging into your own depths, but that path can also be hazardous, as your inner dynamics can tend to undermine your efforts. Experiences of death or loss could be turning points in your life, or could be experienced as obstacles to your success. You may experience considerable tension or face repeated crises over these issues. Depth counseling may be in order to help you sort out your feelings.

Jupiter quintile Pluto
You could be an extremely gifted counselor or depth psychologist; you have a natural understanding of the process of transformation and the dynamics of wielding spiritual power. You might also be drawn to the occult; shamanism, hypnotism or mediumship. In whatever your chosen role, you have a gift for inspiring confidence and trust, and for creatively and dynamically leading people to uncover their most sensitive secrets and reclaim their own power. Your methods are exciting, dramatic and original. Grief counseling would be an excellent career choice for you.

Jupiter septile Pluto
You feel the hand of divine intervention guiding your path and shaping your experiences. You might experience some profound loss that will lead you to explore deeper realities, and ultimately these experiences will fit you for the role of counselor, teacher or guide for others dealing with similar issues of death and loss. There is a divine imperative that drives you to penetrate to the deeper meanings of life and to accept roles of leadership and power. You accept your destiny without question or hesitation.

Jupiter quincunx Pluto
You may have deep, transformative experiences that are incompatible with your more traditional beliefs about life. Or your chosen path to success may seem incompatible with your need for personal transformation and spiritual growth. You may consciously try to keep the two separated in your life so as not to complicate your career choices, yet you could feel stifled and frustrated when you attempt to ignore or silence the transformative urges. There is a sense of paradox or a riddle involved in trying to bring the two needs into harmony. You make repeated efforts to incorporate both, but many adjustments and adaptations will be required. This is a challenging but highly creative process.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron
You will most likely be a religious maverick all of your life. Your religious upbringing may have been experienced as a wound that must be healed by a search for truth and higher knowledge. Perhaps the orthodox ideas of guilt and fear created psychological complexes or confusion, or perhaps you had personal experiences that caused you to question the religious beliefs you were taught. In any case, you have been on a quest for meaning, and the answers you find can be shared with others. You fall naturally into the role of teacher and guide, and offer keys of understanding and awareness to your protégés.

Jupiter opposed Chiron
You are on a quest for truth and meaning, and may look into various traditional forms of religion as well as more unorthodox teachings. You find fairly early that you are not satisfied with the answers offered by traditional religion, and feel a need to seek a belief system that is more hopeful or life affirmative. You may have had some disillusioning experiences within traditional religion that undermined your faith, and set you on a search for beliefs that feel more real to you. In any case, the answers you find through your own searching can be shared with others on a similar quest, so you may eventually find yourself in the role of teacher and healer.

Jupiter trine or sextile Chiron
You have an immense capacity for faith and optimism, and are able to follow inner guidance to the source of healing within yourself. Having found the healing understanding, you are able to share it, and to teach and inspire others to find their own inner power of self-healing. You are a natural teacher of spiritual wisdom, but your beliefs are probably unconventional and holistic. You have great charisma.

Jupiter square Chiron
You will face a crisis of faith, possibly precipitated by a deep wounding or disillusionment with the religious tradition you were taught. You may find yourself on a rather desperate search for some belief or understanding that will restore your faith in life and in yourself, and help heal the wound; the answers you find will be unorthodox and likely holistic. Or you may choose to avoid the whole area of religion and philosophy and become materialistic, cynical or bitter. It may require effort and persistence to reach an understanding that is solid and life affirming, but the result will be that you find keys that can be shared with others. Some difficult choices must be made regarding your life path.

Jupiter quintile Chiron
You have remarkable healing power and insights, and are able to find keys that can release you from the personal wounding that oppressive belief systems have inflicted. You could be a very effective holistic healer and/or spiritual teacher. You are adept at connecting with the wellspring of faith that underlies all true self-healing, and you have a real gift for inspiring others. You are a natural teacher. Your methods are creative, dramatic, exciting and most likely quite original and unorthodox. Your quest for understanding may be tempestuous and challenging, but you approach it with a playful and creative outlook that serves your purposes very well.

Jupiter septile Chiron
Destiny seems to guide your life choices, and you are often aware of the hand of divine intervention in your life. You have great wisdom to offer, and an understanding of self-healing and empowerment. Your ideas may be quite unorthodox, but you don’t ever seriously doubt your path regardless of opposition or disapproval. You probably have a deep sense of mission, and know what you must do even when you aren’t sure of the reasons. You have a teaching to give, and keys that can help your own healing understanding as well as others’.

Jupiter quincunx Chiron
You may have a traditional belief system that you base your life decisions on, but which seems unrelated to or incompatible with your own path of self-healing. You seek and find some very non-traditional healing methods that offer keys to understanding and self-empowerment, and you may make considerable effort to integrate these more holistic ideas into your core belief system, but somehow it doesn’t seem to gel completely, and adjustments must be made again and again. There seems to be some riddle or paradox involved in trying to sort out your beliefs, and it can seem like a very demanding process, but it is also very healing and creative. Keeping an affirmative attitude may be very challenging for you.

Jupiter conjunct Ceres
You are likely to experience great benefit and mentoring through the mother-child relationship. There is a bond of shared belief and faith, shared intellectual ventures, and much enjoyment, appreciation and benefit within the relationship. There may be issues of loss and separation, and a recurring theme of letting go; an understanding that faith and trust in the other requires letting go. It is an ongoing teaching and growing experience on both sides; a very fortunate indication. You may well become a teacher and/or role model for others in resolving these issues within their own relationships. There is a high possibility of foreign travel shared with your mother or mentor.

Jupiter opposed Ceres
You may experience a dichotomy in terms of independence and freedom versus nurturance, adventure versus safety and comfort, and a recurring theme of letting go. Experiences of separation, loss and the cycles of return may shape and reshape your beliefs. You will thrive in a tradition that is supportive and nurturing of your spiritual being, and encourages your explorations. The resolution of the dilemma lies in owning both needs within yourself, and finding ways to meet both. Otherwise there is the distinct possibility that you will play out the dichotomy within a stormy relationship, and possibly get locked into power struggles that make it seem like an either/or kind of choice. A working compromise, giving expression to both needs will turn this seeming dilemma into great strength.

Jupiter trine or sextile Ceres
You can be a very effective teacher or leader, as you have an easy ability to nurture independence and exploration, to guide the sense of adventure while keeping within safe limits. You can nurture intellectual growth as well as physical, and you tend to be expansive and magnanimous in your parent or teacher role. You likely foster independence in your students or protégés. Much benefit will come to you from the mother-child relationship; it is most likely expansively generous and encourages self-confidence and faith in life’s journey. You may feel a deep spiritual connection with the Earth and all of Nature, and find sustenance and peace from that source.

Jupiter square Ceres
You have some sense of conflict and will have difficult choices to make regarding the issues of independence, freedom and a need for adventure versus nurturing, safety and comfort. It may often seem like an either/or situation, and could create a great deal of stress within your close relationships. You need to accept that both needs are part of you, so it is not really possible to choose. Rather, try to make a place for both in your life, and this aspect could become a great source of strength as well as sharing.

Jupiter quintile Ceres
You have the natural gift to be an excellent teacher and guide. You can expand and encourage the sense of intellectual adventure and faith in self and in life, nurturing independence and confidence. You intuitively know how to make your student or protégé feel safe and cared for, and still inspire exploration into new and unfamiliar territory. As a leader and teacher you are creative, exciting, original, surprising, playful and dramatic. One thing you definitely are not is boring.

Jupiter septile Ceres
Your beliefs and faith are based in a deep mystical bond with Nature and the Earth. You may have a sense of mission, a teaching or gift to offer, and you have complete faith in your direction even though no one, including you, might understand it intellectually. Spirit guides your path, and you are often made aware of that by experiences that are clearly divine intervention. Destiny shapes your experience, and you can only trust it and surrender to the mystery.

Jupiter quincunx Ceres
You might feel there is no connection or compatibility between your beliefs, faith and intellectual life and your most nurturing relationships. You are likely to expend much energy trying to create some form of interface between them, but find that your solutions are never lasting, and again and again adjustments become necessary. You may have chosen a different belief system than that in which you were raised, and find it creates a sense of separation in the family that you would like to resolve somehow. There is a great teaching inherent in this seeming paradox, and it is advisable to flow with it and not try too hard. The resolution lies in who you are.

Jupiter conjunct Pallas Athene
You have a highly developed intellect; your “offspring” may be more the creations of mind rather than of flesh. You are highly creative, cultured and aesthetic. You would be an excellent educator or political leader. Your creativity and wisdom are involved with the issues of ideologies, belief systems, legal or cultural matters. A skilled mediator, you are tolerant and optimistic, able to reason impartially and judge fairly. You could be a great philanthropist, and support and endow the arts. Art and culture have a natural attraction, and your energy in support of them is likely prodigious.

Jupiter opposed Pallas Athene
Your artistic and intellectual leanings may be in sharp contrast with the traditions you were taught or the accepted beliefs of those around you. Your more traditional side may want to stifle the freedom of exploration and creativity that takes risks. You may be faced with choices about how far to dare in your non-conformity. You are challenged to take a good look at your belief system and its origins. It is imperative to find a balance where your life can include both tradition and creative originality. You may project one attribute onto someone in close relationship with you, and work out the seeming dichotomy in that way. As with all the more challenging aspects, this can become a very strong core of wisdom and character once a balance is achieved. It is a fascinating and creative intellectual journey.

Jupiter trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You are highly intellectual and creative, grounded in your beliefs and able to give them creative expression and enrichment. You are a natural mediator; you can make cultural bridges, elucidate issues with great clarity and insight and inspire faith in the possibility of solutions. Cultural beliefs and traditions are a natural interest for you, and you may play a very active role in shaping, exploring and teaching about cultural traditions and varying belief systems.

Jupiter square Pallas Athene
Your creative and intellectual explorations may run afoul of the traditions and accepted beliefs of your culture, family or environment. You have some difficult choices to make regarding respect for tradition as opposed to following your creative freedom and originality. For you, the search for truth and meaning is an earnest one, you feel there is some dilemma that needs resolution, and it prods you on. You struggle to achieve the freedom of your creative intelligence unfettered by tradition. Try not to define the situation in either/or terms, but rather use that creative gift to find a way to include both traditional faith and creative freedom in your life.

Jupiter quintile Pallas Athene
You have a brilliant and creative intellect and probably have a real gift for expressing and articulating cultural beliefs, as well as a passionate interest in exploring them. You could be a gifted teacher, with an exciting and dramatic style that keeps students interested, inspired and surprised. You are probably involved in art in one way or other, either as an artist or a patron of the arts. You are highly original, and talented in many forms of self-expression. You probably enjoy and work well with children, inspiring them with art therapy and creative forms of play.

Jupiter septile Pallas Athene
Your search for truth and meaning seems to have a life of its own, it feels like a mission or a destiny which you may not understand but you can’t ignore. Your creativity is profound and in service of your higher truth. You may give artistic expression to the traditional beliefs of your culture or you may follow a path known only to you and your divine guidance, but the intellectual and artistic creativity must be given expression at any cost.

Jupiter quincunx Pallas Athene
You may find that your creative intellect has little or no connection with your professed or accepted belief system. Perhaps you have intellectually outgrown the tradition you were raised in and yet you give it lip service. In fact you might make considerable effort to bring resolution to the seeming disparities in your intellectual beliefs and the doctrines or traditions you pay homage to. No matter how you try, it doesn’t seem to really gel, some incompatibilities are felt, and many adjustments are required. This situation may feel like a paradox or a riddle in your life, but it has the potential to be very creative and stimulate personal growth.

Jupiter conjunct Juno
You will most likely benefit from marriage or committed relationship. You are apt to marry someone who is well educated and/or well traveled, someone who may be in the role of teacher or mentor for you. A common belief system is a very high priority for you in relationship. It will be a continuous process of learning and expanding your horizons, possibly including a considerable amount of travel to distant destinations.

Jupiter opposed Juno
You could find that your need for freedom and exploration takes precedence over your need for a traditional, committed relationship. You may want both, but find it difficult or seemingly impossible to satisfy both needs. Or you may have a partner who demands more personal freedom than you are comfortable with. In some way the issues of freedom versus commitment will be played out in your life, probably with you taking one role and your partner the other. Resolution of the dichotomy is possible only when you honor both needs and find a creative way to make room for both within your life.

Jupiter trine or sextile Juno
You grow and benefit from marriage, and you are adept at finding and keeping the balance of power so that both partners benefit from the relationship. You will find your faith and belief system strengthened by your marriage, and vice versa. The journey together will be expansive and educational, and could include shared travel, educational scenarios or mystical experiences.

Jupiter square Juno
You will struggle over the issues of freedom to explore and expand versus the need or desire for a traditional marriage. The needs seem to be in conflict; there will be difficult choices to make, and it may sometimes seem like an either/or situation. There might well be conflicting belief systems that must be incorporated for a healthy, open relationship. Try to be aware that, challenging though it is, you can honor both in your life. The effort to find a creative resolution will become a great strength in you, and will stimulate much understanding and awareness.

Jupiter quintile Juno
You are quite talented at creating a marriage that is mutually beneficial, creatively exciting and full of romance and surprise. Common beliefs and/or shared journeys to distant places (either physical or spiritual) can greatly strengthen the bond and add to the magic. You might well be a relationship counselor or some facsimile thereof. You can teach others how to keep their relationships vital, exciting and growing.

Jupiter septile Juno
You are connected to your spouse in some deep way that defies reason. It may seem like destiny, with the hand of spirit intervention frequently guiding your decisions and shaping your life. You may well feel that you are old friends the moment you meet, that you have journeyed together before. One or both of you will be in the role of guide, teacher or mentor. Shared beliefs and faith are crucial for you. Surrender to the mystery, enjoy the journey and don’t bother trying to figure it out rationally. Spirit has its reasons which we may not always be privy to.

Jupiter quincunx Juno
You might find that your cultural traditions and/or your belief system are not compatible with your marriage, or there is little common ground intellectually or spiritually between you and your partner. You will expend considerable effort in the attempt to harmonize these influences in your life, but whatever resolutions you find seem fleeting, and many adjustments are required. It may feel like a riddle or a paradox, often perhaps frustrating or exasperating, but the effort itself is quite creative and through it your awareness and your relationship can grow.

Jupiter conjunct Vesta
You devotion and dedication to your spiritual quest are a powerful force in your life. Your sense of commitment is strong, and you may willingly sacrifice the pleasures of a householder to follow your faith. Your beliefs may inspire travel, education and exploration into philosophical and cultural roots. They may also preclude marriage or committed personal relationship, though not necessarily requiring celibacy. You are likely to be “married to Spirit” and all of your energies including sexuality are in the service of Spirit.

Jupiter opposed Vesta
You will likely experience a dichotomy between dedication to your most cherished beliefs and your pursuit of exploration and advancement. There may well be confusion over sexuality; possibly your own personal beliefs on the subject run contrary to the traditions in which you were raised, or the beliefs of those closest to you. You may vacillate between over-indulgence and asceticism/celibacy. Or you might adopt one role and act out the dichotomy within a relationship. You could easily become fanatic, or encounter fanaticism in another who acts as your mirror. Issues of self-sacrifice might be part of the dynamic. With some conscious effort at self-awareness you can achieve a balanced attitude toward sexual expression and faith. It is advisable to avoid either/or thinking and find a creative way to include both devotion and adventure in your life.

Jupiter trine or sextile Vesta
You are probably a born mystic and/or philosopher. Your nature is to seek knowledge and understanding, and your interest in cultural traditions and belief systems constantly enriches and deepens your spiritual experience and expression. You have a wonderful capacity for faith and optimism that can see you through life’s challenges with a commendable attitude. You can make personal sacrifice for your beliefs without feeling deprived or self-righteous. You may well be in the role of a teacher, mentor or cleric. You are an excellent role model and guide.

Jupiter square Vesta
You may feel a dilemma over the religious and cultural traditions you were taught, particularly with respect to sexual expression. You might diverge radically from tradition, or find yourself faced with very difficult life choices. Freedom versus commitment, or tradition versus devotion could be the basic issues in question. You may encounter or embrace a rather fanatic position regarding sexuality, either deciding on celibacy or embracing complete freedom of expression. It is advisable to avoid either/or thinking and find a creative way to include both devotion and exploration in your life. With some conscious effort, this can strengthen your dedication to your faith.

Jupiter quintile Vesta
You are a natural mystic, with a sense of adventure and a great capacity for faith. You could well be a teacher, mentor or cleric. You are very gifted at expressing your understanding in exciting and dramatic ways, and you have the ability to inspire and guide others on their way. You willingly make personal sacrifices for the sake of your beliefs, and are passionate and poetic in your devotion.

Jupiter septile Vesta
You are on a life-long spiritual quest that seems to be basic to your nature. You have a destiny that you never seriously question, though you may not be able to understand or explain it. You are of a very devotional nature, and think nothing of sacrificing personal comfort or even safety to fulfill your felt mission. You likely feel the hand of divine guidance and intervention often, and you know this is your destiny. You may be in the role of guide or teacher, as you have a strong faith and natural wisdom that suits you for that role.

Jupiter quincunx Vesta
Your most cherished beliefs may be quite incompatible with the traditions of your culture. You might give short shrift to your deepest spiritual yearnings because they don’t seem to fit comfortably within your life path. Issues of sexual expression could be a major part of the difficult dynamic. There is a sense of paradox in your quest for truth and wisdom. It might require personal sacrifices that you aren’t ready to make, or there may seem to be a riddle you must solve. Your efforts to find a workable way to include both into your life can be productive of a lot of personal growth and understanding, and a source of creativity.


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