Mars Aspects


Mars conjunct Jupiter
Your career is of the highest priority, and your drive and ambition are almost boundless. You have a great enthusiasm that is contagious, and are a natural leader and motivator. Your timing is flawless, and you make excellent decisions on the spur of the moment. You have the energy and ability to easily achieve your goals.

Mars opposed Jupiter
Your impulsive decisions can make things difficult for you, particularly in career decisions that are not well thought out. Vocational choices may prove unfortunate, and rash moves can work against your long term advancement and well-being. There is a tendency to oppose or resist those who could be of assistance to you, and you seem to be too frequently in conflict with bosses or teachers.

Mars trine or sextile Jupiter
Tremendous ambition and generally excellent judgment can bring real accomplishment. You have an abundant energy and a natural enthusiasm, and throw yourself whole-heartedly into whatever task is at hand. Your natural leadership ability and unstinting effort will take you far in pursuit of your goals.

Mars square Jupiter
Your tendency to make rash decisions can interfere with your success. You may react emotionally to situations, making impulsive choices that don’t serve you well in the long run. Be aware of a tendency to resist authority or dogma, sometimes to your own detriment. Try to think things through before making major career choices. And make sure the beliefs you adopt are ones that serve to make your life better and happier.

Mars quintile Jupiter
You are gifted as a guide or leader. A natural motivator, you are deeply inspired and can therefore inspire others to their best efforts. Your judgment seems impeccable, and your intuitive sense of timing flawless, resulting in great potential for achievement. Your inspiration and enthusiasm may be quite dramatic, you have a creative flair that is admired and emulated by many.

Mars septile Jupiter
Your path in life seems to be guided by Spirit, and your passion for and devotion to it make your choices clear and unquestionable. There is a sense of divine imperative that you tend to follow without question, and you measure your success by how well you express your deepest ideals and inspiration. A career as a spiritual guide or cleric is likely.

Mars quincunx Jupiter
Your passionate nature may be incompatible with good, solid life choices. It may seem paradoxical to you that the things for which you have great enthusiasm have little or no connection with the life path or the teachings you adhere to. It may be difficult to find a meeting ground. You expend considerable energy trying to find a life path that incorporates that which “makes your heart sing”, and you may find it only to lose the thread and have to start over.

Mars conjunct Saturn
You have tremendous motivation and perseverance, and will expend any amount of time and energy to achieve your goals. Success may not come quickly or easily, but with such effort and ambition, it must eventually be realized. Your challenge is to temper your drive and build solid foundations. Never lose sight of your long term goal.

Mars opposed Saturn
You pit yourself against authority and all too often find yourself in open opposition or conflict with the status quo. Restless and rash, you want to champion every underdog and right every wrong. This approach will sometimes work against your own best interest. It will behoove you to choose your battles wisely, because no one can take them all on. Hot headed reactions can be detrimental to your long term goals.

Mars trine or sextile Saturn
You have exceptional self-discipline and determination. You are able to set goals and then sustain considerable effort toward achieving them. You are “steady at the wheel”, motivated and consistent in your progress, and therefore capable of achieving a great deal. You work well independently and can be counted on to complete whatever tasks are given you. Responsible, reliable and competent.

Mars square Saturn
You may often find yourself in conflict with those in authority. You react to situations with great passion, but your course of action may be detrimental to your long range goals. You have a tendency to act rashly, without thinking through the problem first, and so undermine your own success. You rebel against authority and limitations.

Mars quintile Saturn
You have an exceptional talent for directing your energy efficiently and achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. You are highly motivated and enthusiastic, and able to maintain consistent effort toward achieving success. You are highly creative in problem solving, knowing when to act and when to wait. You are an inspiration to others, and could be a very effective motivational trainer.

Mars septile Saturn
You are destined to achieve greatness. Your goals seem guided by the invisible realms, and you don’t question or doubt their rightness, even when they don’t seem logical or practical. You may feel the hand of divine intervention often as you choose your course of action. You are passionate and persistent in your efforts.

Mars quincunx Saturn
You may experience a great deal of difficulty in maintaining consistent effort toward your long term goals. You could resist the idea of having goals, and prefer to follow your feelings. This could be an obstacle to success, and though you might believe worldly success doesn’t matter, you could be quite frustrated that you seem to remain stuck in a rut. Your impulsive actions often preclude achieving success.

Mars conjunct Uranus
You are passionate and unpredictable, very possibly an iconoclast. You have the ability to inspire and motivate others to action, though it may be ill-conceived. You are highly impulsive, idealistic and revolutionary. Unconventional and independent, you are intolerant of half measures, and may react without considering consequences. You are probably quite rebellious and temperamental. You could be a mechanical genius and inventor.

Mars opposed Uranus
Your life may be disrupted often by unpredictable actions or reactions of someone you are closely involved with. You may have great difficulty sustaining a consistent course of action, as influences outside yourself can suddenly and unexpectedly change the balance. You set yourself against revolutionary ideals and actively oppose them, resulting in a lack of spontaneity, and you may feel stuck in a rut.

Mars trine or sextile Uranus
You are highly innovative and have remarkable breakthroughs and insights. You could be an inventor, very gifted in understanding machinery, especially electrical or electronic devices. You are an original thinker, you can easily break out of the mold of convention and find new and effective ways to solve problems and achieve your desired results.

Mars square Uranus
You may be highly impulsive and reactionary, but have difficulty acting independently. You tend to react negatively to sudden change and oppose what seems to be radical idealism. With a somewhat volcanic temperament, you feel a sense of dilemma around the issues of independence, spontaneity and unconventionality. Consistency does not come easily for you, and your efforts may therefore be scattered and ineffective.

Mars quintile Uranus
You are probably a genius with electrical and electronic machinery. You have a gift for finding unconventional solutions to challenges, and know how to direct your energy and action toward achieving your most idealistic or unconventional visions. Very innovative and creative, you can combine inventiveness and practicality, with very effective results.

Mars septile Uranus
You are highly unconventional and divinely inspired to create new and revolutionary solutions to ordinary challenges. Inspiration and action work in harmony to create exceptional breakthroughs and insights. You are often guided by an invisible force to remarkable achievements and innovations. Great spiritual insights and inspiration come naturally and frequently.

Mars quincunx Uranus
Applied action toward realizing your ideals seems to create a paradox for you. Your motivation and enthusiasm seem incompatible with your deepest vision, and you expend considerable effort trying to align your actions with your ideals, only to find you need to make repeated adjustments. You may feel indifferent or simply disconnected with unconventional ideals. Action versus meditation or transcendence could be a riddle in your life.

Mars conjunct Neptune
You passionately pursue your dreams and ideals, and will not stop short of their realization. You yearn for a taste of universal consciousness, and seek to unify and harmonize all that is separate and diverse. You may actively create fantasies and express them in various art forms. You are quite aggressive in your search for mystical experiences. You might be an adventurer or a pioneer into the world of myth and symbolism.

Mars opposed Neptune
You may feel some contradiction between your ideals and dreams and your need for achievement. Your practical and pragmatic side has little patience with mysticism and metaphysics, and you might feel open hostility to those pursuits. Yet something within you or someone close to you keeps beckoning you to explore the unseen realms, and you feel intrigued by what you don’t understand. You have a very creative imagination, but tend to resist its expression. Some sense of conflict here.

Mars trine or sextile Neptune
You are passionate about spirituality, and enthusiastically pursue answers to the ancient questions. You are highly imaginative and quite possibly mystical in outlook. You have an uncanny knack for perceiving the unity behind diversity, and the creativity to express that perception artistically. You may be quite gifted at poetry and symbolism, and use them to draw attention to deeper levels of reality. You love a good mystery.

Mars square Neptune
You dislike vagueness and want things to be clear, simple and practical. Not a big fan of romance, you tend to be direct in expressions of emotions and quite impatient with indecisiveness. Your ambitions are not always in alignment with your intuitions and ideals, and you often try to ignore or silence your feelings and mystical yearnings when they interfere with your plan of action. You have some difficult decisions to make in terms of doing versus being and/or self-interest vs. compassion.

Mars quintile Neptune
You are gifted at finding ways to explore and express the dimension of dreams, ideals and mysticism. Highly intuitive, you are passionately spiritual, and the experience of cosmic unity is a life-long pursuit. Talented at imaginative creativity, poetry and symbolism, you are most likely a gifted artist. You also have a talent for using imagination to manifest your desires. You may be quite indirect in your approach or response to conflict, and a tendency to be passive-aggressive.

Mars septile Neptune
You are drawn inexorably to mysticism, symbolism and fantasy. You could be a creator of expansive works of art that deal with mysterious subjects. You feel a passion for your work, and may often feel guided by invisible forces to pursue your dreams, sometimes against all reason and all odds. You have a need to actively express your vision and share it with the world. A divine imperative directs your path, and you follow without question and without regard to personal sacrifice.

Mars quincunx Neptune
Your spiritual ideals may interfere with your ambitions and need for action and achievement, and vice versa. The mystical side seems disconnected from and sometimes incompatible with pursuing your ‘enlightened self-interest’, and you will likely exert considerable effort to bring these needs into harmony. Just when you believe you have a workable balance, something changes and you have to go back to ‘square one’. You tend to experience this dynamic as a profound paradox or riddle in your life.

Mars conjunct Pluto
Passionate and intense, you are indomitable in pursuit of your goals, and never stop until you get to the essence of an issue. You could be an excellent investigator or researcher, you find nothing more stimulating than uncovering secrets and discovering underlying forces that shape reality. Geology or archeology would also be avenues of great success for you. Your intensity and directness may be challenging for others, who might find you quite intimidating or too invasive. You are drawn to actively pursue transformative experiences.

Mars opposed Pluto
You are intensely protective of your privacy. Anyone attempting to probe into your personal life will meet with very intense opposition. You seem to find yourself frequently engaged in power struggles of great proportions, and your conflicts are deep and dangerous. You never forget a wrong done to you, and can be quite vengeful. You may have a deep attraction to and fear of transformative changes, including but not limited to death of the body.

Mars trine or sextile Pluto
You have intense personal power and charisma, and immense energy. You have a knack for getting to the essence of any matter, and are adept at exposing secrets and uncovering whatever is hidden. You could be an excellent investigator or researcher. You are relentless in pursuit of your goal, you never give up. Capable of being quite fierce and fearless, nothing can deter you once you are on the trail of a clue. You understand politics and wield power without hesitation.

Mars square Pluto
Power struggles seem to be a common theme in your life. You probably have anger control issues; you bury and deny your feelings until they explode in a volcanic eruption, and often with very damaging results. You may be prone to violent outbursts. You are very intense and passionate, but may sabotage yourself in a moment of passion.

Mars quintile Pluto
You have an exceptional talent for claiming and expressing power and intensity. You have great leadership ability; your natural charisma and fearlessness are magnetic, and people follow you without question. Your drive and perseverance are legendary. You may be quite driven when inspired to action, and are virtually unstoppable when once committed to a goal. You love uncovering all that is hidden.

Mars septile Pluto
You came into this world with a sense of mission, and cannot be deterred from pursuing your own unique path. You often recognize the hand of destiny or divine intervention in your life. You accept powerful roles of leadership, fully aware that you were born for this path, and avoid no pain or sacrifice if it is required to accomplish your perceived task.

Mars quincunx Pluto
Your drive and ambition seem unconnected with your unconscious psychological dynamics. You may often undermine your own efforts and be puzzled as to why you do. You feel there is some paradox in the psychodynamics of your use of power; you both seek it and fear it. There seems to be a riddle you must solve before you can fully claim your personal power. You repeatedly have to “cut your losses”, after considerable effort has been expended, and begin again.

Mars conjunct Chiron
You are challenged to heal the masculine and aggressive side of your nature. Your healing centers on coping with competitive, combative, rash or impulsive expressions. You may have a deep aversion to violence and be very uncomfortable with feelings and expressions of anger. You may also find it extremely difficult to be assertive or to stand your ground. Confrontation of any sort represents a problem for you. Once you master the art of expressing your feelings effectively and being firm but gracious, you may become a teacher or mentor for others dealing with the same issues.

Mars opposed Chiron
Confrontation, aggression and feelings of anger are probably intensely uncomfortable for you, partly because they are frightening and also because you feel unable to hold your own and maintain your composure. You prefer to avoid dealing with this dilemma in a direct or therapeutic manner. You likely have a resistance to your own healing path, to counseling and to non-traditional alternatives in health care. You may be quite outspoken in opposition of alternative healing methods and/or the philosophy on which they rest. But your passive-aggressive or indirect ways of expressing your feelings work against your best interest. Eventually, you will most likely seek (perhaps within relationship) resolution of this dichotomy, because it complicates your life and undermines your personal communications and interactions. Your seeking guides you into uncharted territory, and uncovers valuable keys which, once found, can be shared with others.

Mars trine or sextile Chiron
You are the maverick, the “gentle warrior”: Warrior in the sense that you accept danger, discomfort and challenge for the sake of a higher purpose; and in this case the purpose is that of understanding and healing a wounded spirit. You can be decisive and forceful without being destructive. The understanding of effective assertiveness comes naturally to you, and your way of being teaches others how to heal their masculine, aggressive side.

Mars square Chiron
You may face some very difficult choices around the concerns of perceived self-interest versus following your own unique path to healing an essential wounding. You could become addicted to busy-ness as an avoidance of self-awareness, hiding behind constant activity. You have a fear of letting go of self-direction and control and following Spirit on an uncharted journey. You feel it as an either-or dilemma, and vacillate. Find a creative way to incorporate both needs into your life, and your resolution will become a key for others.

Mars quintile Chiron
You have a remarkable gift for understanding the healing use of power, force and assertiveness. Your methods are dramatic, innovative and highly creative. You know instinctively how to direct masculine energy toward healing and understanding, and how to turn anger and aggression into creativity. You are considered a maverick in your field, an adventurer and pioneer. Passionate and impulsive, you have keys that you naturally share just by being who you are. Likely to have highly unusual experiences of time distortion or unexplainable time lapses.

Mars septile Chiron
You are the Rainbow Warrior; deeply identified with the role of spirit warrior or wounded healer. You probably have a passionate sense of mission and an inherent knowledge which is completely non-traditional, but which you never truly doubt. You feel the hand of destiny in your life and are often aware of divine intervention. By the same token, you are driven by a divine imperative for which you are prepared to suffer and sacrifice if necessary.

Mars quincunx Chiron
You may find it unusually difficult to find a balance between your need for self-serving action, and your individual wisdom and healing understanding. The two aspects may both be strong needs within you, but find no meeting place or common ground. You frequently redefine your goals in an attempt to find a working resolution, yet whatever harmony is struck will shift again and leave a sense of irreconcilable difference or antipathy. You may find many keys on your journey which will serve to teach others as well as yourself.

Mars conjunct Ceres
You are very protective of those you care for and may become defensive at the first hint of a threat. You will not hesitate to fight for your young, and can be a fierce opponent. Probably a head-strong, willful child, you are a strong parent, direct and independent, and you foster those qualities in your offspring. You believe in assertiveness, but may be somewhat too controlling or dominant in your parenting role. You are passionately protective of nature, and may be a “warrior” in the cause of ecology.

Mars opposed Ceres
You may experience a conflict between nurturing and independence, or identify strongly with one role and project the other onto someone in your life. Possibly raised by a dominant or controlling parent, you feel a need to break away and assert your independence. You might feel some dilemma in regard to being a parent yourself, preferring to remain free and independent; or you may experience loss of a child, either through a custody fight or abandonment. Conflicts between parent and child could be a common theme in your life, and is likely to be acted out in all your nurturing type relationships.

Mars trine or sextile Ceres
You are very good at nurturing self-confidence and independence. You know how to give support and encouragement without usurping control. You may be a role model or teacher for others in the art of parent-child relations. Knowing when to give comfort and support, and when to let go and foster self-determination is instinctive for you. You tend to be very involved with your offspring, and can be fiercely protective when the occasion arises.

Mars square Ceres
You will face some difficult choices with respect to nurturing relationships versus self-determination and self-interest. You may experience a lot of conflict in your relationship with parents (most likely the mother) and with your children. You quite possibly have a dominant and controlling mother, who brought out your rebelliousness and your need to break away. It is advisable to avoid either/or thinking and impulsive decisions made in anger. Try to find a working balance that allows for independence and also maintains warm relations with parents and children. It will require conscious effort, but otherwise there could be a rift that is very hard to mend.

Mars quintile Ceres
You are adept at finding creative ways to nurture and encourage independence within parent-child relationships. You can be a powerful role model for assertiveness and self-direction that also allows for deep bonds. You could be a counselor in assertiveness training, or a very gifted teacher of young children. Your methods are dramatic and innovative, and highly successful.

Mars septile Ceres
You may feel the hand of destiny at work in your life. You could find yourself dealing with issues of separation in parent-child relationships, and feel spirit guidance in deciding your course of action. Strength, decisiveness and boldness will be required, possibly even personal sacrifice, but you cannot doubt the necessity of your direction. There is a divine compulsion or imperative at work which you never seriously question.

Mars quincunx Ceres
Your need for a strong parent-child bond seems to be incompatible with the need for independence and achievement. Many adjustments may be required to reach a satisfactory working balance, and then when you do, the situation is likely to change and require more effort and adjustment. Learning to be in warm, nurturing relationships and also be independent and foster independence is exceptionally challenging for you. You need to remain adaptable, strong and yet gentle.

Mars conjunct Pallas Athene
You are an activist in whatever social causes you may champion. Highly creative, dramatic and passionate, you are willing to take risks and be a pioneer. Likely to be an active supporter of the arts, you could be instrumental in establishing a society for promotion and appreciation of the arts in your community. Or you may fight for justice and equality in some other arena. Gender issues are likely to play an important role, and you probably define gender roles in non-traditional ways.

Mars opposed Pallas Athene
You may avoid involvement in socially active groups even though you support their causes, because you resist being a “joiner”. You tend to prefer going it alone, yet you recognize the need for organized action. Your own ambitions and self-interest may seem to preclude fighting for the cause of justice, or you may simply lack the self-confidence to take an active role. There might be conflict over gender roles, and gender equality may be an important issue in your life, yet you may feel reluctant to take a firm stand for what you believe in or know is right. These issues are likely to be acted out within the context of a close relationship.

Mars trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You are a highly creative person with a very developed social awareness. You do not hesitate to take a firm stand for the causes you believe in, and are adept at knowing the most effective course of action. You have a strong social conscience and easily accept roles of leadership in groups dedicated to social action. You may have an important role to play in the fight for gender equality and creative independence, in which your courage and confidence will be an inspiration to others.

Mars square Pallas Athene
You are faced with some difficult choices with respect to supporting needed social change as opposed to pursuing your own path of self-interest. You may cling tenaciously to your independence of action and actively oppose social causes which you perceive as interfering with your position of privilege, whether in gender roles or social class structure. You avoid deep self-examination regarding issues of social conscience, tending to support positions that further your own interests.

Mars quintile Pallas Athene
You are probably a social activist, and very talented at finding unique and innovative methods of effectively making your point. Dramatic, creative an impassioned in your pursuit of justice and your support of creative independence, you are a natural leader and an inspiration to those around you.

Mars septile Pallas Athene
You are a passionate champion of social justice and an active supporter of the arts. You may feel driven to fight for certain causes regardless of the “odds”; it amounts to a sense of mission for you. You may feel a divine imperative actively directing your choices, and you follow without question even when it makes no sense to you logically. Destiny has a hand in your life direction.

Mars quincunx Pallas Athene
Your need for independence and spontaneous action seem to be incompatible with your active involvement in causes of social justice. You make considerable effort to find ways to include both purposeful social action and enlightened self-interest in your life, but each time you feel you’ve reached a workable solution things seem to shift and again you find you must make adjustments. You might find you have to adapt to these changing dynamics again and again.

Mars conjunct Juno
You believe in being direct and assertive in your partnerships, and you don’t avoid confrontation. The issues of equality, fidelity and traditional roles within marriage (or its equivalent) are paramount for you, and you are active in establishing and maintaining these roles in your relationships. Commitment is important to you, and you actively seek it. You expend considerable energy on your partnership, and possibly prefer a partner who is very bold, assertive and independent.

Mars opposed Juno
You feel a dilemma in your life regarding commitment versus independence. It may seem like you have to give up too much of yourself in order to commit to a relationship, and you prefer to avoid committing. You might be under some pressure to ‘take the plunge’, and struggle to find a balance that is acceptable to both you and your partner. Either you or your partner resist the compromises that traditional marriage roles require. There could be conflict and power struggles involved.

Mars trine or sextile Juno
You are likely to be a passionate, persistent lover and actively pursue the object of your affection. You know how to woo, how to charm and how to be impulsive and spontaneous. Within committed relationship, you require and allow a high degree of independence and freedom. You are attracted to people who are courageous, forthright and daring. You desire and create a sense of adventure and play in relationship, which keeps it ever vital and exciting.

Mars square Juno
You find it difficult or impossible to make a commitment in relationship, and may pride yourself on being a loner. You probably have low regard for the cultural traditions and roles of marriage. You have some difficult decisions to make regarding relationship choices, and it may feel like an either/or situation, where you must give up the bonds of commitment or else personal freedom. It is possible, with creativity and effort, to find a resolution to the dilemma; a way to include both in your life. If you do this, you will have a remarkably strong and stable relationship.

Mars quintile Juno
You are a genius at keeping the magic in a relationship, by being playful, imaginative, dramatic and always a bit surprising. You love creativity, spontaneity and impulsiveness in relationship. You also are drawn to being, or being with, the “gentle warrior” archetype: The courageous and visionary one who is willing to sacrifice personal comfort and even safety if necessary for a higher purpose, yet who honors all life and does no harm.

Mars septile Juno
You are very likely to be in a relationship that feels “destined”. There seems to be an invisible force drawing you together, and you will follow that intuition regardless of social opposition or even personal cost. There is a passionate, magnetic quality to the attraction, and it could become somewhat of an obsession. Jealousy could become a problem.

Mars quincunx Juno
You may believe you want marriage (or commitment) but somehow don’t make it happen when the opportunities arise. You may fail to take the necessary action and/or initiative; or you may feel that relationship is not in your best interest, however much you may desire it emotionally. It might be a case of being attracted to people who are not available for the type of relationship you want. You are drawn to dynamic, free and untamed people, who are typically not interested in the rules and trappings of social traditions. Though you may actively pursue it, there is some paradox in the way commitment and your ideal of a “permanent” relationship tend to elude you.

Mars conjunct Vesta
You are so intensely focused on 'finding yourself', on personal goals of self-discovery and self-awareness, that you may well choose to forego relationship commitments. You are quite capable of and willing to make any necessary personal sacrifice to pursue your spiritual devotion. Your dedication is deep and unwavering; you are passionate about the sacredness of your altar and your hearth.

Mars opposed Vesta
You likely feel some dilemma or dichotomy about dedication and sacrifice. It is difficult for you to disregard your own self-interests and desires, and you may create a situation in which either the sacrificial devotion or the self-interest is adopted by another and “acted out” for you in a relationship. You may take one role and project the other, or you may vacillate or take turns embodying the principles of the roles. It will be challenging to integrate self-directed action and dedication to truth, but once the balance is found it will be a powerful stabilizing force in your life.

Mars trine or sextile Vesta
You are drawn to the role of spiritual warrior, and are capable of exerting great effort and sacrificing personal safety and comfort for the sake of a sacred or cherished purpose. Your path may be one of martial arts or include intense competition and strenuous activity. Courage and assertiveness are very much a part of your style, you are dynamic and forceful, and welcome challenges.

Mars square Vesta
You are likely to actively resist any commitment that requires loss of personal freedom and independence, or one that entails great personal danger or sacrifice. A spiritual path that does not support and enhance your personal freedom of choice and action will not sit well with you. You may well consider yourself a loner and a pioneer, yet there will be difficult choices to make regarding devotion and independence. Try not to define the situation in either/or terms. With effort and creativity it is possible to include both in your life in a satisfactory balance, and if this is accomplished it will be a source of great strength and stability.

Mars quintile Vesta
You are adept at finding creative ways to pursue and express your spiritual devotion. The role of spirit warrior is an easy fit for you; you have the gift of being imaginative, playful, dynamic and exciting in your spiritual adventures. You are always seeking, not inclined to rest on past glories and achievements, but always searching for the next rush of discovery.

Mars septile Vesta
You have an inborn sense of what it means to accept personal danger and sacrifice for the sake of a sacred vision or journey. You are a spiritual adventurer, and feel the hand of destiny or divine intervention often in your life. In fact, this is the continuous inspiration and reward for your passionate dedication to a higher purpose, and the reason you accept a life of danger and discomfort. You will likely commit your life to your spiritual path, and forego bonded personal relationship in favor of a commitment to spirit.

Mars quincunx Vesta
You will find it exceptionally challenging to focus a strong and consistent energy toward your ideal of sacred devotion. You may feel confused about the issues of personal freedom and/or devotion to a higher purpose, and may expend a lot of energy in trying to sort it all out and bring the two into harmony. There seems to be a riddle you must solve or a paradox built into your beliefs of what it means to be a spiritual warrior or devotee. You may subdue and repress your masculine energy and your desire nature thereby losing the dynamic quality of your devotion.


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