Mercury Aspects


Mercury conjunct Venus
You love the mind and all of its expressions: words, ideas and thoughts. You love to talk and appreciate good conversation, and you feel that stimulating mental adventures (either alone or with others) are among the most exciting experiences life offers. You have a keen sense of discernment when it comes to the intellect and all mental activities. Poetry and creative writing of all sorts would be a natural and satisfying outlet for you.

Mercury opposed Venus
It could be difficult for you to express your appreciation or to verbalize your values. You might spontaneously say things that create disharmony in your life, or things you don’t even really mean. You may mistrust words and prefer to express yourself in other artistic media.

Mercury trine Venus
You like to work with words and ideas and have a natural appreciation for anything literary or artistic. Your sense of discernment in matters of literary and intellectual taste is very refined. You could write poetry or prose, and you put a very high value on the written word. You enjoy nothing more than a good conversation and may be very adept at speaking and communicating.

Mercury square Venus
It could be difficult for you to express your feelings and values in words. You may mistrust words and prefer to express yourself in other artistic media. You could spontaneously say things that create disharmony in your life, or things you don’t even really mean. You find casual conversation somewhat challenging or even uncomfortable, and prefer to communicate your appreciation in more tactile ways.

Mercury quintile Venus
You have a gift for expressing your feelings verbally, you might well be a poet or creative writer. If not, you are at least a consummate communicator, and can easily put into words things others may fumble over. Your expressive style is original and exciting, you can stir people’s emotions, excite their minds and inspire their loyalty.

Mercury septile Venus
You feel driven to express your values and affections, it seems to be an inherent and essential part of your destiny. You might feel that it is a spiritual ‘requirement’ or mission in your lifetime to use your artistic skills to express a value or a deeper perception. You may be skilled at communicating a very cosmic level of awareness, through words and/or other artistic forms of expression.

Mercury quincunx Venus
Expressing your feelings of love and appreciation seems very difficult, you search for other ways to express your values and emotions. Conversation is challenging for you, it may feel emotionally threatening to directly verbalize and you might often find yourself skirting the real issue and feeling frustrated at your seeming inability to say what you want to say.

Mercury conjunct Mars
You are a very dynamic speaker and communicate with great enthusiasm. Your words flow easily and always have a powerful emotional impact on your listeners. You find it easy to express yourself verbally, but might need to exercise some caution, as you speak impulsively at times and your words may be too intense or forceful. You have a great mental drive and expend much energy on intellectual pursuits of all kinds. Debating or public speaking are easy and natural for you, and your expressions are very effective.

Mercury opposed Mars
You have an argumentative tendency that might offend or alienate those around you. You may be good at debating, but need to learn to temper your speech and not be so challenging in your manner of expression. A quick temper and impulsive nature make it easy for you to speak without thinking and possibly say things you later regret.

Mercury trine or sextile Mars
You have a great love of the written and spoken word, and ideas with all their subtle nuances are what you enjoy. Your enthusiasm for mind, the intellect, and the world of ideas makes it easy for you to communicate these things to others. You would be a good teacher. You have no trouble putting your feelings into words, and what you say always has a powerful impact. You would make a fine entertainer and an excellent public speaker.

Mercury square Mars
You have a tendency to be argumentative, and that might offend or alienate those around you. You are probably good at debating, but need to learn to temper your speech and not be so forceful or confrontive in your manner of expression. A quick temper and sharp tongue might cause you to speak without thinking and say things that create conflict in your life and which you may later regret.

Mercury quintile Mars
You have a remarkable gift for communicating your desires and passions, your expressions are brilliant and have a powerful impact on your listeners. You might be excellent as a motivational speaker, coach or trainer. Your communicative style is original, exciting, surprising, sometimes glamorous and always dynamic.

Mercury septile Mars
You feel passionate about communicating, perhaps there is a sense of mission or a ‘divine imperative’ in the expression of your ideas and desires. You know how to touch, inspire and motivate people, and feel it is somehow your destiny to do so. You can be quite dramatic and passionate in your speech and in your intellectual explorations.

Mercury quincunx Mars
Your intellectual and communicative skills seem strangely disconnected with your motivation and ambition, and it is difficult for you to employ words to advantage in achieving what you desire. There is a sense of paradox in the attempt to communicate your desires; your mind and your passions feel separate or incompatible, and you make many adaptations in order to close the gap. Though this feels frustrating at times, it also challenges you to hone your mental skills and in the long run may enhance your self-awareness.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter
You are a natural problem-solver. Your mind is able to quickly assess a problem and come up with a solution. You’re a born strategist, adept at understanding a situation and perceiving the most effective resolution. You have an innate ability to guide and lead others through the most difficult challenges of life. You could be very much in demand as a counselor.

Mercury opposed Jupiter
What you say may often work against your own best interests in terms of vocation and career choices. Your judgment may be questionable, your choice of direction impractical or ineffective. It would be wise to seek the counsel of someone you trust in matters of career decisions, as your thoughts may lack the needed clarity.

Mercury trine or sextile Jupiter
You enjoy working with your mind and can usually find a solution to even the worst problems. You like to solve puzzles and dilemmas, yours or others'. Your skills in this regard make you expert at counseling and guiding others. Fine verbal skills and a natural sense of justice make a legal career a distinct possibility. Working with laws, natural or man-made, is a natural talent. You also have a great interest in ideas, the more true and lasting the better. Religious concepts will be a lifelong interest for you.

Mercury square Jupiter
You perhaps don't spend enough time thinking through your problems and considering possible solutions. Your thoughts may be flighty and your decisions could prove to be impractical. You find it difficult to choose the best course of action. This is especially true when it comes to your career or vocation. You are well advised to seek the advice of someone you trust when it comes to important career decisions.

Mercury quintile Jupiter
You have a remarkable intellect, able to grasp the grand plan, and also able to work out the details and communicate the most abstract concepts with great clarity. Very gifted at verbal communication and intellectual comprehension, you might find great success as a writer, publisher, teacher or spiritual leader.

Mercury septile Jupiter
Communicating your beliefs and ideology may be a compelling need for you; there is a sense of mission, a ‘divine imperative’. It feels like you are destined for this role, and must fulfill it at all costs, whether you or anyone else understands why. You might “channel”, or express very expanded levels of awareness. The source of your ideas might seem to be far beyond your personal intellect, and yet you accept the validity of it without question.

Mercury quincunx Jupiter
Your intellect seems strangely divided between grand ideologies and daily communications and concerns. The two may seem unrelated; your philosophy of life is not reflected in your speech and actions. You have difficulty integrating your beliefs into your daily life, and your effort to bring them into accord requires self-examination and stimulates personal growth. It is advisable to become very conscious of your inner dialog, as what you tell yourself on a daily basis is a reflection of your real beliefs, moreso than the abstract concepts you might embrace.

Mercury conjunct Saturn
You have a disciplined mind and are spare with words, direct and to the point. You may find learning verbal skills and communication hard work, but once learned you become a master of clarity of expression. Your words are well thought out, concise and accurate. You could be an excellent technical writer. You have little tolerance for “small talk”, always getting right to the point.

Mercury opposed Saturn
Your thoughts are probably not well organized, and you could find it hard to concentrate, study or exercise any real mental discipline. You tend to be verbose, finding it difficult to limit yourself to the subject at hand. Others may become impatient and set limits for you, to your chagrin. Your rambling conversation lacks discipline and what you say casually or without forethought could get you in trouble. Others might find what you say and think impractical.

Mercury trine or sextile Saturn
You are a deep thinker and serious student, always ready to work an idea through until you grasp the essence. You enjoy mental effort and discipline, and display remarkable patience in analyzing thoroughly whatever you focus on. You could present or teach religious, philosophical, historical, social or political concepts with consummate skill.

Mercury square Saturn
You may have trouble organizing your thoughts, and your lack of mental discipline is an obstacle to effective learning. Study and concentration are very challenging for you, and learning (especially verbal skills) is hard work, but once learned verbal expression may become one of your greatest strengths. You might have trouble limiting yourself to ideas that are relevant or practical. Some of your ideas are unrealistic or possibly even irresponsible.

Mercury quintile Saturn
You could be a diplomatic liaison, such is your talent for communicating with and for those in authority. You have the knack for making dull subjects exciting or at least interesting. Your style of communicating even about the most serious matters is original, sometimes playful or humorous, often surprising or unpredictable. In short, you have a real talent for intriguing the minds and directing the thoughts of your listeners.

Mercury septile Saturn
You are somehow destined to be in the role of communicating about the most serious and far-reaching matters with and for those in positions of authority. You are a player in a grand drama, and you never question the rightness of what you must say and do, as there seems to be no other path for you. Sometimes your words seem divinely inspired, and your life guided by an invisible force.

Mercury quincunx Saturn
Your communication may be disconnected or incompatible with your long term goals or social standing. You could find yourself strangely unable to communicate with or find common ground with the authority figures in your life, probably beginning with your father. There seems to be a riddle or paradox in the situation, and your efforts to establish communication will demand frequent adjustments and adaptation, but the effort will prove to be productive of personal growth.

Mercury conjunct Uranus
You have a lightning-quick mind, and may seem quite eccentric in your manner of communicating. Your ideas are strikingly brilliant and original, and you are probably considered a ‘genius’. You have such exciting and unusual insights that a conversation with you can be a real adventure. Words and thoughts flow out of you, illuminating whatever subject you are focusing on. Your thoughts are generally quite unconventional. You are undoubtedly very gifted in communication, computers and anything electronic or electrical.

Mercury opposed Uranus
You seem quite conservative and conventional in your ideas and manner of communication. You tend to avoid or oppose anything radically new or unusual. You could find yourself in active opposition or debate with unorthodox thinkers, and may be offended by what you consider to be their heresy. Your avoidance of the unorthodox is itself a bit unusual.

Mercury trine or sextile Uranus
You enjoy working with your mind, and your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy. You always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you direct your mind to. You are able to teach or help others to be more original in their words and thoughts. You can use your mind in original ways and probably have excellent dexterity. Your lightning-like mind makes conversations fast-paced and illuminating. You can be the ‘life of the party’.

Mercury square Uranus
You have a quick and restless mind. You may have many unusual or unorthodox ideas, but could be reluctant to communicate them openly. You might feel a sense of dilemma in the matter of how much of your unconventionality you dare to reveal. Your insights and ideas can be brilliant and very original, but you may feel they aren’t really heard or accepted, and you prefer at times to appear more conventional than you truly are.

Mercury quintile Uranus
You have a very exceptional mind. You might be considered a genius for your remarkable insights and lightning-like perceptions. Your ability to communicate ideas may be your most unusual quality, you are very gifted at expressing new and original concepts so that they can be easily grasped by others. You may communicate very unconventional and far-reaching thoughts. You are known for your originality.

Mercury septile Uranus
You seem destined to communicate a very cosmic or multi-dimensional awareness. Your perceptions and insights are expansive and unusual. You can be the voice for truly inclusive and liberating concepts which seem to come from far beyond your personal consciousness. There is a ‘divine compulsion’ to maintain this role, sometimes perhaps without understanding the reason or purpose. You never question the rightness of following and communicating your higher perceptions.

Mercury quincunx Uranus
You may have many unusual experiences and ideas but feel unable or unwilling to communicate them in words. Your mind seems strangely unrelated to your experiences and insights of other dimensions of reality. Your perceptions defy verbal expression, and you may often attempt to express the ineffable, only to end up feeling a bit frustrated. The effort is very mind expanding, however, and productive of much personal growth and self-awareness.

Mercury conjunct Neptune
You have more than just a silver tongue. Your words and ideas can transport and entrance listeners, carrying them beyond the ordinary world into the world of ideals, dreams and magic. Your imagination and sense of the unity of all life is felt in your words and in the way you communicate. You are a consummate story teller, and a sense of the mystical pervades each one you tell. You are at home in the world of symbols, myths and dreams, for your mind soars on wings of the imagination.

Mercury opposed Neptune
Mystical and other-worldly thoughts don’t appeal to you. You are painstaking in your avoidance of all that is transcendental or multi-dimensional. You may stoutly uphold the material and pragmatic definition of reality, and mistrust idealism and mysticism. You go out of your way to be clear-headed and practical and have little tolerance for the stuff of imagination and dreams, though your fascination for the mystery of life might be projected into a relationship with one who expresses that view for you.

Mercury trine or sextile Neptune
You are adept at communicating mystical and mythological ideas. You would make an excellent teacher of philosophy or religion, for you can't help but communicate these subjects and enchant all who hear you. Your understanding of the unity behind appearances, and your ability to put these thoughts into words, is a rare and valuable gift. You could write songs, poetry or romantic stories that are enthralling.

Mercury square Neptune
You find talk of other worlds and mysticism in general, to be challenging. You work to keep this and any spiritual material under wraps and you like to keep your mind focused on the practical and conventional. It may be hard for you to think about spiritual matters, much less express them in words or thoughts. You like your dreams neatly separated from your life, and are troubled when thoughts of other dimensions and life experiences intrude. You would rather not talk about it.

Mercury quintile Neptune
You have an exceptional gift for communicating spiritual truths, mysticism and symbolism. You might have great talent for writing songs, poetry or literary works on the subject of non-ordinary reality. You are a consummate story teller, your style of presentation is dramatic, exciting, original and captivating. You are remarkably intuitive and probably quite glamorous as well.

Mercury septile Neptune
It seems to be your destiny to communicate about non-ordinary reality and cosmic awareness. You seem chosen to be a “messenger of the gods”, and however illogical it may seem to others, or even to yourself, you are unwavering in your commitment to this role. Your mind is fed and your life guided by invisible forces that you trust without the need to understand.

Mercury quincunx Neptune
Your mind and conversation are strangely separate from your intuitive and spiritual awareness. Communicating about symbolism, mysticism and dreams is very difficult for you, as you tend to feel they have no real relevance or connection with your life. You might be quite intrigued and yearn to understand these feelings and to follow your inner guidance, but find all your efforts to live by intuition to be rather frustrating. Your attempts to bridge the gap between logic and intuition will require frequent adjustments, but the journey is quite enlightening and productive of personal growth.

Mercury conjunct Pluto
Your mind cuts through to the essence. You would make a great investigator, either in scientific research, archeology, history or any similar subject. Your ability to get to the point is exceptional. You can communicate clearly about subtle psychological dynamics that others would find elusive or obscure.

Mercury opposed Pluto
You prefer to keep your conversations light, and resent any probing into your more personal or vulnerable areas, although you rather enjoy discovering others’ ‘secrets’, and may have an appetite for gossip. You might be a very good researcher or investigator, your mind likes to get to the crux of any subject at hand, and you can be quite talented at expressing the most arcane or occult material.

Mercury trine or sextile Pluto
You have a gift for research and investigation. You enjoy probing and analyzing, in particular when it comes to subconscious or vulnerable psychological matters. Your ability to zero in on the essential issue is remarkable. You like to communicate your understanding and perceptions of hidden or deeply personal material. It is wise to proceed with caution and sensitivity, as others may resent too much probing.

Mercury square Pluto
Your tendency to probe too deeply into vulnerable or personal areas may create conflict or resentment in your relationships, especially when you expose people’s sensitive material to others without their consent. You resent it when others attempt to uncover or analyze your psychological dynamics, yet are fascinated by any "secret" of theirs, and seem to enjoy revealing things you ought not to. You may prefer to avoid talking about anything hidden or obscure, but this is not consistent. This inner conflict may be the source of tension.

Mercury quintile Pluto
You have a remarkable talent for expressing the most forbidden, obscure or arcane subject matter, and for analyzing hidden psychological patterns. You are gifted at getting right to the essence of a situation or subject, and would be an excellent researcher or investigator. Psychological counseling would also be a natural ability for you, as you understand and can verbalize things in a way that is easily understood by others.

Mercury septile Pluto
Your destiny involves delving into deep, transformative and occult subject matter. You feel guided and impelled to do this work of uncovering and communicating what is most hidden and obscure. You would be especially effective at guiding people through the experiences of transformation and/or personal loss, as in grief counseling or hospice work.

Mercury quincunx Pluto
You have trouble talking or thinking about your deepest psychological processes. Your communications are often unrelated to what you are really feeling, and even when you attempt to analyze and clarify your feelings, the effort seems to miss the mark somehow. You likely feel some aversion to probing deeply into your psyche, yet you feel a need to grasp and understand your patterns, especially when they interfere with effective functioning. This requires some real work on your part, but you will learn and grow through making the effort.

Mercury conjunct Chiron
Your mind tends toward the unconventional and non-ordinary experiences of life. You have a natural insight into the mind/body connection and the principles of holistic healing, and are adept at communicating these concepts. You use your mind to effect your own healing, and in so doing you discover keys that can be shared with others. You are probably considered a maverick in your thinking.

Mercury opposed Chiron
You might often find yourself hearing and/or discussing unusual concepts of holistic healing, spiritual experiences and perceptions of non-linear time. Such ideas might be uncomfortable or unacceptable to you, yet someone in your life or something inside yourself keeps bringing up possibilities of different dimensions and experiences, particularly having to do with the mind/body connection and the role of mind in healing. It is advisable to keep an open mind and remain balanced.

Mercury trine or sextile Chiron
You find it easy to understand and communicate spiritual realities and experiences outside of linear time, as well as holistic healing concepts and the mind/body connection. Your mind is a very effective tool for self-healing, and as you use it to advantage for yourself, you discover keys that you can communicate and share with others.

Mercury square Chiron
You might resist unconventional methods of health care despite a need for personal healing. You might even actively oppose those who attempt to introduce you to these possibilities. You have some difficult choices to make in terms of healing and/or philosophical options, and your mind tends to cling to the known and traditional paths here. Regardless of your choices, it is advisable for you to be very aware of your habitual thinking patterns and consciously focus on positive possibilities, as a negative attitude can adversely affect your health.

Mercury quintile Chiron
You have an exceptional gift for understanding and communicating holistic healing principles and expanded concepts of our true nature in terms of multi-dimensionality. You are fully aware of the connection between mind and body, and the role of the mind in healing. You might find and share many keys that assist others as well as yourself in their journey of self- healing.

Mercury septile Chiron
You feel a divine imperative in your life in terms of your role in communicating non-ordinary concepts of healing, spirituality and the nature of time and our freedom within it. It is somehow woven into your destiny as a compulsion or a deep sense of purpose. Your understanding in these areas is cosmic, far beyond the ordinary, and you feel compelled to communicate and share the keys you have discovered. Self-healing is likely to be a major focus in your life, whether of body, mind or both.

Mercury quincunx Chiron
You find it difficult to grasp some concepts having to do with non-ordinary healing methods and unconventional experiences of time and the nature of reality. You may have very expanded perceptions and sense the validity of the mind/body connection as well as the mind’s ability to manipulate time and effect healing, but attempts to clearly understand and communicate these ideas elude you. There is much opportunity to grow in awareness through this effort, but it will require frequent adjustments of your definitions of reality.

Mercury conjunct Ceres
You naturally tend to nurture the mind. Teaching language skills would be an excellent career choice, as you communicate in a very supportive manner. You could also be a support person through experiences of loss, separation and grief, as you have an innate understanding and compassion for such experiences.

Mercury opposed Ceres
You may find that there is a dichotomy in your life with respect to the parent/child roles. Balancing the two could be quite difficult. It may manifest as asserting your independence from an over-attached parent, or conversely you might be the parent who has a great deal of trouble letting go. The parental bond is strong, but there is an issue over separation that can be challenging.

Mercury trine or sextile Ceres
You are adept at communicating in a nurturing and supportive manner. An understanding of the cyclic nature of life and the necessity of separation, loss and return make you a great help to those who have trouble accepting and adjusting to loss. You could be an excellent teacher, as you communicate with compassion and know how to encourage and support the development of mind and language skills.

Mercury square Ceres
You may experience some difficulty in parent/child communications that produce strain in your relationships, even possibly separation, conflict and alienation. There are difficult choices to be made in the timing and terms of letting go and allowing (or demanding) independence from a possibly over-protective or over-attached parent. There could also be an involuntary separation or lack of communication involved.

Mercury quintile Ceres
You have a gift for communicating in a supportive and nurturing manner. This talent will create opportunities to assist others in understanding their experiences of separation or loss. You could be an excellent counselor, especially in relation to parent/child relationships and issues of attachment and letting go. You have an innate understanding of these dynamics, and an original and sometimes dramatic way of expressing your understanding which is very effective.

Mercury septile Ceres
You feel some deep, inner compulsion to be in the role of communicator between parent and child, and/or to nurture that relationship through counseling or some form of communication. There could be a karmic situation involved, and a focus on the issues of over-attachment, separation and letting go. You might have experiences of ‘divine intervention’ in your own parent/child relations.

Mercury quincunx Ceres
You could experience some frustration in the matter of communication within the parent/child relationship. There may be a lack of common ground or understanding and, even though the bond is deep, there seems to be a paradox involved. You will need to be very adaptable and make adjustments as you go, but the continued effort to bridge the gap will be productive of considerable personal growth and understanding.

Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene
You have a very creative mind and an excellent ability to express your views. You could be a public speaker, and/or a political activist. You are deeply interested in upholding justice and defending the disenfranchised, and you use all your considerable talent in communication to those ends. You are very talented in artistic expression and communication.

Mercury opposed Pallas Athene
You may feel challenged by or uncomfortable with expressions of independence and social reform. Women’s liberation could be an issue for you, and even as you resist the seemingly extreme stance of complete independence, you can also strongly identify with it. You might feel a dichotomy within yourself in your feelings about creativity, independence and social reform. This could be enacted within a relationship in which someone else fulfills the role that you reject.

Mercury trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You are highly creative, intellectual and resourceful, with a strong independent streak. You may often find yourself in the role of upholder of justice and defender of the disadvantaged. You might also be an artist or patron(ess) of the arts. Your exceptional ability to communicate your ideas will serve you well in all your endeavors.

Mercury square Pallas Athene
You may feel challenged by or uncomfortable with expressions of independence and social reform. Women’s liberation could be an issue for you, and even as you resist the seemingly extreme stance of complete independence, you can also strongly identify with it. You might feel a conflict within your feelings about creativity, independence and social reform. This could result in disagreements or open conflict at times.

Mercury quintile Pallas Athene
You have an exceptional intellect. You are independent, creative and resourceful, with a highly developed sense of social ethics. When you involve yourself in political, artistic or social reforms you are a formidable opponent, as your natural gift for understanding the issues and expressing them in an original, dramatic and sometimes surprising manner gives you a real advantage and results in many opportunities to have a powerful impact on the situation.

Mercury septile Pallas Athene
You have a karmic role to play in furthering the arts and promoting social reforms. You may be a mentor to developing artists, a political or social activist, and/or an outstanding artist in your own right. You are adept at communicating and feel a divine imperative to use your skill to uphold justice and to champion the downtrodden. You are resourceful, independent and dedicated to use all your resources to the ends you commit yourself to.

Mercury quincunx Pallas Athene
You seem to have difficulty in expressing your creativity and your feelings about social and political issues. You may attempt to grasp the concepts or ideas involved, only to have to repeatedly adjust and adapt your understanding. Even though there will be times of frustration involved, the process is highly creative and can create considerable personal growth for you.

Mercury conjunct Juno
Relationship and all its institutions, expectations and trappings are a primary focus of your thought patterns. You believe in the importance of communication within marriage, and emphasize the need for mutual understanding. Communicating clearly about expectations, commitments and agreements is what makes it ‘work’ for you. You may spend considerable time and focus on your appearance and attractiveness.

Mercury opposed Juno
You might have an aversion to marriage and/or commitment in romantic relationships. You like to be free floating, and the institution and social limitations of marriage do not feel comfortable to you. You may communicate your opinions on the subject quite openly, to be sure there are no hidden expectations. Even so, your attitude could cause conflict at times, especially in terms of jealousy and different expectations regarding monogamy.

Mercury trine or sextile Juno
You communicate well within relationships and this is the cornerstone of your success in marriage. Agreements, expectations and social roles are openly discussed, making your daily interaction an easy, natural flow. You may be a model for others in this regard.

Mercury square Juno
Your attitudes about marriage and commitment in relationship can be a source of tension or even open conflict at times. There might be hidden expectations or assumptions, especially about monogamy and/or acceptable social roles and behavior, which can erupt into disagreements and create resentment. Clear communication is very important. Difficult choices will have to be made regarding your role in relationships.

Mercury quintile Juno
You have an exceptional ability to understand and clearly communicate the issues of relationship and commitment. You could be an excellent marriage counselor or an advocate for the institution of marriage and the social roles and structures underpinning it. Your ability to discuss and illuminate the dynamics of committed relationship is a real gift; your style of expressing is original, exciting and dramatic, and you can have a powerful impact.

Mercury septile Juno
There seems to be some invisible influence in your life guiding your thoughts and decisions about marriage and relationship. Your choice of partner might make sense to no one, perhaps not even you, and yet you feel a ‘divine imperative’ at work. You feel there is no other real choice for you. There is an element of karmic influence or destiny involved in your marriage.

Mercury quincunx Juno
Try as you will (and you do), you find that understanding marriage and relationship is very challenging and elusive. There seems to be a riddle or paradox involved, and each time you think you have found a workable balance, something will change or turn out to be not as you expected, and adaptations have to be made. This can prove quite frustrating at times, but the effort to communicate and resolve differences can strengthen the relationship and stimulate much personal growth.

Mercury conjunct Vesta
You use your mind and words to fortify and uphold your truth and express your devotion to your path. Your primary focus is spiritual, and even your dedication to home and hearth have a spiritual quality. Your commitment is to integrity, purity and devotion to Spirit on all levels, whatever your chosen path. Your choices may involve limitation or denial of sexual expression.

Mercury opposed Vesta
You might be unable or unwilling to accept the concept of spiritual devotion, especially if it involves limitation of your sexual expression. You could feel drawn to the spiritual life but resist its pull, and may actively argue against it. You feel a dichotomy between logic and devotion, which may be enacted within a significant relationship, with you embodying one aspect and opposing the other. It is, however, possible and desirable to find a balance that allows inclusion of both in your life.

Mercury trine or sextile Vesta
You are very eloquent in expressing your devotion to spiritual principles, purity and integrity. Your mind serves as an excellent tool in understanding and communicating your dedication to your path. You may be an initiate or disciple at some time in your life.

Mercury square Vesta
You feel some sense of dilemma between feelings of devotion to spiritual realities and logic or “rationality”. Your mind tends to resist commitment to invisible principles, particularly if they involve chastity or sexual sublimation, and perhaps you even take a strong stance against it, yet it remains a burning issue in your life. You may face some difficult choices with regard to intellect vs. spiritual devotion.

Mercury quintile Vesta
You have a real gift for understanding and expressing spiritual principles, personal integrity and purity. You might be an advocate for the spiritual life, and your manner of communication is original, dramatic, captivating and highly effective. Your mind is an excellent tool in service of your dedication to your truth and life path.

Mercury septile Vesta
There is an element of destiny or karmic unfolding in your role as communicator for spiritual truth and a life of dedication. You might decide at a young age to devote your life to a spiritual path, and even against all logic you are intent on fulfilling your chosen role. Your thoughts and words are compelling on the subject, and your influence can be quite powerful.

Mercury quincunx Vesta
Your intellect and your devotional nature seem strangely incompatible or unrelated, though both may be strong factors in your nature. There seems to be a riddle or paradox involved, and you might make great efforts to reconcile the disparate needs within you. Many adjustments will be required as you attempt to balance these factors, and the effort can seem frustrating or futile at times, but you can grow and learn through the process of attempting to understand and incorporate both.


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