Pallas Athene Aspects


Pallas Athene conjunct Juno
Your primary relationship will be based upon shared cultural values, creativity, intellect and/or professional ties. You seek a partner who is intelligent and dedicated to art, and who shares your commitment to upholding justice and defending the less fortunate members of society. You would be well suited to relationship counseling, as your wisdom and insight can be a healing and balancing influence for others.

Pallas Athene opposed Juno
You may find yourself having to choose between traditional relationship and creative, social or professional interests. It is very possible to have both in your life, but in that case you will require a partner who shares your social values and commitment to upholding art and creativity. You are very self-directed, and need to partner with one who at least respects and supports your intellectual and cultural pursuits. It would be preferable if they shared these interests.

Pallas Athene trine or sextile Juno
You are well suited to a ‘working relationship’, one in which you share a profession or are involved in the same causes. Mutual respect and social values solidify the bond, and your mutual interests strengthen your marriage or partnership. You work well together and enhance each other’s professional roles. Relationship counseling would be a very rewarding profession for you.

Pallas Athene square Juno
Your intellectual and cultural interests may be in seeming conflict with your desire for a traditional marriage relationship. You may have some difficult choices to make in this regard, as love and art seem to exclude or compete with each other. Try to avoid defining the situation in either/or terms, but rather seek creative ways to satisfy both the need for creative and cultural participation and the need for committed relationship in your life. If you can do this you can create a very strong partnership.

Pallas Athene quintile Juno
Your marriage will be based on shared cultural, intellectual and artistic values, and you have a great talent for combining the two in highly creative and original ways. Shared interests keep your relationship stimulating and growing. Working together for some cause could be very successful for you and your success can become a model for others.

Pallas Athene septile Juno
Your choice of marriage partner seems destined, and is based upon deeply shared values, inspiration and interests. There is a spiritual element in your bond, you know you are together for a transcendent reason, and may recognize the hand of divine intervention or guidance in your shared vision. A common cause binds you together, and you may feel a deep recognition from the moment you meet. This is an indication of soul mates finding each other and sharing a commitment to cultural and creative pursuits.

Pallas Athene quincunx Juno
Your artistic and intellectual interests may seem incompatible with your marriage or primary relationship. There seems to be little connection or accord between your love life and your creative and cultural values. You may expend considerable energy trying to bring these two aspects of your life into harmony, but each time you find some resolution things seem to shift again. Many adjustments will be required, and you might find the situation quite frustrating, but the effort to bring them together can be highly creative and stimulate your personal growth and understanding.

Pallas Athene conjunct Vesta
You are intelligent, creative and devoted to a spiritual vision or a social cause. You may forego traditional marriage in order to devote yourself to your spiritual path or your profession. Probably very career oriented and concerned with social justice and promoting the arts, you are probably a healer in some way. If you do marry it will likely be a bond based upon shared values and mutual respect. You may choose to avoid intimacy, feeling it will undermine your commitment to ideals.

Pallas Athene opposed Vesta
You may experience a dichotomy between your career or social concerns and your spiritual commitment. Your creative intelligence and social values may seem to interfere with or seem incompatible with your mystical leanings. Intellect and spiritual devotion can both be a strong part of your life, and it is important that you not exclude either. Otherwise, there could be a tendency to play this out in a relationship where you adopt one role and project the other onto someone in your life. To find a balance you must own and honor both needs within yourself.

Pallas Athene trine or sextile Vesta
You are very creative and intelligent, and your social and cultural sensibilities enhance and deepen your devotion to your spiritual vision. The two aspects of your being tend to enrich and strengthen each other. You may have a career within a religious setting, or your spiritual convictions may strongly reinforce your commitment to the social causes that you champion. Your social conscience is highly developed and is probably a major focus in your life. There could be issues about sexuality and the demands of relationship. Marriage for you must be based upon mutual respect and shared ideals.

Pallas Athene square Vesta
You may experience some conflict between intellectual beliefs and spiritual devotion, or between social ideals and commitment to a spiritual vision, or between career and devotion to the home. There might be a temptation to see this as an either/or situation, where you feel you must choose one over the other. This sense of dilemma can create some very difficult choices. It is imperative that you find a way to satisfy both needs within your being. This requires some conscious effort to work out your beliefs and values, but doing so will turn this tension into a great strength in your personality.

Pallas Athene quintile Vesta
You have a great talent for developing an intellectual foundation for your spiritual convictions. You have a keen sense of social ideals, and a deep sense of commitment and devotion to the causes you direct your energies to. You may use art as a means of expressing your mystical insights, and bring a sense of transcendent values to your cultural ideals and career choices. Your art is exciting and original and the interplay between intellect and spirituality is very creative.

Pallas Athene septile Vesta
Your creative intellect and your devotional nature shape your destiny. You may often experience the hand of divine guidance or intervention in determining your career choices and your spiritual understanding. You may be highly psychic, or have profound experiences that are life-altering. You are likely “married to Spirit”, feeling that as the only life commitment you can make. There is a divine imperative that you can never question, even when you don’t fully understand it. Your artistic ability is applied in expression of your mystical vision.

Pallas Athene quincunx Vesta
You may find little accord or compatibility between your intellectual and cultural values and your devotion to spirituality and/or your home. They seem to have little or no connection, and your efforts to integrate them involve a sense of paradox or a riddle. You will likely expend much effort to reach a satisfactory balance, but your solutions turn out to be temporary, and many adjustments need to be made. But the process is very creative and enriching, producing great growth within your being.


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