Pluto Aspects


Pluto conjunct Chiron
You are a natural healer, and have tremendous spiritual power, but you will have to go through some very intense and transformative experiences in order to awaken that ability. Experiences of loss or life-threatening encounters set in motion a process of initiation which may well be a life-and-death struggle. You are impelled to face your own deepest issues about power, your compulsions, attachments and obsessions, and to let go of all that stands in the way of your healing and spirit empowerment. On this very intense and demanding journey you will find keys to reclaiming your power and directing it to self-healing. And through your own healing you can help others to recognize and claim their own power.

Pluto opposed Chiron
You have some very deep work to do around issues of loss, intimacy and personal power. It is likely that you experienced loss of or abandonment by your mother (or equivalent), and that wounding created in you an attraction/avoidance pattern with death and intimacy. You may flirt with death in an unconscious desire to transcend, transform and overcome the fear. Your journey involves deep, initiatory experiences that prompt you to claim your spirit power and heal yourself. In so doing you can become a powerful healer, shaman and spiritual midwife, but you must accept and own your power and face your “shadow”.

Pluto trine or sextile Chiron
You have a natural, inborn healing power that may be awakened through experiences of loss or through deep, transformative peak experiences. Your journey of self-healing involves powerful initiation experiences, and may lead you into shamanic awareness or parallel realities. You find and develop keys, methods that can open doors to reclaiming your wholeness and dealing with potentially destructive emotions. You could be a grief counselor, or in some other way help create a conscious bridge between dimensions. You may challenge all rules, assumptions and taboos about death, intimacy and transformation.

Pluto square Chiron
You have very deep emotional experiences that force you to face your issues about power, intimacy and loss. You have some very difficult choices to make regarding the use of your power. You may be strongly inclined to challenge all sexual taboos and rules, and to embrace your shadow side. Self-healing depends upon squarely facing your obsessions, attachments and buried rage, otherwise you may be strongly inclined to hoard and misuse your power, acting out your unresolved feelings in potentially destructive ways. If you do your deep psychological ‘work’ you can become a powerful force for healing and awakening, creating a dimensional bridge that can be used by others as well as yourself. You can be very charismatic and compelling in your role as mentor, guide and healer.

Pluto quintile Chiron
Your ability to harness and direct spiritual awareness and healing power is quite exceptional. In your journey of awakening and self-healing, you are able to discover many keys and much knowledge that you can subsequently share with others. You are amazingly resourceful, creative and original in your methods, and gifted in articulating your awareness in ways that others find exciting and compelling. You are on a path of discovery and initiation that is ongoing, and eventually places you in the role of mentor/healer, creating a bridge between dimensions.

Pluto septile Chiron
Your life path is guided by spirit; you are inspired by a force beyond your personality to embrace a journey of self-healing and personal power that eventually defines your role as teacher, healer and mentor. You may have experiences of loss that bring you face to face with your issues of attachment, obsession and transformation. Your journey of initiation is intense and brings you into direct encounters with death and the “shadow” self. You have great charisma and can be a force of healing and spiritual awakening. You may often be aware of the hand of ‘destiny’ or divine intervention directing your choices and your path of awakening.

Pluto quincunx Chiron
Your path of self-healing and initiation involves a riddle or a sense of paradox. Issues of personal power seem incompatible or unconnected with your journey of awakening and healing, so that you find it difficult to confront your deepest feelings about intimacy, loss and attachments. This dynamic can impede your ability to actualize your healing. You may have an attraction/avoidance pattern with your “shadow” side, thereby rendering yourself powerless to consciously direct or control your need to act out your psychological wound. You will likely make many efforts to bridge the gap between these aspects of yourself, usually with less than satisfactory results, but the effort can produce much personal growth and awareness within you.

Pluto conjunct Ceres
You are deeply affected by experiences of loss and separation, especially involving the mother-child relationship. You may have lost your mother very early or felt that nurturance was withheld or denied. You associate nurturing with fostering awareness of the cycles of life and death, and may find yourself in the role of assisting others to deal with such experiences of transformation. You nourish deep levels of psychological and spiritual awakening, and instinctively support the reclamation and ownership of personal power.

Pluto opposed Ceres
You may experience a strong polarity in your life with nurturing and emotional bonds vying for your loyalty with the transformative journey of self-empowerment. You might find that the price of nurturance and closeness is to give away your power, and/or that your loyalties are torn between mother and spouse. Either or both might attempt to control you, and withhold support if you don’t succumb to their control. It is crucial that you find ways to claim your own power and also share deep emotional bonds, otherwise you will live in a constant power struggle that impedes your personal development.

Pluto trine or sextile Ceres
You know instinctively how to nurture and encourage self-empowerment and the ownership of deep transformative urges. You understand the cycles of loss and return, and you know that the soul transcends these experiences and that love survives all rites of passage; transformation, separation, loss and initiation. Your acceptance of these powerful experiences enables you to guide others to face transformation and loss without fear.

Pluto square Ceres
You may struggle with deep and painful experiences of loss or separation from nurturing bonds, probably of your mother. Fear of further loss could create within you a deep resistance to forming close emotional bonds, yet the need for nourishment and support remain insistent within your psyche. You are challenged to squarely face the cycles of loss and return, and accept that separation and transformation are natural and inevitable experiences in life. This process will be very empowering for you, and can ultimately become a great strength in your character, so that you may help others to face and accept loss without giving in to fear or losing their power.

Pluto quintile Ceres
You have an exceptional talent for being a spiritual midwife. You have the ability to understand and grow from experiences of loss, and can consequently nurture others through such experiences. ‘Rebirthing’ would be an excellent tool for you to use for yourself or to guide others, as well as other forms of depth psychology. You are quite creative and resourceful in developing methods to assist in these transformative passages. Separation, loss and return may be a recurring theme in your parent-child relationships.

Pluto septile Ceres
There is a strong force of destiny directing your parental experiences, and a recurring theme of separation, loss and return. There is a high likelihood that you lost your mother at an early age, and the psychological impact of that experience set the tone for your emotional priorities, and set you on a path of transformation. There is a divine imperative involved, you may often be aware of spirit intervention shaping your decisions. Deep psychological issues around intimacy, vulnerability and abandonment impel you to deal with loss at a deep level, and the powerful experiences you undergo will prepare you for the role of guide and spiritual midwife.

Pluto quincunx Ceres
You feel drawn to experience your power and deep transformation, but this path of discovery may meet with resistance or simply not be acknowledged or considered valid by your closest and most nurturing bonds. Fear of loss, rejection or separation might make it difficult for you to take the necessary steps to claiming your own power to direct your life and to face and embrace the natural rites of passage and the cycles of loss and return. You will likely make many efforts to resolve this paradox, mostly without lasting or satisfying results. However, the effort itself will expand your awareness and enhance your personal growth.

Pluto conjunct Pallas Athene
You can be a powerful and charismatic leader in support of some cause, either involving some social reform or supporting artistic and cultural awareness. You might be an articulate advocate for reclaiming personal power, and learn methods to assist others as well as yourself on that journey. In your own artistic expressions there is great intensity and profound psychological impact; you always hone in on the most essential theme of your subject. You are highly insightful, and never shy away from psychologically charged subject matter. Themes of sexuality, power and transformation are often present in your work.

Pluto opposed Pallas Athene
Your need to pursue deep, transformative experiences may challenge your socio-cultural, intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities. You may feel an emotional need to challenge taboos, open ‘forbidden doors’, and to look deeply at the most vulnerable psychological material in yourself and others. This could put you in a position of open resistance from your cultural milieu; you might feel disempowered by social niceties and cultural mores`, and insist on delving deeper, which could create an adversarial relationship in your life unless and until you honor and embrace the validity of both needs and find a creative way to include both in your life.

Pluto trine or sextile Pallas Athene
Your artistic and intellectual expressions are powerful and intense, and seem to go right to the core of the subject. You have an easy ability to work in or with social and cultural groups in a way that empowers all those involved; you never shy away from subject matter that is controversial or taboo. You are drawn to delve into and elucidate transformative experiences of death, regeneration, self-empowerment and addictive, abusive or obsessive behavior. You would be a good group facilitator.

Pluto square Pallas Athene
You may feel quite conflicted over the issue of owning and expressing your power. Social considerations or aesthetic sensibilities may incline you to soft-pedal your natural intensity, but the desire for deep, transformative experiences draws you to challenge taboos and enter all the forbidden doors. You could feel disempowered by socio-cultural restrictions and wish to penetrate into deeper realities. You will have some difficult choices to make, and it is advisable not to define the situation in either/or terms or you will be bound to enact power struggles within relationships.

Pluto quintile Pallas Athene
You have a natural gift for working in or with social and cultural groups in a way that is empowering to all those involved; you never shy away from subject matter that is controversial or taboo. Your artistic and intellectual expressions are powerful and intense, and seem to go right to the core of the subject. You are drawn to delve into and elucidate transformative experiences of death, regeneration, self-empowerment and addictive, abusive or obsessive behavior. You are remarkably resourceful, original and creative in your expressions.

Pluto septile Pallas Athene
You have a natural charisma that makes you a compelling speaker and leader, and gives your artistic expressions great depth and intensity. You are inspired from some realm beyond personality, and may feel divine intervention or destiny shaping your decisions and guiding your path. There is a sense of mission in your social and cultural involvements; you can be a powerful force for transformation within your social context.

Pluto quincunx Pallas Athene
Your social and cultural interests may seem to have no connection or compatibility with your path of personal empowerment. You may be drawn to experience the deepest psychological issues of transformation; loss, death and regeneration. You desire to challenge taboos and penetrate to the most essential levels of the psyche, including obsessions, addictions and abuse. This need is not accepted or supported by your social, cultural and intellectual milieu. Despite many efforts to bridge the gap, you find it hard to honor both needs in your life. However, the effort can stimulate considerable expansion of awareness and personal growth.

Pluto conjunct Juno
Marriage for you is deeply entwined with issues of power, and the struggle for power within your relationships could be ongoing and intense. Perhaps you are attracted or committed to someone who wields considerable power or is obsessive, possessive or intense. The need for transformation and self-empowerment is profound and can be the basis for growth and exploration of the deepest psychological areas. The ideal is equality and personal empowerment; if you can achieve this your commitment and depth of intimacy will be legendary. Your marriage might go beyond the boundaries of social taboos.

Pluto opposed Juno
There is a major power issue within your committed relationships that could become very destructive if it is not dealt with openly and honestly. Sexual obsessions, possessiveness or abuses of power may be core issues, and equality is at stake. One or both of you may attempt to usurp the other’s power, or be overly watchful of offenses by the other. In either case, intimacy is undermined and conflicts and resentments will arise, unless you are able to recognize and honor both the need for self-empowerment and transformation and the need for intimacy. Both are essential to your mutual fulfillment, and in recognizing this you will deepen and enrich your emotional bond.

Pluto trine or sextile Juno
You instinctively understand how to make and keep your intimate involvements intense and dynamic. You may be, and/or also be attracted to, someone with a lot of intensity and personal power. That can translate into physical, financial, social or charismatic power. You seek passion and depth in relationship, and you gravitate to those who can “handle the heat”. Together you can be a force to be reckoned with.

Pluto square Juno
You will probably have intense relationships in which you get locked into power struggles, possibly through obsessive jealousy on the part of one or both partners. Money and sex may also be core issues over which power struggles arise. One or both of you probably thrive on passion and intense experiences, and it will take careful handling to avoid falling into some very destructive conflicts. If you can allow for passionate intensity, vulnerability and equally shared power, you can have a marriage of great depth and beauty. It may be a stormy journey, with many difficult decisions and choices. This can take you to great heights or depths, depending on your choices.

Pluto quintile Juno
You are highly talented at the art of keeping excitement, magic and intensity in your relationship. There could be power struggles, but you can be creative in adapting and reinterpreting traditional roles to work for you as you learn to create your intimate life together. Free flow of emotional expression is crucial to this relationship, because if there is a buildup of resentment from ‘stuffing feelings’, the eruption could be disastrous. Keeping it romantic, fun and surprising will be your key; yes, and also passionate.

Pluto septile Juno
Destiny seems to dictate your relationship choice. There might be a ‘soul recognition’ when you meet, or you simply know you are meant to be together. There seems to be a higher reason for your union, and although you may never consciously know it fully, you are nevertheless certain of your commitment to it. You might share a realization of a guiding spiritual force in your lives, shaping your decisions and directing your learning. Your relationship is probably very passionate and intense, and based on total unconditional commitment.

Pluto quincunx Juno
You may experience a paradox within your committed relationship over the issues of power and passion. There can be a tendency to be unable somehow to comfortably combine traditional marriage roles and intense, emotional bonding. This may seem to be a riddle for you to solve. The issues of equality and propriety versus depth of intimacy can be sources of incompatibility. There may be trust issues if one exposes the other’s secrets or vulnerability, or if either of you holds back ‘secrets’ while expecting ‘full disclosure’ of the other. Your sincere efforts to bridge these gaps may seem less than lasting and satisfactory, but not without rewards. The journey will require many adjustments, but you will grow and expand through the effort.

Pluto conjunct Vesta
You are totally committed to your spiritual path, and allow nothing to interfere with the expression of your devotion. You may be called upon to make personal sacrifices on the path of initiation and transformation. You are focused, intense and passionate in your devotion. Issues of power and sexuality predominate in your pursuit of transformative experience; either celibacy or “sacred sex” may be part of your religious practice. You may be drawn to penetrate the “dark” or secret aspects of religious experience, by practice of the occult and/or learning the ways of power.

Pluto opposed Vesta
Your search for deep, transformative experiences and your pursuit of personal power probably go against the spiritual traditions you hold most sacred, and this dichotomy may be difficult to resolve. Sexuality and your expression of it are likely to be core issues, and you have to delve deeply into your own psyche and/or ‘occult’ or forbidden teachings to sort it out and determine what is right for you. Personal sacrifices may be involved. In order to avoid projecting this polarity into a power struggle in a close relationship, you need to accept in yourself the need for spiritual commitment as well as the need for power and transformation, and allow room for both expressions in your life.

Pluto trine or sextile Vesta
Your spiritual convictions are intense and passionate, and your commitment is unwavering. You are quite prepared to make personal sacrifices for the sake of your beliefs. Either celibacy or “sacred sex” may be an integral part of your practice. You penetrate to the depths of human experience and psychological awareness for the sake of the powerful transformation you long for. Your passionate devotion enhances and empowers your spiritual journey, and your fearless pursuit of truth enables you to deal with issues of abuse, obsession and addiction both for yourself and others.

Pluto square Vesta
You may feel deeply conflicted over the issues of spiritual devotion versus power and transformation. Your most cherished beliefs and/or the tradition you hold sacred are most likely at odds with the powerful and transformative experiences that you feel drawn to. It could be a situation of form versus substance, where traditional teachings fail to answer the need for deep, mystical experience and regeneration. Or it might be that abuses of power within the context of traditional religion are an obstacle to your sense of commitment. You feel led to open forbidden doors in search of a deeper truth and experience, and this could set you at odds with your religious roots. Sexual use and abuse may well be a core issue, as well as obsession or addiction. Very difficult decisions must be made, but the challenge can ultimately strengthen and deepen your devotion and your spiritual power.

Pluto quintile Vesta
You have a talent for intense and passionate spiritual practice, and your commitment is unwavering. You are quite able to make personal sacrifices for the sake of your beliefs. Either celibacy or “sacred sex” may be an integral part of your practice. You can penetrate to the depths of human experience and psychological awareness for the sake of the powerful transformation you long for. Your creativity, originality and passionate devotion enhance and empower your spiritual journey, and your fearless pursuit of truth enables you to deal with issues of abuse, obsession and addiction both for yourself and others.

Pluto septile Vesta
You are totally committed to an inner, invisible force that guides and informs your decisions and shapes your spiritual journey. You may feel a deep sense of mission or divine imperative in your life, and are fully prepared to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to fulfill your perceived role. The issues of sexuality and power may be basic to your belief system, and either celibacy or “sacred sex” could be an inherent aspect of your practice. Destiny guides you into hidden or forbidden areas of knowledge and practice.

Pluto quincunx Vesta
You feel a paradoxical separation between the religious traditions you hold most sacred and your need for deep, transformative spiritual experiences. There seems to be a riddle you must solve in order to empower your spiritual life. You might pursue ‘forbidden’ occult teachings or embrace shamanic or sexual practices that are taboo within the context of your tradition, in search of the passion and power you long for. You will likely make many efforts to incorporate these two spiritual paths into a cohesive belief system and spiritual practice, but somehow the results of your efforts are never fully satisfactory. However, the journey itself will be one of growth and empowerment.


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