Saturn Aspects


Saturn conjunct Uranus
You are prone to have flashes of insight and innovative ideas, and also the ability and perseverance to make practical use of them. You have an exceptional combination of intuition and organization, and can achieve remarkable things. You can sense when to use discipline and control and when to let your mind fly free. You might appear to be quite conservative and inhibited, but you can do and say things that are totally unexpected and surprising. When you make changes it is always at the most fundamental level.

Saturn opposed Uranus
You experience a dichotomy in your life around issues of tradition versus radical change. You have lofty ideals and futuristic dreams, but also feel the constraints of your more conservative and cautious side that resists change. You may bow to convention and uphold the status quo most of the time, but occasionally you must assert the independent and individualistic side and do something unconventional, rebellious or shocking. Unless you find a balance within yourself that gives expression to both needs, you are likely to project this dichotomy into a close relationship and someone else will mirror one side of the duality for you.

Saturn trine or sextile Uranus
You have a very original and inventive mind and the ability to put your ideas into practice in an organized and purposeful way. You might make profound discoveries that improve existing conditions and solve old problems, and then your ability to organize and expedite matters will find ways to put them into effect. You could be a successful inventor or manager. You have a talent for inspiring others with your vision and insight, and then demonstrating practical and effective ways of bringing the vision into reality.

Saturn square Uranus
You may often find yourself in conflict with authority or challenging the status quo. Or conversely you may be in an authority role trying to cope with ‘rebellion in the ranks’. Somehow the conflict of convention versus change, constraint versus freedom, will play itself out in your life, and you may be faced with some very difficult decisions, especially if you define your choices in either/or terms. If you seek a creative resolution which makes room for both independence and self-discipline, this influence can become one of your greatest strengths.

Saturn quintile Uranus
You are a highly gifted teacher and manager, combining the qualities of discipline and practicality with unique and innovative ideas. You could be an inventor, a futuristic leader or a motivational trainer. In whatever way you choose to express this gift, you will be very creative, exciting, dramatic and inspired, and you can accomplish a great deal because of your organizational talents and your ability to captivate people’s imaginations.

Saturn septile Uranus
You have a vision and inspiration that seem to drive you. It feels like you are on a mission, that it is your destiny to fulfill this dream, and you have the leadership and the organizational ability to implement your goals. Your commitment to your passion inspires others to lend their efforts to helping you realize your purpose. You feel invisible guidance and the hand of divine intervention frequently, and dedicate all of your energy and ability to manifesting the expression of your highest ideals and aspirations. You have exceptional leadership qualities.

Saturn quincunx Uranus
You may have some wonderfully creative and innovative ideas, but somehow are unable to take the practical steps to implement them. You may feel that the structure of your life situation allows no room for creative change, or you simply may not have the practical means and organization to bring your dreams and visions into reality. This can create frustration for you, as you will likely spend considerable effort seeking some resolution only to have it slip away each time you seem to have found it. A paradox or riddle may be implied, and it is very challenging to work it out, but the effort will create much personal growth and awareness.

Saturn conjunct Neptune
You might be termed a practical mystic. You are deeply sensitive to the mysteries of life and the realms of dreams and intuition, yet you are also skeptical and cautious about making assumptions or decisions based upon feelings and intuition. Your spiritual path is never flighty or impulsive, but always expresses the very deepest level of awareness. You have a remarkable ability to give practical expression to your ideals and dreams. You might well be a spiritual leader or a teacher of mystical or psychological subjects.

Saturn opposed Neptune
You may struggle with faith versus skepticism or ideals versus practicality. You feel the constraints of convention or materialism opposing your spiritual growth and awareness. Perhaps someone in your life ridicules or dismisses your insights causing you frustration and self-doubt. You may tend to seek escape from the harsh necessities of daily existence through excursions into poetry, imagination, glamour and illusion. It is imperative that you find a balance which allows for a healthy, practical skepticism and also freedom to soar. Otherwise you are likely to enact this dichotomy within a relationship until you are able to integrate both influences within your life.

Saturn trine or sextile Neptune
You are adept at bringing your ideals and dreams into reality. You can hold fast to the vision while developing an effective plan for implementing it. You can teach and guide, finding concrete ways to express a deeper vision in day to day existence. You would be an exceptional minister or priest(ess), as your spirituality is grounded in acts and based on a very deep understanding. Your faith is fundamental, profound and essential, so you are able to guide others to similar depths and heights.

Saturn square Neptune
You have a sense of dilemma regarding faith in the spiritual realms versus skeptical materialism. You may struggle with deep depression, loneliness and a defeatist attitude. You sense the reality and importance of dreams, ideals and imagination, yet you may want to dismiss it all as unrealistic or see it as distracting you from your goals. Your disciplined, conventional side wants to disregard all indications of a larger reality filled with mystery and wonder, while you secretly yearn to experience that wonder. You have some very difficult choices to make until you recognize that it isn’t an either/or choice, that it is possible to make room for both the practical and the mystical in your life.

Saturn quintile Neptune
You are gifted at creating glamour and illusion, or at grounding your ideals and dreams into practical reality. You could be an excellent movie producer, magician or politician. You can ignite people’s imagination and use imagery and emotion to sway them to your way of thinking. You might also be a spiritual advisor and guide, as your ideals are deeply grounded in the real world, and your faith and insight are based on solid foundations. You give expression to your awareness within the context of day to day challenges and problems. Your imagination and insights are creatively dramatic, playful and exciting, giving great impact to your expressions.

Saturn septile Neptune
It may be your destiny to be a spiritual guide and teacher, or to help shape people’s imagination and ideals. You came into life with a sense of mission that feels like a deep responsibility. You may often feel divine guidance and/or intervention in your decisions and the events of your life. You can bring imagination into reality; you have a deep abiding awareness that your expectations and conscious imagery shape your experience, and you have a unique ability to apply that knowledge in powerful and practical ways. You can teach and guide others to the same understanding.

Saturn quincunx Neptune
You may have wonderful, spiritual experiences, dreams and ideals that are dear to you, but it seems like you can find no way to give practical expression to them in your life. Maybe you can’t reconcile your mystical experiences with the traditions of your culture and must dream in isolation. Maybe you doubt the reality of your insights and intuitions, thereby rendering them ineffectual. You probably make significant effort to bridge the gap between spirituality and practicality, only to find the results unsatisfactory or impermanent. Many adjustments are required, but the effort will sharpen your awareness and produce personal growth.

Saturn conjunct Pluto
You may be very serious and have a dark, brooding side that is obsessed with control and power. Your burden of responsibility may be great, and lessons of self-discipline and responsibility might come through profound experiences of loss. Necessity will require you to eliminate nonessentials and focus on the deepest, most crucial elements of any situation. Loss or absence of a father could force you to accept adult responsibility at an early age. You are likely an exceptionally canny and effective business person.

Saturn opposed Pluto
You are quite reserved and prefer to keep your private, vulnerable side concealed. You have a deep need to control your feelings and conceal your motives. You can be very effective in business, but you may be somewhat obsessed with control and power. Your serious, no-nonsense attitude can be quite intimidating, and you use that fact to your advantage. You may feel a driving need to create change and an equally powerful need to resist it. This could be acted out within a relationship in the form of major power struggles with your father or other authority figures, until you find a balance that permits change within control.

Saturn trine or sextile Pluto
Your perseverance is nothing short of legendary. You pursue your goals with a passion which may become obsession. You have an amazing instinct for business, and are capable of amassing great wealth, or at least being in control of large amounts of money. You are deeply perceptive, and quickly penetrate to the essence of whatever comes under your scrutiny. You might go through many transformative changes, and ultimately lead, teach and guide others to deal with loss and transformation. You are not inclined to avoid the darkest, most fearful areas of the psyche, and therefore you can help others to reclaim their power. You have an excellent aptitude for science.

Saturn square Pluto
You face some crises and very difficult decisions involving the issues of control and power. You may feel deeply conflicted about claiming your power or you may feel as though some one exercising some authority over your life is taking your power. You may have major power struggles with your father, and that dynamic might have created coldness in you. One part of you yearns for intense, transformative experiences, with no holds barred; yet the conservative and cautious part wants control and stability, so it wants to repress the urge for change. If you can integrate these parts of yourself in a way that denies neither, you can be remarkably strong, responsible and yet able to move with change.

Saturn quintile Pluto
You are masterful at wielding power and holding positions of authority. It is very likely that you will gravitate to executive positions and/or amass great wealth. You have an uncanny business instinct. You are highly sensitive and perceptive, and you penetrate to the essence of whatever or whomever you direct your attention to. Despite being of a rather serious and intense temperament, you can utilize surprise, play and creativity to great effect, which makes you an excellent leader or teacher. You may be gifted in the physical sciences.

Saturn septile Pluto
Your life is shaped by destiny, and you probably have a sense of mission or responsibility that drives you. Loss or absence of your father may have had a deep and abiding Impact on your psyche. You have a powerful and charismatic personality and people tend to bow to your will, as you have an air of authority. You might be a geologist, a spiritual leader, an executive or power broker, or a grief counselor or psychologist. In whatever path you choose, you penetrate to the deepest level and avoid nothing. You feel guided by Invisible forces often.

Saturn quincunx Pluto
You have a very conservative, cautious and responsible side, and also a side that deeply desires change and transformation. There is some sort of paradox or riddle Implied in bringing the two influences into harmony. They seem to have little connection or common ground. You may feel conflicted or frustrated over your seeming inability to find a balance or resolution. It is Important to find a creative way to satisfy both needs. This is a challenging but very creative energy that requires many adjustments and produces considerable personal growth.

Saturn conjunct Chiron
Your need for healing has to do with issues of control, responsibility and discipline. You may have had very strict and demanding parents, who either expected too much or were distant and withheld affection and encouragement. You might have had to deal with experiences of failure or feeling as if nothing you did was ever good enough. Conversely, you could lack self discipline as a result of never having been allowed to make your own decisions. You probably feel cautious or skeptical about accepting unconventional healing methods, and may delay your own progress by closing your mind to alternatives. Your task is to become the authority in your own life and accept responsibility for your own choices. Ultimately you can help others to do the same.

Saturn opposed Chiron
You might experience conflict or incur disapproval by choosing unconventional healing methods. You probably choose a direction that is holistic, and meet with resistance from authority figures, either traditional doctors, parents or others who wield some power in your life. Taking control of your own life and accepting responsibility for your health issues will provide many keys to self-empowerment and healing. By facing this dichotomy directly and honestly, you can find solutions for yourself and could ultimately become a teacher or authority in the realms of alternative healing methods, helping others to own their power and make independent decisions.

Saturn trine or sextile Chiron
You have no difficulty in accepting responsibility for your own health care, and you may patiently acquire considerable knowledge in the field of holistic healing. You can take the best of both traditional and ‘alternative’ medicine, and create a body of knowledge that is very natural and effective. You may achieve mastery in the healing arts, which includes counseling and teaching people to take responsibility for and control of their own health choices. You are able to model an ‘enlightened’ authority figure, one who encourages discipline and responsibility while being supportive and tolerant of individual needs and differences.

Saturn square Chiron
Your chosen methods of healing may be in direct opposition to the authority figures and accepted traditions of your cultural environment. You may be a maverick, which can create situations of conflict and some very difficult choices. You have to stand your ground against the limiting assumptions of accepted norms, but keep in mind that this can be done without confrontation or resentment. The basic key here is to avoid ‘either/or’ thinking and pay your dues to the status quo while still pursuing your own alternative path in the ways that really matter. By doing this you will attain mastery and become a guide and teacher for others.

Saturn quintile Chiron
You have a gift, a special genius for combining traditional medical understanding and knowledge with the cutting edge holistic alternatives, and expressing and implementing the resulting creation in exciting and original ways. This is never an accomplished task, rather it is a life long journey of artistry, learning and healing. Play and surprise are very much a part of the creative process, and you have those especially rare qualities of discipline and perseverance that make everything possible. It is about taking responsibility for your own health and life decisions, thereby helping others to do the same. By becoming the parent and the doctor in your own life, you will find many keys that you can share with others.

Saturn septile Chiron
You are a person born with a sense of mission, knowing on some level that you have a destiny to fulfill, which feels like a great responsibility. Effort and perseverance are required and are highly developed within your character. You have a special understanding and vision which is the basis of great healing potential. You may go through an arduous initiation, and have complex issues to resolve about your father and other authorities in your life. You find you have to take responsibility for your own life and health decisions in order to heal your own wound, and in so doing you discover keys that can be shared with others.

Saturn quincunx Chiron
There is an element of paradox or a riddle involved in the relation between the conservative, traditional, practical element in your life and the maverick who seeks and sometimes finds keys to healing through a higher, holistic understanding. You may experience this as two factors of yourself that you find difficult to reconcile, or you could experience the dynamic within a relationship where you adopt a role of the conventional, medical skeptic encountering someone whose success you are inclined to dismiss because they seem disturbingly unconventional; or you might be the maverick being disregarded or discredited by conventional medical authorities. It will require much adapting, and frequent adjustments, but the effort to integrate the two is a creative growth process and will be a ‘growing edge’ experience all the way.

Saturn conjunct Ceres
It is likely that you were required to learn discipline and responsibility early, and that the kind of nurturing you are able to give is therefore practical and oriented to achievement. You may have experienced loss or absence of a parent, and had to assume responsibility and forego closeness and emotional support. You probably have a deep fear of abandonment, and it may be very difficult for you to express tenderness or form emotional bonds, though you understand “tough love”, and can foster self-responsibility and practical achievements. This might also indicate that parenting is not a part of your life, that achievement takes precedence over emotional ties.

Saturn opposed Ceres
There is a felt dichotomy in your life between nurturing and achievement. This could manifest as feeling torn between a loving and nurturing mother and a strict, demanding father, or there might be experiences of loss and return in your parental relationships. You may feel a consequent reluctance to form intimate bonds for fear of painful loss or abandonment. You may vacillate between being focused exclusively on achievement thereby ignoring or neglecting emotional issues, or else seeking emotional bonds at the expense of career and achievement. If you can make room for both types of experience in your life, you can be a great source of wisdom and strength for others, and create strong and enduring relationships for yourself.

Saturn trine or sextile Ceres
You may be a single parent (or may have been raised by one), and therefore have an easy ability to combine parenting and career, and be quite successful at both. You can teach self-sufficiency as well as providing nurturing and security. You can take a balanced and practical approach to dealing with issues of parental absence. You are practical and supportive in your role as parent, and encourage responsibility, independence and self-worth.

Saturn square Ceres
You feel a dilemma around the issues of responsibility and nurturance, and you will have some difficult choices to make as a parent. It is likely that there was conflict between your parents, perhaps they were separated and you felt torn between the two, or you may have felt deprived or abandoned. For whatever reason, you find it very challenging to integrate the need for achievement and success with the need for emotional support and nurturance. You may be reluctant to have children, which can create tension in your close relationships. Or you may have a fear of forming deep, intimate bonds. It is crucial that you recognize and honor both needs, and find a creative way to include both in your life. If you are able to do this, you can create very strong and enduring relationships.

Saturn quintile Ceres
You are very adept at giving nurturing and emotional support while fostering self-responsibility and accomplishment. Your parents likely had a dynamic, creative and stimulating relationship, and resolved their differences in unusual and original ways, which modeled for you some unique approaches to intimate relationships. As a parent you set high standards, but also offer emotional support and encourage self-esteem, discipline and the practical ability to achieve one’s goals.

Saturn septile Ceres
Destiny has a hand in shaping your relationships, and parental roles play a key part in your life. You feel some sort of ‘divine imperative’ to fulfill the functions of nurturing and responsibility, and may often recognize the influence of an invisible presence guiding your decisions and directing the events of your life. You may have to deal with experiences of loss and abandonment, and these shape your emotional patterns and strengthen the commitment to fulfill your felt destiny. Your level of commitment is deep and emanates from a spiritual awareness that you may not be able to understand or explain, but that you never seriously question.

Saturn quincunx Ceres
There is some feeling of paradox or a riddle in your parental ties. It is likely that there was little connection or accord between your parents, and their separate influences or expectations of you seem difficult or impossible to resolve. This may be mirrored in your personality as a seeming inability to combine achievement and intimacy satisfactorily. You likely expend great effort to bring these into harmony, but many adjustments will be required. The effort will stimulate your creativity and be rewarded with much personal growth.

Saturn conjunct Pallas Athene
You have a great urge and ability to express your creative intelligence in lasting, concrete achievements. You have enormous discipline, patience and perseverance in your creative work, and through time and effort you gain recognition for your excellence; quality is the benchmark of everything you do. You may have a great attraction to history, antiques and politics. Cultural expressions and evolution are probably fascinating to you. You may be involved in social activism, where you would likely try to correct injustice and imbalance.

Saturn opposed Pallas Athene
You may feel a polarity in your life between creative intellect and cultural ideals versus practical concerns and material or social success. Obligations and responsibilities make it difficult to let your creativity flourish. Or perhaps your social and cultural involvement could lead you into confrontations with authority. You are challenged to find ways to balance your creative and cultural interests with personal and social responsibility. Understand that it is not really possible to choose between them, so make room for both in your life and your achievements can be exceptional.

Saturn trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You have remarkable organizational ability and leadership skills. You can be very effective in social and political movements; your air of authority and your perceptive intelligence naturally propel you into positions of authority and responsibility. You tend to see things in the long term, in a historical and social context, and can easily be both practical and idealistic, therefore you manifest your ideals readily.

Saturn square Pallas Athene
There is an obstacle or opposition to your free creative and socio-cultural expression. Perhaps duty, responsibility and practical considerations demand your energies, preventing you from creatively expressing; or perhaps the ‘authorities’ in your life are disapproving of the direction of your social and artistic interest and attempt to stand in your way. However this dilemma manifests in your life, it will require some very difficult choices and decisions of you. By rising to the challenge and finding a working compromise, this situation can strengthen your discipline and increase your accomplishment.

Saturn quintile Pallas Athene
You are capable of phenomenal artistic, political and cultural achievements. You have a rare mix of discipline, practicality and perseverance combined with visionary idealism which enables you to understand the cultural expressions you find so interesting within a long range context. You can bring this perception into form in exciting and surprising ways, and through consistent effort and commitment to excellence, you can achieve enormous creativity and gain solid and lasting recognition.

Saturn septile Pallas Athene
You are inspired to achieve something in the world, and you will work long and hard to reach your goal. You have ideals or visions which come from beyond what you identify as your personal self, and which you experience as a ‘divine imperative’. You are aware at times of a guiding force in your life that shapes your destiny, and you are committed to the goal regardless of personal hardships or obstacles. You may have a role as leader or driving force in a social or political movement.

Saturn quincunx Pallas Athene
There seems to be a paradox in your efforts to pursue your creative and intellectual interests while meeting the demands of duty, responsibility and practicality. There seems to be no connection or accord, nor even mutual acknowledgement, between these areas of your life. You will likely expend considerable energy trying to reach a workable compromise, but the results are not lasting or satisfactory, and repeated adjustments are required. However, the process of attempting to bridge the gap will deepen your resolve and in the long run enhance your creative accomplishments, bringing much personal growth.

Saturn conjunct Juno
You may marry someone who is older or in a position of established authority. Social standing is likely to be a strong factor in your choice of a life partner. You are concerned with stability and longevity, and work together to establish yourselves within your social setting. There may be a burdensome sense of seriousness within the relationship, or too great an emphasis on material and social considerations. Emotionally you or your partner are probably undemonstrative and reserved, and have little time for romance.

Saturn opposed Juno
You might experience a tug of war between career and marriage or between practical responsibility and goals versus a strong and mutually supportive relationship. There might be a severe imbalance in the control, decision making and responsibility within the relationship, or a lack of warmth and intimacy. There could be a tendency for one of you to give your decision-making power to the other, and then feel disempowered and resentful. Duty and obligation could obscure emotional needs. It is crucial to find a compromise and establish a satisfactory balance, or the relationship will deteriorate into a power struggle that no one wins.

Saturn trine or sextile Juno
You are likely to have a marriage that enhances your career and your social standing. You can work well together to express your values and achieve your goals, while still maintaining a warm intimacy and mutual honoring. You instinctively understand the role of responsibility and maturity in creating a lasting and satisfying liaison. Though probably somewhat reserved in the expression of emotion, your commitment and bonding grows steadily through the years, providing you both with a comforting sense of security.

Saturn square Juno
You might find it very difficult to commit to a traditional marriage relationship, either because of material, practical concerns or social acceptability. Perhaps you meet with opposition or disapproval from family or authority figures, or maybe you find the commitment too confining and resist it, which can create tension and distance within relationships. You face some difficult decisions about relationship expectations. Try to find a compromise that is satisfactory for all involved, and you can have an enduring bond.

Saturn quintile Juno
You have a gift for creating a marriage that enhances your career and your social standing. You can work together very creatively to express your values and achieve your goals, while maintaining a warm intimacy and mutual respect. You instinctively understand that excitement and maturity are both required to create a lasting and satisfying liaison so you work and grow comfortable together but never lose the romance and magic. Though possibly somewhat reserved in the expression of emotion, your commitment and bond grow steadily through the years.

Saturn septile Juno
There is an element of karma in your choice of marriage partner. It seems inspired (or required) by heaven and you are not likely to question its rightness even if you can’t explain it even to yourself. Destiny seems to bring you together, and you may be aware of a guiding force in your life shaping your decisions and influencing your direction. Your connection goes beyond this present experience, you are most likely ‘soul mates’ (this, however, does not guarantee an easy journey together). There is probably some unfinished business that will be played out together.

Saturn quincunx Juno
You have a seeming paradox with regard to obligation and duty versus a mutually committed relationship. It could be that the practical means are not easy to manage, or that the figures of authority in your life invalidate or simply refuse to honor your choices. This situation is difficult to resolve, and though you make many efforts to bridge the gap, the results are usually less than satisfactory, and adjustments must be made repeatedly. With patience and ingenuity you can find a way to make room for both in your life, even though there might be little connection between them. You will be forced to stretch and grow through the effort.

Saturn conjunct Vesta
In some shape or form you are the High Priest(ess). You gravitate to a role of authority or leadership in the context of that which is most sacred to you. You tend to be very traditional in your beliefs, and very committed to giving them practical and responsible expression in your life. Through time and dedication, you attain a level of mastery and can become a teacher and/or role model for others on the same path. You may be committed to a life of celibacy or otherwise set strict limits on your sexual activity and expression.

Saturn opposed Vesta
Your most cherished beliefs seem to place you in opposition to cultural traditions or to the authorities in your life, and it could be quite challenging for you to achieve a balance between them. It might be experienced as a polarity between practical and social concerns (such as career, reputation and achievement) versus spirituality and ideals. Or it may be that you can’t seem to muster the discipline and perseverance to apply your beliefs to daily life. Perhaps your beliefs deny or restrict sexual activity and expression, and you may find it difficult to live within those boundaries; or conversely, your beliefs may fly in the face of traditional limits and place you in conflict with authorities. You need to find a way to be true to yourself and your ideals in a responsible and realistic way to avoid projecting this dichotomy into a relationship and experiencing it as adversarial.

Saturn trine or sextile Vesta
You are easily able to give practical expression to the ideals you hold most sacred, and through time and dedication you will likely become a teacher and authority within the framework of your chosen spiritual path. Your devotion is based on a foundation of self-discipline and perseverance, and the combination gains you much respect and eventually places you in the role of teacher/authority. You tend to be traditional in your beliefs and experience your spirituality within a historical context.

Saturn square Vesta
You face a dilemma in terms of practical responsibility versus dedication to your spiritual ideals. That which you hold most sacred seems to fly in the face of the demands of career and social standing or meet with disapproval from the cultural traditions and authority figures in your life. Issues of sexuality and commitment may be difficult to resolve. Sorting out your own true convictions may place you in direct conflict with the traditions of your social or cultural milieu. Applying your ideals to the practical situations in life and giving them expression in your daily experience can be extremely challenging, but the effort will strengthen your character and expand your awareness.

Saturn quintile Vesta
You are very adept at combining practicality and spirituality within your life in exciting and creative ways. Tradition and devotion are richly intertwined to create original and compelling expressions, and your natural leadership ability and air of confidence might result in your being elevated to the position of teacher or authority figure. Your gift for articulating and illuminating your ideals might well place you in the role of the High Priest(ess) in your chosen spiritual tradition.

Saturn septile Vesta
You seem destined to be an authority figure and teacher within your spiritual tradition. You are often aware of guidance and inspiration from a transpersonal energy that shapes your destiny. You have a phenomenal capacity for discipline and sacrifice, and are unwavering in your commitment to your path. You may often be aware of divine intervention influencing your decisions and directing your spiritual growth.

Saturn quincunx Vesta
Your devotional nature and idealism seem to have little connection to or compatibility with your practical responsibilities and cultural traditions. Social and career concerns seem to preclude or simply not acknowledge the exercise and free expression of your most cherished beliefs. There seems to be a paradox involved in your attempts to bridge the gap and bring the two needs into harmony. Sexual mores` could be a core issue, especially in terms of commitment and traditional expectations. You are likely to make many efforts to find a resolution, but the results seem to fall short of achieving harmony and balance, and repeated adjustments are required. It can be a frustrating situation, but the effort will stimulate a lot of personal growth and awareness.


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