Sun Aspects


Sun conjunct Moon
You receive a great deal of support and encouragement for your ambitions, and recognition for your achievements. You have great internal strength and tend to be independent, preferring to depend on yourself rather than on others. You work easily with those older and younger than yourself, and this talent makes you a natural mediator between generations. You could be an excellent teacher or leader. You are self-motivating, able to take care of yourself, and autonomous to a high degree. You work well with others.

Sun opposed Moon
You will probably find yourself torn between an environment that is very comfortable and supportive versus a real need to grow, progress, and push out on your own. You are always feeling caught in the middle, forced to choose between surroundings that are supportive (but not progressive) and new directions that bring advancement that may be at the expense of your comfort. Getting these two opposing directions to work together may require some real compromising skills on your part. This could manifest as a love of history versus future trends, older persons versus younger, and so on.

Sun trine or sextile Moon
You are very fortunate in being able to grow and progress throughout your life without major difficulties. You can always find the resources you require at hand plus the necessary instructions for how to use them. An inner vision, coupled with the ability to see the "big picture”, often finds you working as a mediator. You could have a special gift for bridging the generation gap, bringing older and younger spirits together. A love of animals, children, older people, and the needy and downtrodden in general, is a lifelong trait.

Sun square Moon
There is a lack of harmony between your environment and your ambitions. What you need most is not always at hand to make the kind of progress you envision. Or, when the support is there, you can't get the instruction or direction you require. You may have forgotten where it was you wanted to get to. It could be historical, too, as simple as being torn between your mother and your father; a struggle between that which seeks to nurture (and perhaps coddle) you and your ambitions. You feel a strong need to succeed and be all that you can be.

Sun quintile Moon
Your parents probably had a stormy relationship, full of both conflict and creative solutions. Your need for security may be frequently thwarted by your need to learn, grow and achieve. You are probably highly creative, and often restless and dissatisfied with your life as it is. You need to take risks to feel fully alive, and yet the risks may scare you. If the sun is stronger than the moon in your chart the need to achieve will usually win out over the need for security, and conversely if the moon is stronger the need for safety and security will tend to dominate.

Sun septile Moon
There is an element of fate or destiny in your sense of purpose. Your feeling of well-being depends upon faithfully following your destiny, whether or not you understand it. There was likely a very spiritual dimension to your parents’ relationship, and/or their influence imbued you with a sense of divine guidance in your life. Your home life and your vocation are both in service to and determined by your ‘divine compulsion’, and it is the source of all your significant achievement and your emotional security.

Sun quincunx Moon
There is a paradox somehow in your need for comfort and security and your need for accomplishment and recognition. One or the other seems to require continuous adjustment and re-evaluation. Your mother and father may have been on different and unrelated paths, and you internalized the dichotomy so that your own need for authority over your own life and your need to be nurtured will pull you in different directions. The sense of paradox will likely never be permanently resolved, but the dynamic it creates in your life may be quite creative and fruitful.

Sun conjunct Mercury
You communicate with consummate skill, and people find it exciting and stimulating to be around you. Your high degree of mental concentration makes you an excellent student, and you excel in speaking, writing, and all types of communication skills. Your ambitions involve communication and using the mind, and the two function as one. You are comfortable with people younger than yourself.

Sun opposed Mercury
You may find yourself challenged to strike a balance between responsibility and freedom to explore and experience new things. You might be a mediator between generations, seeking balance between the interests of authority and the needs of youth.

Sun trine or sextile Mercury
Communication comes rather easily for you and is the key to opening doors and creating opportunities. Your keen intellect works to your advantage in advancing your position of leadership. Your well-being and your need for achievement are mutually reinforcing, so you advance rather easily in your chosen path.

Sun square Mercury
You may sometimes say things that you regret or things that interfere with the realization of your goals. Communication might be difficult for you to learn and verbal expression in general is challenging. You would do well to develop the habit of thinking before you speak.

Sun quintile Mercury
You have a remarkable facility for communication, and that may be a key to achieving your purpose. There could be strife with those in authority, and resolution will depend upon being very clear and expressing yourself precisely. Be cautious about what you say, as there could be repercussions.

Sun septile Mercury
Your communications and search for knowledge will likely shape your destiny. You feel a deep need to express certain things, as if there is a higher purpose guiding you. Your interactions with young people and those in authority could be an integral part of your life path.

Sun quincunx Mercury
You might be quite gifted at verbal expression, yet there is some paradox whereby your communications adversely affect your destiny or the fulfillment of your purpose. Perhaps you find a need to re-think your goals at times; adjustments are required in terms of how to best use your communicative skills to further your life purpose.

Sun conjunct Venus
You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of discrimination and innate good taste means that you recognize true quality and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures (men in particular), plus an appreciation for history, authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome in any social situation.

Sun opposed Venus
You will likely face some difficult choices between accomplishment and caring. Your personal values might be on the line and you must choose between “getting ahead” and doing what feels right to you. Finding balance is your challenge here. Look for creative ways to fulfill both needs in your life.

Sun trine or sextile Venus
You are a natural diplomat, very adept at putting people at ease and creating harmonious relationships. Likely to be artistically inclined, either an artist yourself or an avid appreciator of art. You are probably quite romantic, and take great pleasure in all forms of beauty and fine taste.

Sun square Venus
Your ambitions may clash with your value system, and any progress toward your goals may be at the expense of current cravings. Even your own ambitions and future possibilities may not appeal to you if it means sacrificing the habits and appetites you enjoy. You may not appreciate older or more experienced persons or those in authority. On the other hand, your focus on achievement could over-ride much that you deeply value.

Sun quintile Venus
You are exceptionally gifted in art, either as an artist or an art appreciator, or both. You also have a remarkable talent for putting people at ease. These qualities may be crucial in achieving your ambitions. You are a natural diplomat, and possibly a consummate performer.

Sun septile Venus
Your love of beauty and your sense of timing and tact are an integral part of your life purpose, and you may feel compelled to create forms of beauty and/or harmonious relationships. Being true to your personal values even under pressure will guide you unerringly to your highest destiny.

Sun quincunx Venus
You strike an uneasy balance between the need for achievement and the desire for beauty, ease and comfort. Just when you feel you have the situation under control, something changes and an adjustment is required, either of your ambitions or of your comfort and personal values. This dynamic persists, and may be felt as disturbing at times, but the sensed paradox is actually quite creative. Flexibility is recommended. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

Sun conjunct Mars
You are a born doer, with an incredible drive to accomplish and achieve in life. Your ambitions are backed up by the will to get things done. You can be very impulsive, and others might find you a bit too aggressive. You try hard and you always push on toward whatever goals you have in mind. You are quite competitive and love a challenge.

Sun opposed Mars
You could find yourself opposing the status quo or those in positions of authority. You resist the forces that tend to try to control your life. Impulsive or rash actions could interfere with the achievement of your ambitions. Or you could find your authority challenged by someone who is rash and aggressive.

Sun trine or sextile Mars
It is easy for you to work with those in authority, who are older and more experienced than you. You enjoy working with others and would make a good manager. An interest (and ability) in athletics, exercise (working with the physical body), and outdoor activities will be lifelong. Another form this could take is training or coaching others. You have a natural ability to express yourself and handle emotions and you may like to perform a bit. A career in one of the entertainment industries is a possibility.

Sun square Mars
You push hard, but much energy is wasted because you tend to lack direction and planning. You often work against authorities or the status quo. It may be difficult for you to coordinate your ambitions with your actions and feelings. Difficult choices are required at times. Your drive and passions put you at odds with authority figures time and again. This tendency towards conflict can make you be your own worst enemy at times.

Sun quintile Mars
You have an inborn sense of timing that is quite remarkable, and which will be crucial in realizing your goals. You have considerable energy and drive to achieve, and yet know instinctively when it is not time to act. You could be a gifted drummer.

Sun septile Mars
You feel a drive that may seem quite irrational, a “divine compulsion” to accomplish some purpose. This need will be very significant in shaping your destiny. You have little patience for second-guessing your direction, or being questioned about “why”. You know what is right for you, and don’t need to know reasons.

Sun quincunx Mars
You are very ambitious and motivated, but may find that your actions have quite unexpected results at times. There is a paradox or an element of fate in your drive to push toward your goals. It will be necessary to remain flexible as you will need to adjust your direction or your perception of what is needed to realize your potential.

Sun conjunct Jupiter
You are your own vocation, and the best way for you to get ahead in the world is just to be yourself. Your optimum job is just being you, which often indicates a career in front of the public (politics, sales, performing, etc.). Lucky by nature, others sense this and like to be with you. Your general outlook on life is attractive, and people seek you out for your wise counsel. You are a natural leader and teacher. Very successful.

Sun opposed Jupiter
You may end up making a living at something which is not entirely in your best interest. There is a tendency to get carried away when it comes to vocational choices, and you could find yourself pursuing possibilities that lead nowhere. This working against yourself, so to speak, may also bring you in opposition to those in authority. You may have to examine carefully any career choices you make.

Sun trine or sextile Jupiter
Being successful in life is easy, for you have a built-in sense of how to approach and unravel even the most difficult problems. You have an instinct for justice and the law, and you always know how to approach a problem from just the right angle. This ability makes you a natural counselor or guide for others, in particular regarding vocational matters. Working with and helping older persons is also suggested.

Sun square Jupiter
You tend to be stubborn and unable to make positive career choices. You get carried away and go off in directions contrary to your highest purpose. Your judgment in vocational matters is often poor, sending you on wasteful or pointless side trips. In addition, there is possible difficulty with authorities and the law and/or differences with older people. To use an old adage, you can (at times) be your own worst enemy. The advice of a trusted friend or counselor regarding career is to be recommended.

Sun quintile Jupiter
Being a teacher is your special gift, and leadership comes naturally for you. People look up to you, trusting your wisdom and seeking your counsel. Self-confidence is strong, you know you are lucky, and never shy away from risks. You tend to be fortunate in gambling.

Sun septile Jupiter
You came into this life with an agenda, you have a teaching or a gift that you feel compelled to share. You are often in leadership roles, and your life purpose is based upon this “divine imperative”, even when you are not especially conscious of it. A very fateful life.

Sun quincunx Jupiter
You have natural leadership ability and may often find yourself in a role of authority. Your life path will undergo many changes; just when you think you are solidly “on the path” something will happen that causes you to alter your direction. Many adjustments are required, and flexibility is recommended, for there is a paradox involved in your roles as teacher / mentor, and the unexpected will frequently occur.

Sun conjunct Saturn
You are, no doubt, a bit too sober, but when it comes down to taking care of business, you really shine. Others may think you are older than you are, for you tend to assume an authoritarian stance. You may even enjoy the thought of being older, and probably treat authority, the elderly, and your teachers with great respect, if not reverence. Discipline is no problem, but you may be too authoritarian and somber.

Sun opposed Saturn
Your innate sense of responsibility, or the actual duties that come your way, may prevent you from fulfilling your real ambitions. Those in authority, or those older and more experienced, may challenge or oppose you and thus hold you back. Whatever the reason, your goals probably lack the organization and careful planning they need. Your personal self-discipline, or lack thereof, may amount to a liability, thus working against you.

Sun trine or sextile Saturn
Responsibilities are easy for you, and you tend to take on many tasks. You work very hard, with a gritty resolve, and can accomplish much. It takes a lot to overload your willingness to take charge and help out. Your organizational skills are good, and a career in one of the physical sciences is quite possible. You find it easy to work with those in authority or those who are more experienced than yourself.

Sun square Saturn
You could have trouble with authorities, due to a tendency to assert your own ambitions regardless of the realities of the situation. You don't like organization and you tend to let things go, ignoring responsibilities. This lack of responsibility can work against your real goals and could result in your being at odds with the law and older or respected persons, in particular men. Your lack of seriousness may undermine any valid attempts to form a solid base and thus get started.

Sun quintile Saturn
You are gifted as a leader and teacher. You find creative solutions to challenges, and accept responsibility easily, even eagerly. You probably enjoy work and have no problem setting long-term goals and achieving them.

Sun septile Saturn
There might be a karmic (or cosmic) level to your relationship with authority figures, particularly the father. You are ‘destined’ to take on substantial responsibility, which could seem to interfere with your conscious goals at times, but this situation serves your true life purpose.

Sun quincunx Saturn
You have a paradoxical relationship with authority. You may have an interesting connection with your father (and/or other authority figures in your life); either there is some mystery involved in the relationship or it poses some kind of a riddle for you. You find a need to continuously adjust your goals or your sense of responsibility. Not an easy aspect, but potentially very creative.

Sun conjunct Uranus
You are unconventional, independent, and drawn to whatever is different and original in life. You hate being tied down with the drudgery of routine, preferring instead to keep your options open. You may find yourself involved in causes that go against tradition, revolutions of one kind or another, social or political. Your friends are probably also eccentric, particularly including those in authority, older persons, and men who are nonconformist. Communication, computers, electronics, and anything futuristic is what you are drawn to.

Sun opposed Uranus
Your own partiality for routine and the traditional may result in your feeling challenged by anything new or different. You could find yourself struggling against change and progress, clinging to the status quo. Although fundamentally a conformist, you may find yourself with partners and friends who are themselves unconventional and offbeat. There is an attraction / aversion relationship here with all that is nonconformist.

Sun trine or sextile Uranus
You work well with those in authority who are independent and original. You could find yourself engaged in nonconformist causes, always ready to promote what is independent and innovative. You like radical approaches, and find yourself in support of whatever new product or breakthrough is on the horizon. Communication, computers, electronics, and anything futuristic is exciting to you and you excel here. You discover new ways of working with traditional materials.

Sun square Uranus
It may be difficult for you to break with convention and go out on your own. Your ambitions may well prosper, but often at the expense of any real independence and freedom. There is a switch effect: you may alternate between very conventional behavior and sudden rebellious lapses. At these times your nonconformity and refusal to go along may interfere with the realization of your goals, making it difficult to get ahead.

Sun quintile Uranus
You have an inventive bent which could border on genius at times. You are idealistic, individualistic and most likely unconventional. You have a lightning fast mind which makes leaps others wouldn’t consider, sometimes resulting in quite remarkable solutions or innovations. These may contribute to your success in ways you could hardly anticipate.

Sun septile Uranus
You are likely impelled by ideals or visions you barely understand. The hand of destiny seems to guide your life. You are unconventional and can’t accept the traditional answers to the larger questions of life, but must follow your dream at all costs. Your individuality and bold idealism will gain you recognition, though your ideas and roles could be quite controversial.

Sun quincunx Uranus
You find it necessary to adjust your visionary ideals to achieve your goals, or vice versa. You may be an individualist, visionary and dreamer, but also have a strong need to succeed, which could often create a sense of dilemma or paradox, and a need to re-examine your goals. You sometimes feel the hand of destiny moving you mysteriously, and might find it quite confusing at times, but great insights and innovations could result from this paradox.

Sun conjunct Neptune
You have high ideals and an ability to enchant others with your words and images. Your presence has a way of easing things, helping those around you let go of differences and stand behind what unites us all. You hold your ideals up for all to follow and may be in the role of a spiritual teacher. The mystical and transcendental (spiritual in the best sense of the word) is your natural realm. You feel at home in these transcendent realms.

Sun opposed Neptune
You find yourself at odds with the mystical, invisible and idealistic side of life. Your ambitions are practical and down to earth, and you tend to disdain or disregard the psychological, imaginative or ideal. You may have a fear that others are out to deceive you and want to distract you from your goals. Authorities, especially men, who set themselves up as peacemakers or spiritual gurus are anathema to you. Your emphasis on the practical and “real” may also disappoint you, resulting in further disillusionment.

Sun trine or sextile Neptune
You have a natural ability to grasp psychological, spiritual and visionary matters and to put them to work. You can operate with the imagination and metaphysical thoughts like others work with durable things. This is because you understand what is behind and connecting things. Much of your own self-image is wrapped up with your ability to work with symbols, dreams and the imagination. You would make a good teacher in areas of music, philosophy, and the mystical.

Sun square Neptune
You may find that you subtly undermine your own success at times, and may suffer from a sense of unworthiness. Spiritual idealism may at times interfere with your gaining the success and recognition you deserve, or conversely, success may be bought at the cost of ideals and compassion. Your perceptions of what is important may disagree with those around you. Difficult choices are involved.

Sun quintile Neptune
You are very gifted in subtle perception and intuition, possibly creating visionary art or music. An excellent indication for a musical career. You are unusually gifted in poetry, symbolism and psychic awareness. Spiritual sensitivity and deep compassion are strong traits, and will contribute to your chosen path to recognition and success.

Sun septile Neptune
Your life is noted for divine intervention, you have a highly spiritual destiny. Your conscious goals must include a ‘cosmic’ dimension to satisfy your true nature. The choices you make are often unfathomable to those around you, because they are directed by very personal perceptions and ideals. You came into this life with an agenda that only you can discover. There is a veil of mystery surrounding your destiny, and there will likely be many times when you can only see one step ahead. Faith is your ally.

Sun quincunx Neptune
Your sensitivity and compassion may sometimes seem incompatible with your need for achievement and recognition, creating the need to make adjustments to one or both. This is an ongoing pattern. There is a sense of paradox or dilemma involved. You are likely quite intuitive, possibly mystical in nature, which could at times feel like a burden. If you can remain flexible you will find this to be a very creative aspect.

Sun conjunct Pluto
You come on strong and may tend to intimidate those around you. It's not what you do so much as who you are. Your presence and obvious focus are very powerful, and you like to get down to essentials right away. This intensity tends to put others through a lot of changes. You are not afraid of confrontation, and you seldom pull punches. You would be great at research or any work that requires digging, searching, investigating, and getting beneath the surface.

Sun opposed Pluto
You resist change and resent others prying into your personal affairs. You prefer things to be left as they are. Self-analysis and any unnecessary probing go against your grain. The unexamined life is what you prefer. Your personal involvements (or lack thereof), coupled with a need for growth and transformation, can build up to the point of eruption. For all your discretion, you still tend to find yourself battling it out with authorities on a regular basis.

Sun trine or sextile Pluto
You find it easy to work with sensitive material, touching upon the more vulnerable areas of the mind or self. You are able to handle these delicate matters without hesitation, for emotionally tender areas of the human psyche don't intimidate you. You enjoy getting beneath the surface and have an innate talent for handling touchy subjects. This is perfect for any research, investigation or detective work.

Sun square Pluto
Any attempt to avoid confronting life at the personal level is bound to end in frustration. Your avowed goals and ambitions may avoid questions of vulnerability and personal sensitivity. You would rather skirt your sensitive and vulnerable areas and concentrate on your career, but they always intrude and refuse to be banished. Although you yourself like to avoid personal issues, your interest in probing the secrets of others is very energetic.

Sun quintile Pluto
You would be highly successful at research or investigation; you have a remarkable gift for penetrating to the essence of a situation. This gift will be instrumental in achieving your goals and bringing you recognition. You have a powerful persona and are able to take charge. Being quite charismatic, it is easy for you to gain the trust of those around you. Treat it as a scared trust.

Sun septile Pluto
You feel strongly driven by the need to get to the essence of every situation and uncover absolutes. Your life is marked by an intense (possibly obsessive) sense of mission. Caution against fanaticism, as there is a tendency to ignore subtleties in a deep conviction that your way is the only “right” one. Your life may be characterized by deep losses and the need for personal transformation.

Sun quincunx Pluto
You could be somewhat driven by an obsessive need to delve deep and get to the essence of things. Your need for achievement and your need for absolutes could create a sense of riddle or paradox in your life. Frequent adjustments are necessary to fulfill your sense of purpose, which is quite strong. You may find yourself in a vulnerable position at times. Try to realize that this can be very creative if you can remain flexible and open.

Sun conjunct Chiron
The roles and functions of Chiron are an integral part of your identity. You often feel like a “stranger in a strange land”. Your perceptions of reality and your role in it are unconventional, which may cause you to feel like an outsider. You have a remarkable ability to understand subtle energies and spiritual realities. Chiron is the “Wounded Healer”, hence there is a possibility that you will have a need to heal yourself, and through this process you will find keys that can be shared with others for healing and higher understanding. You and/or your father may have a “gypsy spirit”, being a citizen of the world but of no particular place. You may have experiences of the relative nature of time.

Sun opposed Chiron
You may feel a strange dichotomy in yourself, a need for achievement and recognition and a seemingly incompatible need to pursue “the road less traveled by”. You feel stirrings in you of other levels of reality, and a longing to journey there. You know things that you can’t explain. The conventional side of you tries to suppress this awareness, but it creeps in. Around the age of 50 you may have to make a profound choice regarding which ‘path’ to follow. It is advisable to strike a balance where both needs have some outlet of expression.

Sun trine or sextile Chiron
Your identity and sense of purpose will be shaped by experiences of higher realities. These will guide you and create opportunities for spiritual growth. You are a maverick, a healer and a teacher, and feel quite comfortable with those roles. You have or discover keys to healing and understanding that you may share with others.

Sun square Chiron
You are likely to be quite achievement oriented and intolerant of philosophies or concepts that are unconventional. You may feel them to be a threat to your identity and way of life. You allow no encroachment of perceptions that conflict with tradition. You may have some difficult choices to make regarding health care and treatment.

Sun quintile Chiron
You are very gifted at understanding subtle energies, symbolism and other dimensions of reality. You would be an excellent astrologer, healer and/or spiritual guide. You are likely to have perceptions that do not fit with conventional philosophies, and these can lead you into expanded states and a greater awareness.

Sun septile Chiron
There is an invisible force guiding your path through life which you may or may not be consciously aware of, but which will shape your destiny. You likely have a strong sense of being “on a mission”, but without knowing exactly what it is. A healing crisis may alter your course at some time, and ultimately lead you into a greatly expanded perception of reality.

Sun quincunx Chiron
You are sometimes mystified by experiences that seem to be contrary to convention and your ideas about reality. You find a need to re-evaluate your assumptions about reality, and your sense of identity and purpose a number of times throughout your life. Health issues may cause you to alter your goals and probe into unconventional or holistic methods of healing.

Sun conjunct Ceres
You are a natural nurturer and nourisher, and a very supportive and caring parent when and if you have children. You probably love to garden, cook and care for those around you. You will deal with issues of separation and attachment, most likely in relationship with your children. You are very caring and capable of deep love, but take care not to become a “smother mother”.

Sun opposed Ceres
You might be challenged to strike a balance between being a nurturer and pursuing success. There could be a problem breaking away from a co-dependent or smothering relationship. Experiences of loss or separation may be a repeating theme in your life. In parenting, you need to consciously work at being both nurturing and disciplined; setting firm boundaries and providing comfort and nourishment. Try to avoid either/or thinking in these areas.

Sun trine or sextile Ceres
You are a natural care giver, and are focused on the needs of those around you. This very caring nature could create opportunities for you to achieve your goals, and may well become the basis of a career in some nurturing profession. You are an excellent counselor, helping others with issues of loss and separation, issues you may well have had to encounter in your own life.

Sun square Ceres
You will have some challenging choices to make regarding the pursuit of success vs. the demands of parenting and/or providing care and nourishment for another. Experiences of loss or separation could impact you deeply and your response to such experiences might interfere with the achievement of your goals, or in some other way undermine your well-being. Co-dependency may be a problematic issue in your relationships.

Sun quintile Ceres
You have an innate gift for nurturing and nourishing those around you. Working with children would be very natural for you, and if you become a parent you will find the role rewarding. Experiences of loss or separation may trigger deep understanding in you, and lead you to a role of counseling others through these difficult experiences. You are deeply attuned to the cyclic nature of life.

Sun septile Ceres
There is some element of destiny or divine intervention involved in your role as parent or care giver. You might well feel compelled to follow a path that you don’t necessarily understand logically. You have a sense of mission, a divine imperative. You may have experiences of loss or separation which impact you deeply and change the course of your life.

Sun quincunx Ceres
Your life may feel like a balancing act, with frequent adjustments required to either your goals and ambitions or your commitment to the comfort and security needs of yourself or another. You will likely have to re-define your identity as you respond to these seemingly incompatible needs in your life. Your parents may have little connection or understanding with each other, which creates pressures within you to adapt to their disparities as you mature and internalize their roles.

Sun conjunct Pallas Athene
You are very creative and intelligent, an upholder of justice, protector of the innocent and patron(ess) of the arts, including the healing arts. You are likely quite independent, and take pride in not needing anyone. A legal career might suit you well. Whatever your chosen work, you set very high standards for yourself and are energetic and dedicated in the pursuit of your goals.

Sun opposed Pallas Athene
Your goals and ambitions may seem to interfere with the development of your creativity and your pursuit of wisdom and justice. It would be helpful for you to find a balance where you can fulfill both needs in your life; otherwise you could alternate between the two and feel quite frustrated or held back. Your parents might be inclined to pull you in opposing directions, making major life choices rather difficult.

Sun trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You are highly creative and intelligent, and these qualities will serve you well in the pursuit of your goals. People naturally turn to you, sensing your inner strength and wisdom. You actively support the arts, including the healing arts, and might well make art a significant part of your life goals. You tend to defend the defenseless, protect the innocent and give guidance to those in need.

Sun square Pallas Athene
You often resist creative urges, and prefer upholding tradition rather than championing causes. You might actively resist those who “rock the boat” or introduce new and more democratic practices. You don’t want complications or distractions from your pursuit of success.

Sun quintile Pallas Athene
You are quite gifted in the arts, and are individualistic and independent in your creative expressions. You may also be very effective as the champion of justice in a social context. Healing arts would come naturally to you, and could be integral to the fulfillment of your goals. You like to support the arts in whatever ways you can.

Sun septile Pallas Athene
Your love of the arts and your sense of social responsibility will be integral to your identity and life purpose, and there is an element of destiny inherent in your involvement here. You may feel driven to express your deepest feelings through the use of creative intelligence, and this process will affect your sense of identity. You feel the hand of Spirit guiding your choices.

Sun quincunx Pallas Athene
There is a sense of dilemma or a paradox in the matters of achieving your goals and being creatively independent. The two needs may seem incompatible or you find it difficult to satisfy both. Adjustments will be required in order to avoid the frustration of sacrificing one or the other. Your sense of identity may be altered by your creative endeavors and/or your concerns for social justice.

Sun conjunct Juno
You find your identity through relationship, and the institutions and customs surrounding the issue of relationship are deeply important to you. You may consider the cause of “feminism”, or the balancing of the genders, of primary importance; it could be integral to your sense of purpose.

Sun opposed Juno
You may find yourself often feeling conflicted around the choices relating to success and close relationship. At best, you will find a partner who is a good mirror for you and enhances your sense of identity through the relationship. Conversely, it could manifest as a relationship that seems to hold you back from the achievement and success you desire.

Sun trine or sextile Juno
Your primary relationship works very harmoniously with your goals and provides opportunities for achievement and recognition. Relationship and career are easy for you to combine, and your partner may contribute to your success, either actively or through being both personally and socially supportive.

Sun square Juno
You may have to make some difficult choices between the things you perceive as necessary to achieving your goals and those of maintaining a relationship. At times it could feel like an either/or situation. Creative solutions can be found so that both needs can be met in your life. This would be ideal for maintaining health and balance.

Sun quintile Juno
You have an exceptional talent when it comes to the art of relating, and you may well consider it an art form. This ‘gift’ could be expressed in the form of marriage counseling, public relations, diplomacy or many similar pursuits where you are called upon to create balance in relationship. Marriage will be beneficial for you, and will probably enhance your life and support your achievements. This is a very creative aspect.

Sun septile Juno
There is an element of fate in your pursuit and unfolding of relationship. You may be in a marriage (or equivalent) with one you have known before, and then you will enact some fulfillment of destiny in this experience. Marriage may be of primary importance to you, and you will likely feel the guiding hand of Spirit in all the stages and cycles of your relationship.

Sun quincunx Juno
There seems to be a paradox or a riddle inherent in fulfilling the demands of achieving your purpose and goals, and maintaining a healthy marriage. Trying to do both may create pressures and the need to adapt repeatedly to changes in the dynamic. This is an area of your life where nothing remains stable for long. If you can learn to expect the unexpected and flow with the changes, you could find this dynamic and exciting. Don’t expect stability here, as if it seems to happen at times, it doesn’t last.

Sun conjunct Vesta
You deeply identify with the role of Keeper of the Sacred Flame; both the flame of the hearth and that of the altar. Your deepest identity and purpose have to do with devotion to a higher truth, and you might well feel you are “married to Spirit”. In fact you may very well be a disciple or initiate within your life. The highest goal being total devotion and surrender to Spirit.

Sun opposed Vesta
You may feel a deep dichotomy within yourself over devotion to ideals, integrity and spiritual growth, versus achievement and recognition. It will be very important for you to make room for both in your life, as neither can be long denied without great cost to your well-being. The challenge here is to find balance and remain true to yourself. You may find a partner who ‘enacts’ one of the roles so that you are free to devote yourself to the other.

Sun trine or sextile Vesta
You are dedicated and maintain the highest level of integrity without question. Very connected to spiritual truth and of a devotional nature, you can be trusted to bear the torch, whatever it may be. You experience your life as a sacred journey and an adventure into the mysteries of being.

Sun square Vesta
You may have little patience with religion and little time for devotion, feeling that they interfere with the achievement of your goals. You could feel threatened and hostile on any occasion of their encroachment into your life. Or conversely, you might devote yourself to a spiritual life path and have disdain for the pursuit of fame and fortune. Either way, it seems difficult for you to integrate the two things into your life. It often feels like the choices are black-and-white, either/or. It is challenging for you to integrate the spiritual and material needs, but when you do, it can become a great strength.

Sun quintile Vesta
You are called and gifted, yours is a life of creative devotion. Whether in a traditional religious setting, a bonded relationship or a solitary journey, you are deeply dedicated to your truth, and unwavering in your integrity. You can inspire others, and may well be a leader in your chosen path.

Sun septile Vesta
Your life is guided by Spirit, and you never waver in your devotion. You hold fast to things you can’t begin to explain or understand. Divine guidance is the keystone of your experience, and your purposes are fulfilled through this, though you may never consciously grasp the whole picture. A very devotional nature.

Sun quincunx Vesta
There is a strange paradox or sense of dilemma in balancing your need for devotion and maintaining the highest integrity with the demands made for achieving your goals. You may feel pulled to surrender to Spirit and yet fear the loss of identity. You feel you have made a firm choice, only to have the dynamic somehow shift and force you to adapt. The issue is identity, recognition and achievement versus devotion, surrender and ecstasy. You learn much about yourself in this dynamic dance.

Sun conjunct Ascendant
You tend to find yourself out in front a lot. You are a born leader and teacher; others find you easy to learn from, by example as well as through words. It is easy for you to express your ideas effectively. You have an air of dignity and authority.

Sun opposed Ascendant
Your interest in relationships is strong and may sometimes work against your personal best interests. You could lose yourself in the social world and its demands, and neglect your ability to express yourself as a separate, unique individual.

Sun trine or sextile Ascendant
You get along well with those in authority. It is easy for you to express yourself to others, and you make a good appearance. You have an easy-going manner and find it easy to relate with just about anyone. Your attractive personality creates or invites many opportunities to further your goals.

Sun square Ascendant
Self-expression and relations with others may not always go smoothly and at times things might become very tense or even explosive. You could be preoccupied with job and family to the exclusion of a social life. You may have trouble communicating your ideas and thoughts to others.

Sun quintile Ascendant
You have a remarkable talent for expressing your deepest identity through your personality. You are extremely creative and dynamic, and will find unique and creative ways to achieve your goals. Life often feels to you like creative play or drama. You become restless when not engaged in some creative pursuit.

Sun septile Ascendant
Who you are is a deep question the answer to which continues to elude you, but the journey leads you into greater and greater self-awareness until you grasp that you are the goal. The journey is the goal. The answer is infinitely mysterious. You may feel likewise that your purpose or goal is elusive, but your guidance is sure. Only the next step may be clear, but that is enough.

Sun quincunx Ascendant
You may find your personality sometimes undermines the achievement of your purpose or the furtherance of your goals. Or perhaps your drive for achievement interferes with the expression of your personality. The two feel incompatible or somehow unrelated. There is a paradox or a riddle for you in integrating the deepest sense of identity with the personality. You might feel that for whatever reason, your personality doesn’t express who you really are. Frequent adaptations are required to remain comfortable with the personality and the higher self.

Sun conjunct MC
You naturally find yourself in positions of power and authority. Others see in you great ability and readily accept you as a leader or authority figure. Your career is likely very important to you, sometimes to the neglect of your home life and you are frequently in the public eye.

Sun opposed MC
You tend to be a home body, and family interests often outweigh career concerns. This could prove difficult if you neglect matters essential to realizing your goals, or if you challenge or disregard those in authority. You may feel indifferent to matters of fame and career. You happily provide emotional and physical security for your family. You likely have a deep interest in genealogy and your emotional roots.

Sun trine or sextile MC
You seem fortunate in matters involving goals and career. You get along well with those in authority, and make the most out of any skill or ability you have. Many opportunities are presented to you, and the choices you make will further your success and well-being.

Sun square MC
Your preoccupation with appearances, reputation, and social standing may interfere with both the realization of your goals and your family life. A tendency toward superficiality and concern for social status can cost you in career and family goals.

Sun quintile MC
You have an exceptional ability to manifest your goals and achieve your purposes. You find unique and creative ways to accomplish your goals. And your achievements fortify and develop your creative skills. Expect an exciting, fortunate and playful path to success.

Sun septile MC
You have a sense of mission or inner purpose that strongly impels you toward your goals. You often sense the hand of divine intervention or guidance as you pursue your highest potential for achievement. What you do has a deeper meaning than success or personal recognition.

Sun quincunx MC
Your need for achievement and your need to express your deepest identity may feel incompatible and hard to integrate. You frequently find you must adapt your ideas about your purpose and goals to a new dynamic. The concern with social status and recognition could interfere with the achievement of your true purpose. Unexpected developments seem to continuously disrupt the balance.


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