Rules Aquarius and the 11th house

Dignity: Aquarius

Detriment: Leo

Exaltation: Scorpio

Fall: Taurus

Orbit: 84 years [eccentric orbit]; in each sign 7 years;

4 degrees/year; 42"/day

Revolution: 10 hours 45 minutes; Diameter: 29,000 miles

Distance from Sun: 1,800,000,000 miles; 5 moons; 5 rings

Poles at 98 degrees angle; Rotation East to West [reverse of the other planets]

Temperature -300 degrees F.; Color greenish

Masculine; cold; dry; electric; magnetic; barren

Discovered March 13, 1781 by Wm. Herschel

Name Uranus (alternate spelling Ouranos) means 'Heavens'

In mythology he is the father of Saturn


Rules: Lower legs [ankles and calves], body's electricity, nervous conditions [spasms, tension], circulatory system, pituitary gland and the aura.

Also rules Astrology, occultism, inventions, space travel, electricity, electronics, magnetism, rebellion, revolution, science fiction, rays, light, inspiration, contradiction, strangers, uranium, ages 70 to 84, the number 4

Uranus is called 'The Awakener', and 'The Reformer'. He represents the door between the conscious and unconscious minds.

His function is to be a catalyst; His highest values are freedom and individuality.

His house placement in the birth chart shows where you experience changes, upsetting conditions and sudden reversals.

Some key words describing Uranus: progressive, future-oriented, unconventional, radical, compassionate, altruistic, humanitarian, original, creative, decisive, abrupt, sudden, unexpected, individualistic, impersonal, perceptive, resourceful, idealistic, eccentric, unpredictable, irresponsible, erratic, bizzare, disruptive. Insight, invention, breakthrough. Liberation, awakening. Ideals and aspirations.

Uranus Retrograde indicates a strong subjective urge for freedom and change; difficulty in expressing inner individuality; rediscovery or renewal of ideas from the past; experience of karmic or social difficulty in order to transform the unconscious. Or one with retrograde Uranus may have a reforming idea that benefits the community or humanity.





Uranus in First:

A tendency to be eccentric and unconventional in appearance and mannerisms. You may be spontaneous, witty, and unpredictable. You probably enjoy the shock effect, and sometimes do, say or wear things just to get a reaction. You are very independent and individualistic, and want more than anything to be recognized in your uniqueness. A lightning fast awareness, very innovative and perhaps a certain genius in some way.


Uranus in Second:

The way you make your living may be somewhat eccentric. Your means of support may be individualistic and different from the group. You would do well in an occupation involving electricity, electronics or inventions. Your financial situation may be erratic and subject to sudden unexpected reversals. You are probably attracted to futuristic art, and unusual sexual relationships.


Uranus in Third:

You have real insight when it comes to anything connected to research, study, and the world of ideas. Your independent mental approach to problem-solving and communication finds you coming up with connections that are new and different. You have a keen and alert mind, but may have difficulty concentrating. Possible upsets where siblings are concerned. May feel like an alien in your early home environment. Sudden and unexpected urges to travel may keep you on the move.


Uranus in Fourth:

You are likely not a domestic type, and don't feel a need for a fixed and settled home life, unless Uranus is in a fixed sign. Many changes of position and location. You are very independent when it comes to your own security and family. An unpredictable or unconventional mother may create unsettled conditions that affect you emotionally. You may have an unconventional-style home or furnishings, or a different approach to sentiment, nostalgia, and history.


Uranus in Fifth:

You are a creative and inventive type of person, and you may be unconventional where love affairs are concerned. You need freedom, no matter what the cost. Self-restraint and self-knowledge are advised, as you could be reckless and foolhardy. You are unconventional when it comes to self-expression and enjoyment. You find new and different ways to be creative. Always independent when it comes to emotions, you don't mind being non-traditional.


Uranus in Sixth:

You are innovative when it comes to self-analysis and self-care; food, diet and health care. You can see new ways to make use of the status quo. An unconventional approach to working for/with others may require a special work situation for you. You are a good worker, but need a job that allows movement and variety. Ingenious and original in nature, you may be high strung and impatient, and do not like routine. Nerves can cause health problems, it would be well to learn meditation or relaxation techniques.


Uranus in Seventh:

You seem to assert your independence in relationships and may attract a partner who wants to feel free and be a law unto themselves. Unconventional, to say the least, you may well enjoy a different kind of marriage or friendship. Can be a very exceptional marriage, if both parties are evolved. If Uranus is afflicted to Venus or Mars, marriage is difficult and may not endure.


Uranus in Eighth:

Very strong psychic feeling as well as keen intuition. Lightning fast when it comes to business decisions, you seem to have direct insight into what is worthwhile and worthless in a situation. Not a good indication for business partnerships. You have new and unconventional ways to cut through the red tape and get at what is important. Could be an unexpected inheritance or windfall.


Uranus in Ninth:

Success in publishing, teaching or foreign affairs. Unusual journeys, either on the physical plane or where the super-conscious is concerned. Unconventional in matters of philosophy and religion. Your insights into truth and the eternal make you independent and somewhat of a loner. May be difficulties with in-laws if Uranus is afflicted. Apt to marry someone from another country.


Uranus in Tenth:

Altruistic and humanitarian in approach, you are a non-conformist with a strong individualism. You are original and insightful when it comes to job and career. You are known for originality and a strong imagination. Independent, you may have an unconventional approach to work, especially regarding how you organize or manage. You may have a reputation for being different, or have an unusual vocation. Good indication for professional astrologer.


Uranus in Eleventh:

You may enjoy eccentric or unconventional friends, and groups with some kind of humanitarian flavor will appeal. You have very original ideas when it comes to community, making our collective dreams into a reality. Unpredictable changes where goals and objectives are concerned. You may change direction a number of times before focusing on your true life path.


Uranus in Twelfth:

Good position for researchers and people who work behind the scenes. You have a tremendous desire to feel free, but may often feel restricted or confined. Apt to be a loner. You could be unconventional in matters of psychology, the psyche, and all that is mystical or spiritual. Unusual ways to help or care for others, insight into accepting life as it is, and letting go of unconscious resistances.






Uranus in Aries:

This indicates the pioneering spirit backed by enough energy and individualism to bring new ideas and concepts to the world. You are quick and impulsive, with innovative ideas about leadership, new starts, pioneer-type projects. If Uranus is in harmonious aspect to Mars, you will have genius, healing power and deep insights for the improvement of humanity. If those two planets are in stressful aspect, you may be too rebellious, accident-prone and actions may be erratic. Inventive ability is pronounced. A standard bearer. You have insights into energy and action.


Uranus in Taurus:

Creative originality strong, you are a very unique and charming individual, with unconventional values and attitudes toward possessions and relationships. Financial independence and novel ways to earn money and make a living interest you. You are drawn to, and may even design, futuristic architecture. If Uranus is in a stressful aspect to Venus, there may be disruptions and upsetting conditions in love relationships. The house where Uranus is posited shows where you will insist on finding your own path, and will not be able to accept other people's answers or rules.


Uranus in Gemini:

You have a restless, nervous temperament and a lightning-fast mind which can grasp new and unusual concepts very quickly. Education is very important for you, and should not be neglected, for you have an exceptional intellect which should be developed. You have brilliant insights into communications of all kinds; computers, radio, TV, the press, writing, and speaking. You are inventive and also have deep insights into research and investigations. You like to relax in conversations, puzzles, and making connections, anywhere that your mind and imagination can soar. Very intuitive and insightful.


Uranus in Cancer:

You probably had an unusual mother and/or early home life. You are very unconventional in your approach to home, family, and the domestic scene. You have natural insight into sensations, feelings, and understanding the subconscious mind. You like to be innovative in gardening, cooking, and creating a home environment. May have strongly erratic and irrational feelings. Important to learn to recognize and follow intuitions.


Uranus in Leo:

You have a strong will and determination, are very spirited and high-minded. You have great insight into matters of personal freedom. You come up with brilliant ways to express, emote or act things out. Unique methods of romancing, raising kids, caring for animals are yours. You are outspoken, very dramatic, impressive, and even regal, with great vitality and forcefulness. You are unconventional and creative in your approach to children, sports, acting, singing, and all manner of performing. You are a very dynamic and magnetic performer.


Uranus in Virgo:

You have an exceptional ability to analyze and discriminate. An excellent placement for scientists, inventors, advanced medical researchers and innovative and creative teachers. You find new ways to serve others and you have brilliant insights into diet, health, ecology and conservation. A natural understanding of the mind-body connection and the role of the mind and beliefs in healing. New or alternate life styles and ways to make a living interest you. You are always able to salvage and redeem anything. You like to tend and care for people and things. You need to be very independent in your work environment, and do best in jobs where you are left to yourself.


Uranus in Libra:

You want harmony and beauty around you, and will work towards attaining them. Very innovative in art, you are drawn to unconventional and futuristic art forms, particularly multi-media or multi-dimensional art. You can find new ways to relate and may be innovative in marriage and social conventions. Independent and freedom-loving, you need a relationship that allows and fosters your individuality. Love is more important to you than the institution of marriage, and you may be more comfortable foregoing the legalities. Very tolerant and accepting of differences, you have good insights into social values. You like to facilitate, compromise, and otherwise show your breadth of scope, like a coat of many colors.


Uranus in Scorpio:

You have tremendous will and persistence, which will find an outlet for better or worse. You would be a fine healer, psychologist or surgeon, you have the ability to probe and get to the root causes of distress. There may be upsets in relationships due to jealousy and possessiveness. Personal transformation and regeneration are a priority with this placement, as there is a tendency to break all the rules and taboos, and to go into very dark sides of passion and self-indulgence if this energy is left 'unredeemed' or unconscious. You are innovative in sexual matters and have insights into what makes our darker side tick. All things mystical and occult hold your interest. Drugs may attract, too. You have new thoughts on desires and possessions. You are intensely sexual and pursue cravings of all kinds.


Uranus in Sagittarius:

You have an inner optimism that stems from a fine balance of intuition and judgment. There is a desire to expand your horizons, either through exploring higher knowledge and new frontiers of the mind, or through physical travels. You have unique philosophies, ideas for the future and new approaches to travel and exploration of all kinds. You may startle others with the directness of your conversations, always getting right to the heart of the subject matter. You enjoy solitude, freedom, and being on the move.


Uranus in Capricorn:

You are innovative in the political and business arena. You find new ways to manage and control things and people. Ever practical, you come up with new or alternate forms of management, breakthroughs in top-level management and corporate styles. You bring new life to conservative traditions. Your emotions are very well controlled.


Uranus in Aquarius:

You have an intellectual, scientific type of consciousness, but may be emotionally detached and impersonal. You are independent and strong willed, and cannot be pushed, but may be reached and influenced through logic and reason. You have a radical approach to communities and group work. Progressive, with insights into uniting humanity, you understand the true meaning of democracy. You want equal rights for all, and function from an inspired sense of idealism, the urge to make it matter. You would make a great networker and are always working for the benefit of all. Need to learn compassion and tolerance for more emotionally-oriented type people.


Uranus in Pisces:

This placement brings intuitive wisdom and understanding. A very psychic type, interested in helping and serving humanity. You may suffer from over-sensitivity. You have new insight into all mystical, occult, and religious matters. You find new methods of spiritual growth and service to your fellow humans. You are very progressive in the areas of philosophy, music, drama, poetry, and the arts. Also innovative in psychology and psychic matters. Transcendent dreams, expanded experiences of reality. Movies and films may be important. May be a true visionary, your imagination and inner perception are highly developed.




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