The asteroid belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. This planet is called Bellona. Many modern astrologers include the four largest asteroids in their astrological delineations.





The asteroid Ceres is called the Great Mother asteroid. She is also called Demeter [mythologically the mother of Persephone]. She represents unconditional love, the relationships between parents and children, and all the issues of devotion, attachment, separation, loss and grief. She also rules agriculture, productivity, nurturing, nourishing and caring. She is associated with issues of self-worth. Her glyph is that of a sickle, indicating her connection with agriculture and her role as nourisher.



Ceres in the Houses


Ceres in the First:

Being a nurturer and nourisher is a strong part of your identity. You are caring, sympathetic and concerned for others. You identify deeply with your role as parent. You may find it quite natural to nurture yourself.


Ceres in the Second:

Your concern is to provide the basic material needs; money, food and shelter. You are probably an excellent provider, but need to watch a tendency to be possessive. Your style of self-nurturing may be indulging in luxuries.


Ceres in the Third:

Your focus is on nourishing the mind, providing an education and exposure to a variety of experiences, teaching communication skills and creating a support network of friends.


Ceres in the Fourth:

You are the type of parent who prefers to stay in the home. You are caring and probably enjoy cooking and home-making. You give emotional security and comfort. May be the archetypal parent.


Ceres in the Fifth.

You nourish creativity and self-expression, play and drama. You are probably very good with children, have the ability to make learning fun and exciting for them. You encourage them to shine, to express their originality.


Ceres in the Sixth:

You are very attentive to health and dietary needs, and teach cleanliness, order and organization in daily routines. You may be in the mothering role often in your workplace. There is a strong emphasis on service with this placement.


Ceres in the Seventh:

Your ideal as a nurturer is unconditional love. You seek balance in union, finding in your parents role models for relationship, and for your children providing an atmosphere of balanced interaction. Often strong ties to the parents, perhaps a co-dependent tendency.


Ceres in the Eighth:

You support and nurture deep, transformative experiences, intense intimacy, and spiritual or psychic awareness. Ideally you foster self-empowerment, resourcefulness and self-determination. May nurture people through the experience of loss and grief.


Ceres in the Ninth:

You nurture yourself and others through the mind, supporting extended education, travel, belief structures and the search for truth and meaning. May be drawn to a feminine form of religion or worship, feeling a special attachment to the goddess religion or to the Virgin Mary.


Ceres in the Tenth:

The qualities you foster are those of achievement and social standing. You may be in a nurturing profession, providing for children's needs, or in a food-related career. You give recognition for performance and success, but may find it difficult to love unconditionally.


Ceres in the Eleventh:

You are a very nurturing friend, and you nourish friendship and create extended family situations for your loved ones. May be involved in support groups or collective child care situations. You foster idealism and humanitarian values.


Ceres in the Twelfth:

Your priority is on nurturing and developing faith and deep, spiritual connection with the universal. You teach compassion, service and empathy, and offer love and assistance to those experiencing pain, loss or confusion. May be in a role of caring for those in confinement.



Ceres in the Signs


Ceres in Aries:

Fostering independence is your way of nurturing and the type of nurturing you thrive on. You value autonomy and self-determination, and you support those traits in those for whom you care.


Ceres in Taurus:

Physical caring, holding and touching, providing comfort, stability and security are what make you feel cared for, and represent your nurturing style. You provide a home and an environment of physical abundance.


Ceres in Gemini:

You seek and give nurturance through the mind, intellect and communication. Providing your children [and/or yourself] with an education is a very high priority in your parenting style.


Ceres in Cancer:

For you, self-acceptance and nurturing are based upon deep emotional bonding and open expression of feelings, as well as food. These are the ways you give and receive caring.


Ceres in Leo:

You give nurturing through fostering creativity and self-expression, and by building confidence through recognition of creative efforts. You value originality and understand everyone's need for appreciation of their creative abilities.


Ceres in Virgo:

Here the mothering experience is about fostering competence, self-discipline and discriminating perception. Teaching skills and techniques and valuing excellence are the ways you give nurturing.


Ceres in Libra:

The focus of the nurturing relationship for you is around fostering harmony and balance in relationship. You value and teach cooperation and social graces, and a sensitivity to the feelings of others.


Ceres in Scorpio:

You need and give deep and intense emotional bonding, and ideally foster self-empowerment in those you nurture. Intimacy is paramount, and attachments are deep and often psychic.


Ceres in Sagittarius:

The nurturing you most need and value has to do with freedom to expand and explore, and the search for meaning and purpose. You feed the mind and soul with philosophies, religion, and perhaps foreign travel.


Ceres in Capricorn:

The qualities that you value and nurture are responsibility, discipline, perseverance and achievement through your own efforts. You tend to foster these traits, and attempt to provide the necessary tools for accomplishment and success.


Ceres in Aquarius:

You nurture uniqueness and individuality, self-determination and idealism. You believe in and teach equality, the value of originality and acceptance of individual differences.


Ceres in Pisces:

Your nurturing is of the qualities of compassion, trust and faith in an ultimate mystery beyond our knowing. You teach and share inspiration, service to others, and the principle of Universal, unconditional love.






Pallas Athene [also called Minerva] is said to have emerged full grown from the brow of Zeus, her father. Her glyph is that of a shield, indicating her role as warrior/goddess. As such, she is protectress of the state and upholder of justice. Her other roles are goddess of wisdom and intelligence, healer, patroness of the arts and promoter of professional excellence.



Pallas Athene in the Houses



Pallas Athene in the First:

You are strongly identified with creative intelligence and the fight for justice. You may be an artist, a healer or a political activist. There is a tendency to define gender roles in a different way than the norm, or to be somewhat androgynous.


Pallas Athene in the Second:

You are gifted in manifesting material abundance through the use of your creative intelligence, possibly through visualization or affirmation. Your artistic skills tend toward the practical, and you heal through conscious awareness of values.


Pallas Athene in the Third:

You are highly intuitive and communicative, and use language as your medium of healing and creativity. You could be a gifted and revolutionary educator or an environmental activist. You are very intelligent and eager to learn.


Pallas Athene in the Fourth:

You are psychic and possibly empathic, connected deeply to your unconscious roots or family history. You are able to draw upon the wisdom of the unconscious for the purposes of artistic expression and healing. You are a very creative home maker and host(ess).


Pallas Athene in the Fifth:

You are highly creative and original, talented in many forms of self-expression. You are quite able to sublimate the sex drive into artistic creativity, and may prefer friendship to romance in most situations. You work well with children, inspiring them with art therapy and creative forms of play.


Pallas Athene in the Sixth:

You are gifted at organization and creating efficient systems, you are detailed and perfectionistic in your art. Your healing focus may be mind/body healing, or on healthy regimes such as diet and exercise. Politically you might be involved in advocating workers' rights.


Pallas Athene in the Seventh:

Your wisdom and creativity may take the form of interpersonal counseling, or in some way improving interpersonal relations. Though you counsel balance, you may find yourself having to choose between intimacy and creativity, and the latter generally wins. So you may keep relationships at the level of friendships rather than making a life commitment.


Pallas Athene in the Eighth:

You have a psychic sensitivity and expanded perceptions. You may work consciously to unfold your kundalini power, or in some other form, work toward self-transformation. Conventional sexual relationships may be too restrictive, and you might choose either sublimation or spiritual sexuality, such as in tantra. This placement is excellent for business partnership.


Pallas Athene in the Ninth:

You could be an educator, or a political or social activist. Your creativity and wisdom are involved with the issues of ideologies, belief systems, or the legal system. International involvement is possible, or your philosophy may have global implications.


Pallas Athene in the Tenth:

You have a strong destiny to achieve recognition in the public and professional arena. In a woman's chart it often indicates a person who has chosen career rather than family life, and focuses enormous creativity and dedication into her work. In any chart, it suggests a person who is motivated and creative in accomplishing their goals and gaining recognition for their contributions.


Pallas Athene in the Eleventh:

Your creative wisdom is channeled into idealistic social visions, and working within group situations to implement social organizations embodying these ideals. You may be quite political, and you might become a spokesperson or advocate for your common cause.


Pallas Athene in the Twelfth:

You are very attuned to the collective consciousness, and may have a deep and natural understanding of spiritual teachings. Your mind and creativity are a conduit for the more universal knowing, and you could be a channel or be very psychic. You are likely to choose a path of service to others, especially those in confinement.




Pallas Athene in the Signs



Pallas Athene in Aries:

Here the warrior aspect of the goddess is most pronounced, activating or initiating the vital energy in pioneering fields, or in actively fighting for justice. This is a good position for athletes, acupuncturists, or creators of original, pioneering or daring forms of artistic expression.


Pallas Athene in Taurus:

Artistic emphasis is indicated by this position of Pallas. You are probably very talented in the creation of physical forms of beauty. Your political concern is for the health of the Earth and natural environment. Your form of wisdom is practical "common sense".


Pallas Athene in Gemini:

Language is your primary vehicle for artistic, political and philosophical activity. Your preferred healing methods may be hypnosis, affirmations or speech therapy. Your method of political action is writing, debating and speaking out publicly. This is an excellent position for writers and counselors.


Pallas Athene in Cancer:

Your focus is on emotions, your political action focuses on protection of home and family, your wisdom is that of emotional support. You create a comfortable and healing home environment, and are likely an excellent cook and home maker.


Pallas Athene in Leo:

Artistic expression is paramount with this position, you are impelled to offer your unique artistic vision to the world. You heal through the use of play, art therapy, dance, drama and all the performing arts. You may take a very prominent public role in some political cause.


Pallas Athene in Virgo:

Your healing focus is health care, nutrition and exercise, and purification techniques. Artistically you promote fine craftsmanship, teaching skills and techniques that have practical usefulness. Your form of wisdom has to do with discrimination and elimination, seeing and preserving the essence of any experience or situation.


Pallas Athene in Libra:

Balance is the keynote of this position. Artistically you are probably quite gifted, sensitive to spatial relationships, composition, and cohesion. Your healing focus may be teaching balancing methods such as polarity, tai chi, or macrobiotics, or relationship counseling. You are a defender of justice, always promoting peace, harmony and balance.


Pallas Athene in Scorpio:

You have a penetrating insight, which is reflected in your art as deep symbolism. In your healing work you get to the essence, working to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness. Politically you are daring and charismatic, gifted in the arts of strategy and intrigue. You have great powers of persuasion.


Pallas Athene in Sagittarius:

Your gift is the ability to see the overall pattern, to identify the unifying principle. Your healing method would be some form of belief therapy, whether through religion, philosophy or spiritual knowledge. Your art embodies universal themes, and your political focus is the defense of truth and intellectual freedom.


Pallas Athene in Capricorn:

Structure and order are your forte. Your artistic media may be architecture, sculpture or some other creation of enduring forms. Politically you are a defender of 'law and order'. The healing arts you are drawn to would be osteopathy, chiropractic or dentistry, some method of working with the skeletal structure.


Pallas Athene in Aquarius:

Your primary healing method is through providing a vision or ideal for the future. You may work with the electrical energies in the body, the kundalini force. Your art is always on the cutting edge, original and futuristic. Politically you are likely to be a revolutionary, defending humanitarian values and respect for individuality, perhaps involved in 'grass roots' movements furthering these ideals.


Pallas Athene in Pisces:

You are compassionate and intuitive, embodying faith and psychic perception in your healing and artistic work. You may be skilled at dream interpretation, guided imagery and meditation. Artistically your focus is ethereal, poetic or inspirational. Politically you are likely a pacifist, demonstrating an enlightened vision of human existence and interaction.







Juno's other name is Hera, she is the mythological wife of Jupiter, thus Juno is often referred to as the 'marriage asteroid'. Her meanings go beyond simply marriage, though she does rule the rituals and institution of marriage, and the duties and commitment implied. She has to do with the principle of relatedness and compatibility, sensitivity to others and intimacy needs, and the individual's reactions to frustration or denial of those needs. She is also associated with the arts, and represents creative talent.



Juno in the Houses


Juno in the First:

Being in a relationship is essential to your identity and self-image. Your need is to learn how to initiate relationship encounters, how to approach others and present yourself in an appealing manner. Your most important relationships will be ones initiated by you.


Juno in the Second:

Your most important relationships are based upon material security, comfort and sexual sharing. Compatibility is generally based upon financial and sensual interdependency for you.


Juno in the Third:

Compatibility is based upon open communication for you. You may find that discussing things with your partner is how you come to grips with or understand the issues and events in your life. Important relationships will develop within an environment of verbal expression or networking.


Juno in the Fourth:

You need a comfortable and secure relationship of mutual nurturing and emotional support. This is the foundation stone for all your other activities and pursuits. The most important relationships in your life will be with those you share your home with, or close family.


Juno in the Fifth:

Your most important relationships will be with people with whom you share creativity, romance, play or the care of children. You may prefer romance to commitment. You like excitement and flair in your relationships.


Juno in the Sixth:

Your most significant relationships will likely occur within the arena of the workplace, or in some health-related service. You may share work with your mate, and value efficiency and skill in each other. You require a partner who is attentive to the details of day-to-day existence.


Juno in the Seventh:

Lifelong, intimate partnerships are a primary emphasis for you, whether they be marital, business or professional relationships. Interaction and cooperation are crucial. Your primary relationships will be marriage, partnership or other close one-to-one encounters.


Juno in the Eighth:

Your primary relationships will revolve around the issues of mutual finances, possessions, sexuality, trust and power. You thrive on intensity, and your relationships are deeply intimate and transformative, and probably intensely emotional and dramatic.


Juno in the Ninth:

This position is most likely to be "married to spirit", or be in relationships within the context of a shared belief system, such as a religion or an ashram. Shared truth and meaning is the foundation of your most significant relationships, and the need exists for mutual respect intellectually and philosophically.


Juno in the Tenth:

This placement suggests being "married to your career", or else marriage based on considerations of public acceptance or social status. Your most significant relationships will occur through your profession or career.


Juno in the Eleventh:

The foundation of your close relationships is friendship, equality and freedom. You will have relationships based upon a higher vision, and idealism is the keystone for them. Your primary relationships will be in the context of group interactions and friendships, those with whom you 'share a vision'.


Juno in the Twelfth:

You experience a quality of destiny in your relationships, the feeling that they are karmic, or cosmic in their significance, and yet defy reason in human terms. There are karmic issues being worked out in your primary connections, and suffering or victimization may be involved. Significant relationships may also occur within an institutional setting.




Juno in the Signs



Juno in Aries:

You have a strong need for autonomy in relationship, and if this need is frustrated, there may be outbursts of anger or physical reactions such as migraine headaches. May be attracted to dominant or aggressive type individuals. Loss of personal power or even identity could be a problem for you in relationships.


Juno in Taurus:

Your requirement in relationship is for material security, stability and loyalty. When these needs are not met, there can be nagging, complaining and arguments over money or sex, either by you or your partner. The partners you are most drawn to are dependable, reliable, steady and sensual.


Juno in Gemini:

You need communication in your relationships, and are attracted to very expressive and mentally stimulating partners. You also enjoy sharing a variety of activities with your mate. With this placement, you may tend to prefer multiple relationships, or feel more comfortable in friendship than in a committed relationship.


Juno in Cancer:

Your primary need in relationship is for emotional closeness and bonding, and a warm and nurturing home environment. Food may be an important factor in your pattern of sharing. Drawn to very caring and nurturing partners, there may be strong dependency, and clinging, moodiness or withdrawal when needs are not fulfilled.


Juno in Leo:

You require romance and excitement in relationships, and may extend the courtship patterns well into marriage. You want a partner you can be proud of, and one who likewise gives you admiration and attention. If you feel taken for granted, ignored or rejected, you may become selfish or egocentric, or engage in power struggles or inappropriate ways of getting attention.


Juno in Virgo:

You have high expectations in terms of daily performance and fulfillment of tasks, your relationships will likely be organized, efficient and somewhat ritualistic. You strive for perfection in all the details of life, and if the partner fails to fulfill your expectations, you tend to be critical and nit-picking. You may be drawn to a mate who is very efficient and task-oriented, or a craftsman.


Juno in Libra:

Balance and equality are your basic needs in relationship. You require a partner who will share with you in decision making and consult with you on all matters of importance. You may be especially attracted to good looks and gracious manners. If your relationship becomes unbalanced, you may respond by becoming competitive or uncooperative.


Juno in Scorpio:

Your primary relationship need is for intense emotional and sexual sharing. Deep intimacy and bonding are paramount for you. If these needs are thwarted, you can become very jealous, manipulative and controlling, using sex as a means of control. Money and its sharing may also be a strong factor in your relationships.


Juno in Sagittarius:

You look for intellectual stimulation in relationship, and a common belief system is of great importance. Education and philosophy might be the basis of your bond. You also wish to travel and explore together. If your vision is not shared by your mate, arguments and fanatic adherence to your beliefs may cause problems between you.


Juno in Capricorn:

You desire a committed, traditional and enduring union, one which may be based more on considerations of social acceptability and propriety than on emotional sharing. If you do not meet a potential mate who measures up to your requirements, you may well choose to forego marriage.


Juno in Aquarius:

You require a relationship that honors your need for personal freedom and individuality. You may experiment with unconventional forms of relating, such as open marriage or role reversals. Or you may choose to remain unattached, making friendship the basis for your close relationships, even if they include a sexual dimension.


Juno in Pisces:

You tend to seek a spiritual bond, a common faith or shared ideals in your relationship. You will be attracted to sensitive and intuitive partners. Sharing of music, poetry and spirituality in any form will strengthen your bond. When your needs are frustrated, you probably withdraw, escape into fantasy, or fall into the role of the victim, possibly suffering in silence.






Vesta is also called Hestia. Her symbol is the Eternal flame, she is Keeper of the Sacred Flame. The flame she tends is that of truth and of the hearth. She is associated with devotion, service, conservation and dedication to religious or spiritual beliefs. She is mythologically the Vestal Virgin, one whose life is committed to spiritual service, therefore she is 'married to spirit'. Her sexuality, as all other aspects of her being, are surrendered to spirit and used in its service, therefore she is virgin in the sense that she belongs to no man, but only to Spirit. In a chart she indicates how we deal with issues of work, devotion, commitment, sacrifice, and denial of [or fear of] intimacy, and primarily with the question of personal integration.

Vesta is the core of the planet Maldek which is [was] the natural ruler of Virgo and the sixth house, therefore Vesta retains those associations.



Vesta in the Houses



Vesta in the First:

You are dedicated to the path of self-discovery and self-awareness, and issues of identity are a primary focus. You are so focused on 'finding yourself', or on your personal goals, that you may choose to forego long-term relationships of an intimate nature.


Vesta in the Second:

Your path of devotion is learning to manifest material abundance and security for yourself and loved ones. You may go through experiences of limitation of pleasures and comforts, as a challenge to learn the art of manifesting through thought.


Vesta in the Third:

Your area of devotion is communication, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered thus far. There may be some challenge or sense of limitation in your ability to communicate, in order to pressure you into clarifying your thoughts.


Vesta in the Fourth:

Your primary devotion is to home and family, and your sense of duty and obligation are very strong. You have always had extra work and responsibility within your home situation, and possibly a limitation to your freedom due to family obligations. You are challenged to find a practical and efficient approach to your domestic duties.


Vesta in the Fifth:

You are dedicated to creative expression, and may well be in a creative profession, or one that includes considerable public attention and recognition. You might at times pour your life force into your work, sublimating your sexual energy. You may experience denial of either romance or creativity, or be forced to choose between them.


Vesta in the Sixth:

Your devotion is focused on some form of healing, or learning techniques and skills that will enable you to perform some work that is of crucial importance to you. Health issues may force you to learn health management skills such as diet, exercise and positive mind/body life patterns.


Vesta in the Seventh:

You are very devoted to your primary one-to-one relationship, and issues of balance will be your area of challenge. There may be conflicts over the issues of independence vs. interdependence, and the lessons of cooperation and compromise are crucial to your path.


Vesta in the Eighth:

You are dedicated to transformative experiences of emotional and sexual intimacy, and delving into the realm of hidden or occult knowledge. Your desire is for an absolute sharing, perhaps a mystical union, and you may have great difficulty finding a partner who can match your intensity. Your challenge revolves around letting go of personal desires and the lessons of sharing energy and possessions.


Vesta in the Ninth:

Your highest devotion is to the search for truth and wisdom, and the dissemination of your ideal vision. You have the potential for fully realizing your ideal in the world of form, though you will be challenged to examine and broaden your belief system and avoid fanaticism, the belief that you possess some ultimate or final answer.


Vesta in the Tenth:

You are very dedicated to achieving your goals and attaining success in your profession or career. If Vesta is very close to the midheaven a spiritual destiny is suggested. You are disciplined, thorough and hard-working, but may have difficulty defining your goals or finding a fulfilling vocation.


Vesta in the Eleventh:

Your devotion is focused on a humanitarian or futuristic ideal of respect for freedom and individuality, and honoring of all life. You are most dedicated to working within a group of like-minded people, and may forego personal friendships at times for the sake of the cause. Your challenge is to clearly define and focus on your aspirations and ideal, so that you may be clearly directed toward them.


Vesta in the Twelfth:

Your devotion is of a spiritual nature, and to service with compassion and surrender. Your challenge is to accept the necessary sacrifices of your path in a spirit of faith and trust. You may have fears stemming from karmic memories, and fears of intimacy that manifest as a need for isolation and retreat. Banishing fear with faith is the crux of your devotional path.




Vesta in the Signs



Vesta in Aries:

You are very self-motivated and work well independently. Your strong need for independence and resistance to being possessed or dominated could make it difficult to remain in long-term relationships. This placement can indicate great personal accomplishments, and also considerable self-involvement.


Vesta in Taurus:

You work steadily and dependably when in a stable and comfortable work space. You may be fixed in your routines and work habits, but can consistently create tangible beauty, which is of great meaning to you. This is good for artists and sculptors.


Vesta in Gemini:

Your greatest service of work involves communication, coordination and networking. Your words can inspire others to devotion and fervor, but there is a danger of using them to avoid emotion and intimacy. Intellect may predominate over feeling.


Vesta in Cancer:

Your devotion and service go most easily to those who need your nurturing. You are a natural care giver, and thrive on being needed, loved and cherished. When you feel unloved or unappreciated, you withdraw and often refuse to communicate.


Vesta in Leo:

You give your best service in work that is creative and original and allows you to shine. Your art may carry a deep, spiritual significance for you, and the need for self-expression is a passion. You are capable of flowing with great love and enthusiasm. You are forever romantic and courageous in love. You may become egotistical or self-centered if your love is not received or honored.


Vesta in Virgo:

Devotion to service may become a compulsion here, making you too serious and driven. Your devotion and sense of duty are excellent, but you may be unaccepting of human frailties in yourself and others, or suppress your sexuality because of impossibly exacting standards. Learning to relax, laugh and play would be a good focus for you. You are a very capable and productive worker.


Vesta in Libra:

You need to work with others rather than alone. Interaction, cooperation and balance bring out your devotion and willingness to serve. You need equality in intimate relationships, but your need to be accepted and pleasing may prompt you to relinquish too much of your own personal preferences. Comparing yourself with others may foster competition, which can interfere with intimacy.


Vesta in Scorpio:

You are very passionate in your devotional nature, needing depth of intimacy in relationships, and seeking absolutes in your spirituality. You may ignore sexual taboos, but may also be vulnerable to shame and guilt as a result, which could lead to repression.


Vesta in Sagittarius:

Your devotion is to a belief system or a higher vision of universal truth, and this is what inspires your greatest service of work. You may have a lofty vision, but if you become fanatic about your own view, it may be an alienating factor in your relationships.


Vesta in Capricorn:

You have a deep devotion to duty and history, or cultural obligations. You work best in a structured and disciplined environment, and are capable of tremendous accomplishment and success. You need mutual honoring and commitment in intimate relationships. You may fear emotional involvement if it seems to entail a loss of control.


Vesta in Aquarius:

Your devotion and service are stimulated by an ideal of a more just and humanitarian world, where freedom and individuality are honored. You work well within a group setting, with those who share your ideals. Personal intimacy may be non-possessive and non-committed, based on equal and open friendship. Your intellectual nature and emotional aloofness may be an avoidance of intimacy.


Vesta in Pisces:

You are dedicated to serving those in a situation of confinement or confusion, and possibly providing a bridge to the invisible dimensions for those in need. There may be a sacrifice involved in your service, or a deep compassion for those who are suffering. Healing may be a focus of your intimate interactions, and your sexuality may be dedicated to spirit rather than committed to a given individual.



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