Interpreting your birth chart


This offering is designed for people with little or no knowledge of astrology, who would like to be able to understand and interpret their own birth charts, and perhaps those of their loved ones. It is a simple but complete guide to basic chart interpretation. The technical aspects of chart creation and analysis are avoided. If you decide to study the subject in depth, you will most likely want to learn chart calculation and the many and various tools of astrological application, which are not covered here.

This is a beginning place, and if studied and applied will provide a good grasp of your chart and a foundation for deeper study.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, and is being refined and added to on an ongoing basis. I hope it is useful and helpful for you.




Astrology 101 pages



Chartwheel and Houses



Reading your chart

Sun in houses and signs

Moon in houses and signs

Ascendant sign

Mercury in houses and signs

Venus in houses and signs

Mars in houses and signs

Jupiter in houses and signs

Saturn in houses and signs

Uranus in houses and signs

Neptune in houses and signs

Pluto in houses and signs

Chiron in houses and signs

Asteroids in houses and signs

Moon's Nodes

Harmonic Keys to the Numbers

Elements and Modalities

Chart Comparison





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